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March 19, 2013

Promotional Video is out!

  • There seems to be some improvement since Season 3. Characters look more natural to me – there is no “Hinagiku Distortion Field”, to say the least.
  • Bathing, bathing, bathing. Everybody goes to bath. Well, they do!
  • It appears that some post-Athena-saga canon would be animated.

March 13, 2013

A picture from (obviously) a magazine. Unfortunately most of the text is unreadable.


The artwork is… to be expected, honestly. What is wrong here is De Gea – I mean, the hair. Nagi’s twintails look wrong, while the length of Hinagiku’s hair is also wrong!

March 6, 2013

Sometimes it is worth the wait before writing anything. The cover page of Ch. 397 only stated as much that the Spring 2013 anime would be themed “Cuties”, so I was prepared to say just as much, and then today we have this.


Due to time constraint (I am in the bloody office!!), Doughnut Gunso shall act as a shameless copycat this time.

The theme of the new anime is “Cuties,” and every episode will follow different characters and a different “route”:

  • Episode 1: Hayate Ayasaki
  • Episode 2: Nagi Sanzenin
  • Episode 3: Atene Tennōsu
  • Episode 4: Isumi Saginomiya & Sakuya Aizawa
  • Episode 5: Hinagiku Katsura
  • Episode 6: Izumi Segawa & another character
  • Episode 7: Ruka Suirenji
  • Episode 8: Ayumu Nishizawa
  • Episode 9: Chiharu Harukaze & Kayura Tsurugino
  • Episode 10: Maria

The ending theme song will change in each episode as well. Shizuka Itou is performing the opening theme song “Haru Ulalala Love yo Koi!!!” as her character Hinagiku Katsura.

Quick thoughts before I return to my bloody work:

  • Different main leads, different routes, so it is unlikely that every episode is about romance. For example, it is hard to believe that anything would happen between Isumi and Sakuya, or Chiharu and Kayura, or…
  • Hayate should now be officially considered a girl. This is what I get from his inclusion under “cuties”. I never found a guy cute. NOT EVEN ONE!!
  • Another OP performed by Hinagiku. Another CD promised, although it is a bit strange that they do not simply pull one song from HiNA or HiNA2 as the OP. Well, why am I complaining…?
  • Izumi would appear with “another character”. Kotetsu, anyone? vangui suggested in the comment section that “the scan says other two people with Izumi, so they must be Risa and Miki”. I couldn’t find a bigger or clearer scan to confirm this, but I take his/her words. In such case, Risa and Miki would (finally) be reduced to “the happy friends of Izumi”…
  • Finally, Athena! Judging by the picture above, though, it appears that she would remain in child form although it is not a fair assessment based only on her apparent height. Kawasumi-san’s return is warmly welcomed, and I think it would be rather funny if she adopts the “Nodame” voice this time.

29 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties – News Centre

  1. The first time I saw the title “Cuties” yesterday, suddenly I become dissapointed with Hata…
    I thought he don’t have much idea so he turn HnG into full harem and full fanservice anime, reffering to the title.
    But after seeing this poster my hope is raised a lot, I hope it become an interesting season. 😀

    • It’s better this “harem and full fanservice” happens in the anime than in the manga, I would say.

      I am taking a laid-back approach on this anime. Hopefully nothing would be too serious or, er, implicating.

    • Yeah I’m agree with you.
      Too much implicating or shipping will only give spoiler to the manga.
      My main concern is Athena though, I hope her first appearance won’t be ruined by terrible artwork like Hina’s case in CTMEOY. 😀

  2. The friggin Tanuki!… It seems like HnG has finally gained itself a cliched small talking anime mascot XD

    I’m rather surprised at this new approach but it is quite interesting. I’m surprised that Maria’s episode is until Ep 10 despite being part of the Sanzenin Trio. It would’ve made more sense for her episode to be after Nagi’s episode. Then again, their might be an interesting twist being planned.

    Athena finally gets her long-awaited debut in the anime. Funny enough, Lil Athena actually has appeared before in Season 2 but her face wasn’t shown.

    CTMEOY had already established Chiharu and Kayura as a duo so this anime is continuing it. I can’t wait for the manga to show these two developing the friendship we see now in the anime.

    There’s still a lot of people that complain about “Make a sequel to S2 already!!” or “I want the Athena Saga animated!!”. I for one am looking forward to this. Hopefully, this anime will be enjoyable for those that don’t read the manga and attract new fans.

    • Oh yeah, I’m rather disappointed that Tsugumi would not seem to be making an appearance in this anime T_T. Though considering that Athena is still in her child form, this anime might be taking place before CTMEOY. If this is true, then we might be seeing Ruka still living in the apartment.

    • isn’t HnG’s talking animal mascot is tama?
      maria having the last eps is not so surprising I think.
      she’s the only main character that haven’t show up in HnG side manga cover
      and she’s also one that have the most mysterious background. I think there’s a rumour that maria arc will be the ending for HnG manga. like hayate said, maria is the last boss chara.

    • Wait, wait, wait…… what! based on ur reply, you are thinking that the 4th Season is going to be a continuation of Season 3. I think it’s not…….. Tsugumi is not going to appear here. I really ope that the Athena arc in the manga would appear here!

    • @shibababa I never considered Tama as the mascot.

      @Mathew Castillo Claveria No, I don’t think this is a continuation of S3. Rather, I thought this would take place before S3.

  3. Maybe Hayate is considered a “Cutie” because from a female perspective, he is considered as one. He has started to become more popular among the girls in Hakuou after all. Still doesn’t change how funny it is that he’s called a “Cutie” XD! Besides, he’s the leading character so it can’t be helped.

    If the timeline of this anime has Ruka still living in the apartment, then it would be an ideal situation for her to interact with the other characters or just Hayate. With her tight schedule as an idol, I don’t see much interaction happening. Of course, seeing how Ruka works as an idol would be interesting.

    • The art is surprisingly good.
      Fanservice aside, I personally think the art of this PV’s Hina is better than HIna from any other season.

    • The character designs for all the characters have improved, imo. The song is rather catchy. The presence of fan service is probably meant to compensate for the lack of fan service in CTMEOY.

      Judging from how Hayate, Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku, little A-Tan and possibly Ruka are still living in the apartment, it probably means that the story will take place before CTMEOY. The Violet Mansion really makes it convenient in the plot by having the girls interact with Hayate more often or for more screen time just by living with the main characters. I’m definitely looking forward to this anime.

    • More specifically, we will have canon adaptation. In the PV we can see elements from Ch. 303 (the honey lemon, the talk between Hayate and Hina, Chiharu and toast etc.) and Ch. 353 (Isumi, and Hina near the end).

      It wouldn’t be a bad decision to follow the canon closely, I would say.

    • Yeah, I see no problem with adapting the canon.

      Oh, and I just realized that the first pic in the Chapter 399 review was referring to the song in the trailer XD!

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