Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 386

Sword fight for someone who doesn’t know how to use a sword.

Nagi and Ruka are a very interesting pair. Both of them think that the other has something they want – Nagi wants Ruka’s success and glory, while Ruka wants Nagi’s butler as her boyfriend – so both think that they have to beat the other in the coming Comiket. Their meeting in the Rainbow Village – the hot spring – offers them the very best opportunity for a shouting match, filled with lines like “I won’t lose to you!” and “I am the winner!”

It is up to you to decide whether this is a fierce rivalry or a laughing matter.

To add more seriousness to the shouting match, Ruka suggests to make a bet on Comiket: Nagi would have to allow her to carry on Hayate’s debt if she beats Nagi in Comiket. Unless I am missing something here, I do not see what Nagi would get if she wins. You might say that Nagi’s prize is to keep Hayate by her side. However, she would have Hayate by her side even if she refuses the bet, so there is nothing for Nagi to win in this bet. It also means that Ruka would have nothing to lose, so this is a bet that has no disadvantages to her.

I guess she won’t stop until she has explained herself to everyone in the world.

Perhaps as a way to motivate Nagi, Hata chooses to have Ruka revealing to Nagi that she loves Hayate. Nagi might not be interested in the bet itself, but she should be interested in the fact that someone wants to take her butler away. At the very least, she has to seriously consider this possibility.

Somehow I find it amusing that the Comiket battle would turn from a professional clash to a catfight for love. I don’t know what they now think about the manga career, but I am rather sad to see that Ruka and Nagi cease to draw manga simply because they love it, but as a means to win something that is totally irrelevant to the manga profession. This is not going to benefit their manga career in any way.

The funny thing is that, this is a catfight which involves huge sums of money, but the two contestants are not very good in the event they are going to compete: Ruka managed to sell 41 copies in three doujin events, while Nagi’s doujinshi were thrown in trash bins on site. Imagine me challenging Bill Gates to the Diablo PvP competition, and whoever wins will be in charge of Apple Inc. You won’t find this matchup exciting. You would only laugh at it.

Somehow he doesn’t like the experience.

And let us not forget that, in a set-up like this, Hayate is reduced to a prize for two contestants to win. If he is a boy of any dignity, I guess he wouldn’t like it. Isn’t he supposed to have the freedom to choose the partner he really wants? Why is he now stuck between Ruka and Nagi?

Somehow, I think somebody would have to step up and tell each party off. Let’s give the proper respect to the manga industry. Let’s give the proper respect to romantic relationships. Let’s also give the proper respect to Ayasaki Hayate as a sophisticated human being – although on this occasion he is annoyingly silent and evasive.

You know, when he looks as if he cannot decide if he has feelings for Ruka, he makes me cry.

Yet another stalker?

Meanwhile, our dear butler is discussing with Maria whether to visit Mikado in his castle. As the castle is located in mountains which can only be reached by aircrafts (since when can aircrafts land in mountains?), Aika appears out of nowhere and volunteers to be their guide. Somehow, this is just too convenient to be a coincidence, so I guess it is safe to assume that Aika is sent here.

As usual, Aika takes up every opportunity possible to tease Hayate. In the end, Hayate is so embarrassed that he accidentally presses the self-destruct button and reveals that he has gone through something else. Ayumu becomes alert – her intuition for romantic issues is always spot on. As expected of her, Ayumu correctly comes to the conclusion that something other than a mere confession has happened between Hayate and Ruka.

The only thing is that Ayumu might not have guessed a kiss between the two…