Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 406

Possibly the biggest trouble-maker for Hayate. Seriously.

Is it just me, or are the things that come with the “limited editions” more and more perverted?

Apparently the Violet Mansion has the power to make you sick.

First, all residents apart from Hayate got sick. In the very next chapter Hayate himself got sick. Later on, Ruka coughed up blood (okay, this is some way off as Ruka has always been on the verge of collapsing), and Hinagiku got a high fever when everyone else is in the Rainbow Village. Now, Ayumu – the “idiot” who would not catch a cold – has a stomach ache.

This is what you get for eating too much.

This is what you get for eating too much.

The only difference, apparently, is that Ayumu gets what she deserves by drinking milk that is 10 days past the expiry date. Such idiocy has to be punished accordingly, but equally unforgivable is that expired milk is allowed in the Violet Mansion in the first place. Shouldn’t Hayate and Maria frequently check the stock to see if anything is not fresh any more?

The problem with Ayumu falling ill is that she cannot go to “work her ass off” at Wataru’s new store. At the same time, Saki calls Hayate for the bad news that a part-time girl who is supposed to be working at Wataur’s store suddenly cannot come in. Knowing Saki, any problem with Wataru’s business would be Hayate’s problem, so both parties accept that Hayate would have to go and help.

This is rather mean.

This is rather mean.

Apparently Hayate doesn’t have prior knowledge that Ayumu is the part-time girl, so he doesn’t find any problem to call the girl “troublesome” right in front of Ayumu. Poor Ayumu is having too much pain in her stomach that she couldn’t retort. Next time, we should try not to criticise supposed strangers too much, for we never know if the “strangers” would turn out to be someone we know.

Upon learning that Hayate would help at a doujinshi shop, Ruka – a doujinshi maker herself – expresses great interest. With her usual disguise as a very sick person (a winter coat in summer… I wish you good luck), Ruka follows Hayate to Akiba, where most if not all otakus would get excited. As Hayate arrives in the shop, Saki decides that she could go out. Splendid.

Ruka is getting excited.

Ruka is getting excited.

What I do not understand is that why girls like Ruka, Nagi and even Tsugumi all express interest in adult doujins featuring girls with huge boobs. I don’t think I know guys who would admire another guy for his huge dick. Maybe I am not a proper otaku, so someone please tell me the reason for girls to get turned on by boobs.

It has always been a mystery that quite a lot of characters do not know Ruka, a (supposedly) very popular idol. Fortunately Wataru does her a favour by recognising her, thus (somehow) justifying her fame. In return, Wataru wants Ruka to help promoting his store in maid uniform. Either he doesn’t get the point of Ruka coming to his store in disguise, or that he is simply too desperate about his sales that he doesn’t care any other things.

Please help defending some male dignity, Wataru...

Please help defending some male dignity, Wataru…

The dispute is “settled” by Ruka herself, but instead of putting the maid uniform on herself, she instructs Wataru to give the uniform to Hayate. As she was fully aware of Hayate’s “girl power”, you can’t really fault her… Hayate comments that the uniform, which is prepared for Ayumu, is “loose around the waist”. Poor Ayumu now has her waist size known to Hayate. The only good news is that Hayate doesn’t know that she is that part-time girl yet, but then…

It turns out that Wataru and Saki are indeed living a difficult life. Hayate notices that the food items Saki buys are all on sale. Ruka notices that Wataru’s living room is filled with sales announcements, low-budget receipts, stamp cards and stickers – in other words, almost all practical ways to save money. Even Ruka, who used to live in her very simple (sorry) apartment, finds it hard living here.

Maid Ruka!

Maid Ruka!

As a hard-working person, Ruka is not going to waste her time sitting in Wataru’s living room. She pulls out sketch papers -could it be that there is something already written on them? – from her pocket, and starts working. But then, she remembers that Nagi is on a suicidal trip to better her manga, so she would want some new ideas for her manga as well. As such, she puts on a maid uniform – who is it for? – and a mask to help promoting the store.

There is something about an idol – the aura of a star, the experience to face people, the ability to attract and charm people – that cannot be hidden by a mask. Soon a lot of people are attracted to the store. Wataru and Saki are clearly happy with this, but Hayate is not – he is worried that Ruka’s identity would somehow be exposed. He simply cannot understand why both Nagi and Ruka would take so much risk just to make a good manga. Well, of course, efforts must be made if you are to make progress…

… although I am not quite sure if the efforts are well made.

There is a similar incident in my fanfic. Just saying...

There is a similar incident in my fanfic. Just saying…

The maids do get the attention from someone, but unfortunately for Hayate, it is Kotetsu who is attracted by him. As usual, Kotetsu gets excited and approaches Hayate. As usual, Hayate knocks him out unconscious. Apparently, the one who is having “unexpected experience” is (again) Hayate.

Does it serve as the “Ayumu chapter” I have outlined here?