The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 8

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

The police had been watching everything through CCTV until the “hurricane” broke into the restaurant and destroyed the cameras. Once the “hurricane” was gone, the police finally decided that it was time to move and catch the robbers. There was no resistance from the robbers at all – both men were barely conscious when they were arrested. The other customers, who were held hostages, were all scared to death and required attention – some medical, some psychological, and some both.

Hayate and Silver Red escorted Sakuya out of the spotlight as they moved away from the police blockade. Sakuya let out a particularly big sigh of relieve when Hayate set her on feet.

“That was really horrible!” she exclaimed, her heart still beating very fast. “Many thanks to you, In – I mean, Hayate!” she added with a smile.

Hayate bowed to her. “It is my honour, Sakuya-san,” he said. “I am very pleased that you are unharmed.”

“Right, thank you,” said Sakuya brightly. She then turned and saw Silver Red, and was pleasantly surprised. “Oh, it’s you! Long time no see, Stu – ”

Silver Red cleared her throat very loudly. Sakuya felt a small killing intent in Silver Red’s voice.

“I mean, Silver Red,” said Sakuya shrewdly. “It is another busy day for you!”

Hayate became curious. “Do you know Mr. Silver Red, Sakuya-san?”

“Oh yes, he fought the monsters alongside Isumi-san’s grandmother before coming to rescue you,” said Sakuya. “And I was there to witness the whole thing,” she added proudly.

“So how did you know that everyone was in trouble, Mr. Silver Red?” asked Hayate. “It was in Athens.”

“I – I was just passing through,” said Silver Red, trying to think on her feet of an excuse. “I can fly, you know, and I was buying hamburger steak…”

She cut herself short as she realised she had made a huge mistake.

“You flew to Athens… to buy hamburger steak?” repeated Hayate, totally amused.

“W- well, they make the best steak!” answered Silver Red, rather helplessly.

Hayate was about to ask another question when Sakuya interfered. “All right, enough of this,” she said. “I don’t want to stand here doing nothing when you two talk. So what do I do now, Hayate?”

“Oh yes,” replied Hayate, recalling what Nagi had told him. “Milady would like you to meet her at our Mansion.”

“Well, in that case I have to call for a car,” said Sakuya as she reached for her cellphone. “Do you need a ride?”

“No thanks, I have my bike with me,” said Hayate as he padded on his bicycle.

“And what about you, Silver Red?”

Silver Red was about to reject when suddenly a bright spotlight came upon her. She turned her head and to her shock, she saw the police lining up, apparently ready to arrest her. A police inspector then announced with a loud speaker! “You are under arrest, Silver Red. Put your hands on the back of your head and stay down!”

“On what charges?” demanded Silver Red.

“Property damages to a whole restaurant and injuries to five people,” answered the inspector.

“Hang on a moment, please!” shouted Hayate as he stepped up. “It was me who did the damages. Please leave Mr. Silver Red alone.”

“There is no need to take the blame for him, boy!” said the inspector. “I can see that he is threatening you, but there is no need to be afraid, we will rescue you and the young lady.”

“What do you mean, ‘threatened’? I am not – ”

“Enough of this, Ayasaki-kun!” said Silver Red suddenly, interrupting Hayate.

Hayate was shocked. “What do you mean…?” he asked. He did not understand why she was stopping him from telling the truth. Silver Red, though, had a thought: this had nothing to do with the truth within the restaurant when the police was putting the blame on her. Apparently they were certain that they had enough evidence to prosecute her, and she knew that she did not have a proper defence: she did damage the back door, after all. The only thing she could do now would be…

“Ayasaki-kun, do me a favour and lend me your bicycle!” she said desperately to Hayate, although she did not know if she could outrun the police vehicles on a bicycle. She did not even wait for Hayate’s answer before grabbing his bicycle. “I will return this later today!” she added, and by the next moment she was gone at top speed.

“Please wait, Mr. Silver Red!” exclaimed Hayate, but as he took a step forward, he suddenly collapsed.

“Are you all right, Hayate?” asked Sakuya as she came forward and checked on him.

“I – I am all right,” answered Hayate weakly. “I just forgot that after using my special move, I would be so exhausted that I collapse.”

