Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 3


The main heroine of the third episode is Tennonsu Athena, Hayate’s first and (so far) only love. Yet, this episode has nothing to do with the Athena saga even with Athena as the main heroine. In fact, Athena is not exactly herself, as she remains her Mini-Me persona: Alice. In this episode her voice resembles more of her authoritative self in Season 2, which should be good news to her fans.

Despite her popularity, Athena’s involvement in the manga has been severely restricted after the Athena saga. Not only that she has little appearance, she has also not done enough to move the plot forward. If Cuties really is a season of animating manga chapters, the source for Athena’s episode would be highly predictable: just throw in everything about Armageddon (Ch. 306, Ch. 316, Ch. 317 and Ch. 318) and Athena’s chapter with Nagi finding Hayate (Ch. 346) and you will have your episode. And so they did.

There's more to that, isn't it?

There’s more to that, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s just me, but I have the feeling that this anime is trying to keep its distance from the entire Athena saga. Athena has not mentioned her relationship with Hayate (justified as she has lost her memories). Hayate has not expressed guilt in losing Nagi her inheritance, and he does not show sympathy towards Athena’s loss of memory – he has done both in the manga. In other words, the anime has taken all references to the Athena saga away. Instead of animating the Athena saga, it looks as if the studio is trying hard to do exactly the opposite.

Of course, as Cuties is set at least four months after the Athena saga, making references to Stone Age is not necessary, especially when Nagi is likely to have her inheritance back. Still, not everyone has read the manga, so anime-only audience would be bound to ask: just what has been going on?

So the main task of babysitting her is to get her up to bed every night.

So the main task of babysitting her is to get her up to bed every night.

We are of course not informed of the “certain reasons” which led to Athena living in Hinagiku’s room, although there is a remote chance that it would be mentioned in Episode 5. Somehow it doesn’t matter anyway, as Athena’s primary objective – to return to full size, power and memories with the Violet Mansion and Shirosakura – has not come to fruition yet. It is understandable in the manga because the chapters were set at the early stage of Athena’s recharging, but – again – as Cuties is set at least four months after the Athena saga, this episode would be telling us that the process has been extremely slow.

Well, if it means that the tenancy of Hinagiku and herself would be extended into September and on, I do not mind…

Setting the alarm at 10 is not proof of trying to wake up early.

Setting the alarm at 10 is not proof of trying to wake up early.

As she has longer sleeping periods than usual people and she doesn’t need to go to school, Athena as Alice has a very small social circle. Indeed her closest friend appears to be Armageddon the dog, and in this episode we could only see her interacting with Hayate, Nagi and to a lesser extent Fumi and Wataru. It helps to explain why Athena showed loneliness in the manga – she doesn’t have many friends after all. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for a meaningful Hinagiku-Alice chapter, as these two are supposed to be “mother and daughter” in the first place.

That's more like it.

That’s more like it.

If we say that Athena now has weak bonds with other people, then it makes sense that this episode focuses on enhancing her relationship with Armageddon. Indeed, both Athena and Armageddon (okay, Hayate as well) have a more prominent role in locating the missing 100M yen (now “operations funds” instead of “establishment funds”), which not only shows a bit of Athena’s exceptional intelligence, but also puts Armageddon the dog into a much more proper use – although, admittedly, things are a little more complicated and expensive than expected.

Big cat, big house.

Big cat, big house.

The staff are clearly trying to explain in plain and simple terms that Nagi is the rightful owner of both the Sanzen’in Mansion and the Violet Mansion. The case in point is that Tama has now been moved back to the Sanzen’in Mansion, which is the only sensible move if Nagi owns both properties. After all, there is the ongoing complaint that there is simply not enough room in the Violet Mansion, and Tama could not walk around the house freely simply because he is such a, um, big cat. Now that he returns to the Sanzen’in Mansion, he could live happily ever after and Klaus would have something to do, so everyone would be happy.

Those eyes...

Those eyes…

I guess it has been a very long time since we last saw Fumi in her “normal mode” – please do not mention the OP for the argument’s sake. As a part of the “Cuties” world Fumi looks cute from some distance, but when we come to her close-up shots I would say that her eyes look extremely weird. Some people are better off staying in the “chibi” world after all. Sharna, on the other hand, looks unnaturally tall. I have actually expected her to be a little shorter.

Obligatory appearance of the main heroine.

Obligatory appearance of the main heroine.

The whole Armageddon arc is a really nice work of animation, which makes me wonder what is the point of including Athena and Nagi’s adventure to find Hayate in this episode. That part clearly has nothing to do with the rest of the episode, and it doesn’t highlight anything important about Athena either, so I got the impression that it is the filler of fillers. Call me anything, but I do not enjoy those five minutes as much as the rest of the episode. They should have done better than this.

What we do know from the last five minutes is that the range of materials that can be chosen from the manga has now been extended to Ch. 346. It does do us a lot of help as we try to predict what is to come in future episodes. It increases accuracy, really.

The ED of this episode is “Isogaba Smile!” performed by Sakuya.

Where’s Tanuki?



18 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 3

  1. It’s Tennousu, by the way.

    Fumi’s eyes reminds me of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. Well, both of them are weird and dumb, too.

  2. Episode 3: Alice or should I say, Nagi 2. The similarities Alice shares with Nagi is quite funny and interesting. The way she interacts with Nagi, how she orders around Hayate, acting like a Tsundere around Hayate and trying to be competent shows this XD. I actually find Alice in the anime to be quite adorable as opposed to the manga.

