Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 6


The main heroines of Episode 6 are Izumi and two others – I mean, Miki and Risa. They come in with a lot of nicknames: the Hakuou Three Amiga, the Three Girls, the Three Idiots, etc. I have always opted to call them the “SC Rangers”. Whatever we call them, it is fine as long as we know we are referring to them.

If there is one character who has benefitted from her (unexpected) popularity, it would be Izumi. Whatever you have to say, Hinagiku has had a sizeable role assigned by Hata since the very beginning – just check Hata’s own BS. Could the same thing be said about Izumi?

She really is the leader, isn't she?

She really is the leader, isn’t she?

Yet Izumi has grown from “one of those three girls” to “she and those two girls”. She has entered the so-called “Hayate’s harem”, while Miki and Risa have not – Miki loves Hinagiku, while Risa has already kissed another guy. She has become, chronologically, the second girl to kiss Hayate. She gets more attention than Miki and Risa in their chapters. Indeed, Izumi is the one who proves the theory that popularity makes your role bigger.

In a sense, this episode sums up nicely the growth in Izumi’s role. It begins with Ch. 356, in which the three girls were almost equals in stupidity. It then comes to Ch. 373, which was supposed to be a “three girls” chapter, but with special focus on Izumi. Finally we come to Ch. 308, which more or less was an Izumi chapter. As Izumi’s role gets bigger, that of Miki and Risa gets smaller. They started off being equals, but ended up not.

Isn't it the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon?

Isn’t it the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon?

If we are to judge their intelligence based on their efforts to make videos, Risa is indeed the smartest of the three. She hasn’t made a fundamental mistake – until she presses the switch, that is – and her Rube Goldberg Machine actually works. Then again, it is indeed stupid to spend your revision time on making such a machine, and ends up pressing the switch so carelessly. Izumi and Miki, on the other hand, do not need to put as much effort into their own videos. Now, who is the smarter one on using her time?

Yet, despite (theoretically) having more time on their studies, Izumi and Miki ended up doing just as bad as Risa…

"If this is what it takes to become popular..."

“If this is what it takes to become popular…”

Why is Izumi more popular than Miki and Risa? While there is a theory that it is because Izumi has publicly announced that she was a masochist – you can be popular for the wrong reason – Miki and Risa do not help themselves by acting as the “sadists”. By pulling pranks on Izumi over and over again, Miki and Risa keep turning our attention to Izumi. Furthermore, people tend to sympathise with the “good” masochist instead of the “bad” sadists Miki and Risa. To quote Obi-wan Kenobi: “You have done that yourself!”

A post-Ch. 388 Hinagiku would tell you that, rather than having Hayate to lift her skirt, it would indeed be better for Izumi to lift it herself.

Somebody explain this to me, please?

Somebody explain this to me, please?

As a member of the video research club and the daughter of the owner of S*NY (SAMY?), it actually surprises me that Izumi appears to finally find video recording interesting in Ch. 308. I don’t know why, but I keep smiling when I see Izumi playing with toys made by her family business. There is no doubt that she is acting a date scene with a virtual Hayate, and by the end of it… God, please tell me I have always been thinking it wrongly. Well, at least it looks less erotic here than in the manga.

The “detective game” in Ch. 308 has been cut, mostly because we cannot see Nagi playing with her left-behind PSP at the end of the episode. We do see that it is Hayate who has removed the SD card, but… why did he choose to take away the SD card, instead of erasing everything on it, just like what he did in the manga? Now Hayate has left Izumi’s videos “alive”, and given his luck, it is highly probable that the videos would end up being played by the last person he wanted. In other words, what Hayate has done in the anime is actually worse than that in the manga!

He got hit by the rotten eggs.

He got hit by the rotten eggs.

Speaking of Hayate, we do see that he spends a lot of time with the three girls. Helping with their studying is one thing, but even when he is not tutoring them, he is still around them often enough. You can call this normal social life – it would be worrying if he doesn’t spend any time with his classmates – but when he doesn’t look happy seeing them, I wouldn’t mind him having a more restricted social circle.

Yukiji deserves some special mentioning as well. No matter how bad she behaves, she appears to be more responsible around the SC Rangers. No matter how reluctantly, she spends her time to give them supplementary class. I guess Yukiji actually enjoys being with the three girls, as it makes her look a better person.

But when you have students who can’t even memorise 4 pages of a textbook, soon you would be in utter despair.

There is a goof here.

There is a goof here.

It is a little bit of a letdown that the “Segawa Household arc” has not been picked for animation. After all, it was hugely Izumi-centric, there was Kotetsu, and there were battles and mentioning of Athena. Most importantly, it is a coherent story of five manga chapters (Ch. 169 – Ch. 173), in which there would be little fragmentation. 

In its state, the plotting of this episode is a little slack. Instead of making the three chapters into a single coherent plot, I do feel like watching 3 different anime clips, which animate the manga chapters a little too dutifully. Seeing Risa recalling her birthday “event”, which is supposed to be two months ago, is weird.

The ED is “Na.No.Kiss” by – who else? – Izumi.

Where’s Tanuki?



Just don’t tell me that it is Kaoru’s desk…

6 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 6

  1. No matter who is the most idiotic, Izumi wins.

    I really like how the series wholeheartedly acknowledges that Izumi is the more popular one. It actually makes things funnier.

    I think that besides Izumi being an “M” and blushing more frequently, she is also more feminine than the other two. Not only that, whenever the other two troll her, Izumi would end up blushing more nor does she react violently to their trolling.

    The funniest scene was definitely Izumi’s imaginary romance scene. The way the scene resembled a cliched romantic scene, the music and how Izumi’s imagination was more exaggerated really got me laughing hard XD! In fact, now I know why she could only say “…Ta-kun” instead of “Hayata-kun”. She was speaking as if “Hayate” was only giving her a short time to take her breath before “shutting her up” XD.

    I sometimes like to theorize that the person Risa kissed might have been Koutarou. Risa spoke as though she didn’t really cared that much about giving her first kiss to someone else. Its as if she gave her first kiss to a boy who needed a boost in confidence.

  2. Definitely more at home with the SC Ranger title as they even have code name in color (Hayate is orange if i recall), Storywise, no point of interest on this episode i can see (Tanuki stalking?, another time… maybe)

    Well no question asked they are not that bright but then again, they practically have the same role as Yukiji (and practically the same mental age anyway) most of the time they are more like the Amoral Placeholders, Amoral as in whether its good or evil sense , they are the perfect volunteers (or victims), and place holders as in if Hata needs a troll or villain in the chapter, Yukiji is the usual suspect (common troll victim: guess who?), if he needs more than one, SC Rangers can jump into the fray, (e.g. Hayate and Maria’s “date”)

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