Sakuya sighed. “Then you have no choice but take a ride on my car.”


Athena was watching television in her office when her favourite anime – one she began to follow since her last month at the Violet Mansion – was replaced by “Breaking News”. She was about to curse the arrangement when she heard from the news announcer that Silver Red was being chased by the police in mid-town.

“What is she doing?” exclaimed Athena in utter disbelief at the sight that Silver Red was cycling through the roads, closely followed by five to seven police cars and motorcycles.

Athena shook her head. She knew that Silver Red would finally got caught.

“Machina!’ she called, and her loyal butler appeared at once.

“What can I do for you, Athena?”


Silver Red was riding as fast as she could, but she still heard the sirens behind her. Once or twice the police warned her to stop through loud speakers, but she knew that she had gone too far to stop. Once she had started running from them, she could never stop before she got rid of them.

She couldn’t pay too much attention to the sirens either. Right before her were cars, trucks and pedestrians who were also using the roads. She had to concentrate on zooming right and left to avoid hitting anyone or anything. One mistake could be fatal.

Suddenly, she spotted a narrow lane between two buildings to her left. “God bless me!” she whispered, and turned left to enter the lane. It was just a little more than enough for her bicycle to pass through, but so was it for the police motorcycles – she could hear their engines behind her, although they had to slow down for fear of hitting the walls beside them.

Silver Red was secretly happy for finally losing the police until she heard a gun shot. A little shock came beneath her tires, almost knocking her off the bicycle. Silver Red gasped – she knew that it was a very close miss. She had no choice but to speed up, but the next moment the front tire tripped over a glass bottle, sending Silver Red and the bicycle flying. Both fell onto the ground heavily, and Silver Red almost felt like her body was torn apart.

Silver Red was on the way – very slowly – to pick up the bicycle when police vehicles gathered and blocked both ends of the lane. She was trapped. Panting heavily, she knew that her run was over. Police officers came out of their vehicles with their guns in hands. “Don’t move!” they shouted. “Surrender now!”

This is the end of me,” Silver Red thought to herself. She slowly raised her hands behind her head, and then…

“ARHHH!!!” shouted one of the officers in front of Silver Red as he was sent flying into the air. The other officers all looked back to see what happened, but they were knocked into one side of the wall. A dark and large shadow then zoomed over Silver Red and took out the officers at the other side of the lane. There were screams and yelps of pain everywhere, soon followed by the sounds of metal crushing.

Silver Red did not know what happened, but she realised it was a great chance for her to try to escape. “Masamune!” she cried as she summoned the wooden sword. The enhancement from the sword made her felt a lot better. The pain was gone, and her body a lot lighter – she could now move.

Silver Red picked up the bicycle, which luckily was not heavily damaged. She starting paddling out of the lane when she saw a horrifying scene: a huge serpent was crushing police vehicles all over the place, sending people hiding and screaming. Police officers were firing their guns at the serpent to no avail. Knowing that it was not a place to stay, Silver Red headed off.


It was 20:30. Hinagiku appeared at the Sanzen’in Mansion, Hayate’s bicycle with her. She pressed the door bell, but instead of the usually kind greeting from Hayate, what she heard was his voice bellowing: “Haven’t you asked enough questions, officer?”

“N – no, it’s me, Hinagiku,” she answered, frightened and weak. She had never heard Hayate talking to her like that – although she knew that he was not talking to her.

“O – oh, I am very sorry, Hinagiku-san,” answered Hayate, this time the usual kind tone. “Do you want something?”

“No, actually I have something for you. Could you please come to the main gate?”

Moments later, Hinagiku saw Hayate rushing towards the main gate. Usually she felt warm whenever she saw him, and she would want to spend as much time with him as possible, but this time – for some reason – she just wanted to get her things done, and then be gone.

“Hello, Hinagiku-san!” said Hayate, beaming. “What do you have – oh, is that my bike?”

“Yes,” said Hinagiku as she handed the vehicle over to him. “This is why I came, to return this to you.”

“Why is my bike with you, Hinagiku-san? I lent it to Mr. Silver Red.”

“Yes, and he came to me and asked me to return it to you,” said Hinagiku, a little disinterested.