    Its great to see Fumi and Sharna get more screen time in Cuties. They were also quite shorter in the 2nd Season, too. Also, seeing normal mode Fumi is a refreshing sight to see after seeing Shock Fumi all the time…. which is still funny.

    Its nice to see Fr. Ghost and Tama too. Its been a while since we’ve heard Tama speak and that scene with Armageddon talking got me laughing hard XD. The intense voice suited Armageddon well.

    I guess Sakuya’s song was used for this ED probably to make room for Isumi’s song for the next episode’s ED.

    No doubt we’ll still be hearing the fans wanting the Athena arc animated but fans will be fans no matter how annoying and repetitive their demands are. CTMEOY, HIAPOE and Cuties can be quite unfair towards non-manga readers but I always see it as a way to get fans to start reading the manga. I myself started reading the manga after having finished watching the 2 seasons.

    The CM Theatre made a reference to Kotetsu. I wonder if he’ll make an appearance in the Izumi and other characters episode? It would be nice to see the Segawa Mansion arc animated…. if not, then I guess the Izumi studying with Hayate chapters will most likely be animated.

    • As Athena is the “prototype” of Nagi, I am not too surprised with their similarity. Still, I would prefer seeing Athena in her matured form, as indeed I do not think we need two Tsundere blond lolis in the same series.

      Just like Sakuya’s song is used in this episode to make room for Isumi’s, Kayura’s song would be used in Episode 11 so to make room for Chiharu in Episode… 9, is it?

      Yes, Cuties might have the objective to motivate people to read the manga, but there are actually readers/watchers who are pissed off exactly because of such strategy. XD

      I prefer the Segawa Mansion arc animated, as there is a more coherent but lengthy enough plot to make an interesting episode. But then, there would be a reference to Hayate’s love of Athena, which I am not sure if the staff would like to address…

  3. doens’t look like we’ll be seeing any animated Athena Saga soon.. (red tape for under age kissing perhaps? or would the entire saga fit in a movie? ) Kinda expected that the episode will have nothing to do with the Athena saga, but still.. ah forget it (though we see Athena in less than a few seconds by the end)

  4. Right now, it seems Athena/Alice clearly don’t want to get us back to the discussion (of pairings) especially she didn’t say something about her previous self’s relationship with Hayate which remains a mystery for the non-manga readers (unless they remembered HnG!! Ep10 or they had read the manga already). Nothing will happen if that continues anyway. It is like Athena goes into backseat in terms of having romantic relationship with Hayate (like most girls in his harem except one).

    So far, the only pairing involving Hayate that remains ‘active’ up to this time is the Hayate-Hinagiku one (unless the heroines of an arc in Hayate are ‘the ones under his harem’).

    This one (http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz316/Secret-Sych/holyshitathenayes_zpsc7ce42ae.png) is great and this one (http://i.imgur.com/r2ODbps.jpg) is really cute. But, I find the close-up of Fumi in her non-dumbstruck form in this episode unusually cute for unknown reason.

    • It’s interesting that recent Hinagiku chapters all focus on her relationship with Hayate, rather than her “Sueness” or popularity among her friends. She doesn’t even have a chapter to show her care to her “daughter”.

      In contrast, Nagi has chapters on her lifestyle, Maria on her hobbies, Ayumu on her future career, Izumi with her friends, Chiharu at part-time job, Athena with Armageddon… you name it.

      I guess this much shows us what Hata intends to tell about Hinagiku.

    • If Athena and Maria did know each other since childhood, and if both are to have big roles in the serious matters later, it makes sense to establish a bond between them now.

      Heck, who knows if Maria has an idea that Alice is Athena?

    • Glad someone else recognizes it too. I thought that I might be thinking too much on it, but it really has seemed like the Hayate x Hinagiku ship is the only one seriously used anymore.

      Nagi hasn’t had romantic notions or tried to “spice up” her relationship with Hayate in, like, a hundred chapters or so. And Hayate’s actually been considering that he’s too focused on her and actively making plans for him not always being around! Maria barely gets any ship tease anymore, same for Sakuya and Isumi (though they were only teased earlier on anyway). Even Nishizawa hasn’t really done anything in a long time. Sure she moved into the Violet Mansion for the summer to be with him, and has tried to keep Ruka away, but that doesn’t help her if she doesn’t actually spend time with him there. She’s had a romantic fantasy of her future with him ONCE and even then her interactions with Nagi were more the focus. Chiharu has actually had some decent ship tease, but she still isn’t interested in him in that way yet as far as we can tell.

      Meanwhile, Hinagiku has practically become Hayate’s second Ojou-sama. Yes, he’s the butler to all the girls in the mansion so technically they are all his ladies, but we just see it a lot more with Hina. Her tutoring him alone at night, him calling her “princess” as he’s about to carry her off to her bed (when she fell asleep in his bed waiting for him), having him spoil her and getting to be called “Ojou-sama” while she was sick, etc. I’ve said on the MangaFox forum that Hayate and Hinagiku can have their own Shoujo spin-off at this point.

  5. I’ve noticed how the two thugs that Yukiji beat up were the same thugs that kidnapped Nagi in the first episode of CTMEOY. Either I’m mistaken, Torauma Town’s police are that incompetent or the thugs were lucky enough to run away before the cops arrived.

  6. Do you think the athena saga will be extended in the next manga chapter because in the manga its clearly said that athena is trying to recover her power by staying as close as possible to hinagiku so after her power and memory recovered do you think athena will make an appereance in the next manga chapter ?

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