“I see…” said Hayate. He looked at Hinagiku as he was about to thank her, but he suddenly realised something was wrong with her. “Hinagiku-san, why do you have bandages over your arms? Are you injured?”

Indeed Hinagiku had bandages over both her forearms, her right wrist, and – Hayate could not see them as they were hidden by her socks – both her knees. Even by Hinagiku’s own standards, she was quite seriously hurt. What’s more, her left eye was blackened, her school uniform was torn by the collar, and she was covered in sweat. She was in a huge mess.

“What happened?” asked Hayate as he carefully took her right hand.

“I – I just fell,” answered Hinagiku, which strictly speaking wasn’t a lie, as she pulled her hand back. “And what happened to you? Were you troubled by the police or something?”

“Well,” said Hayate with a heavy sigh, “I… got into some troubles this afternoon, and the police had a lot of questions for me.”


“The police thought that I was also kidnapped by Mr. Silver Red, so they came and interrogated me,” said Hayate heavily. “From what he looked like to the details of my bicycle, they questioned me for over two hours. It was so exhausting.”

“I am sorry, Hayate-kun…”

“No, no, it has nothing to do with you, Hinagiku-san,” said Hayate, who was honestly surprised that Hinagiku was apologising for something that she was not involved. “You look tired. Please take more rest at home, and do not let water touches your wounds.”

Hinagiku nodded, feeling the warmth of his caring words, but somehow she felt guilty.

“Let me escort you home, Hinagiku-san,” Hayate volunteered, which made Hinagiku felt even more unworthy.

“No, thanks, Hayate-kun, I have come with a taxi,” she said, pointing her thumb to the taxi behind her, which was indeed standing by. “Please go and take care of Nagi. And… you need more rest as well.”

“Understood, Hinagiku-san. See you tomorrow.”


As the butler turned his back on her, Hinagiku found that she could no longer hold her tears, which began to run down her cheeks.

“I am sorry, Hayate-kun,” she whispered. “It was me. It was me who gave all these troubles to you.”

9 comments on “The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 8

  1. Damn…. Things really got serious now!
    I wonder for how long Hina will be able to endure all of this.

    And thanks for the early update! heh xD
    I was feeling kinda off after reading the latest chapter of the manga (ugh).
    This just made my night! 😛

  2. Sorry I didn’t reply to your last chapter. I was sorta lazy ^^;
    Awesome that your posting chapters up earlier now ^^
    I get so excited every time.
    Maaaaan! The stories starting to get more intense. I really have NO clue to what you’ll might do next. Usually I’d be able to make a quick guess but not this time. Makes me wanna read more ^^
    I hope hina gets through this alright without actually getting arrested should her identity be revealed. I have a strange feeling maybe the ‘bad guys’ of this story are the ones that made the police believe silver red was evil… I mean silver red has such a great reputation of being good, then BAM she’s evil. Dunno just a feeling
    ~keep writing~ ^^

    • Come to think of it, how good had the police thought of Silver Red before is debatable. As in many superhero stories, the police do not like it when other people are doing a better job for justice than they do…

  3. Typical police officers. Always thinking of superheroes as criminals no matter how obvious it is that they are not. It happens in comics a lot especially towards Spider-Man. It never fails to piss me off whenever this happens.

    I had a feeling something like this would happen considering how incompetent the cops are in this fan fiction. Cops in fiction are so bad at catching real criminals but are strangely determined to capture superheroes. Sure, vigilantism is a crime but it pales in comparison to other crimes.

    Nice chapter, Gunso. It’s hard to decide whether Hinagiku should give up or not. The cops are against Silver Red but the citizens may still see her as a hero…. unless your sadistic enough to make things worse for Silver Red XD.

    • It was called the Daily Bugle. Yeah, that tabloid almost turned the entire population of the city against Spider-Man. It’s good to know that there are people like Nagi, Hayate, Sakuya and others who know that Silver Red is a hero.

      From what I’ve read from the manga, that Inspector guy is a pretty decent person. He was willing to provide some help to that robber’s little sister and he even gave some good advice to Saki who was depressed about Wataru (I can’t remember the chapter though).

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