Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes off You Episode 4

Let’s make both hamburgers and curry!

It is the fourth episode of the Can’t Take My Eyes off You anime, and if sources stating that the anime has a total of 12 episodes are true, then we have come to the one-third mark. Yet, one of the main theme of this anime, namely Tsugumi’s agenda, has not yet been fully revealed. With only nine episodes to go, something must be done fairly quickly.

As such, at the beginning of this episode, this mystery is resolved in the quickest way possible: to have Tsugumi say it out (not entirely) loudly. As such, we see a Tsugumi kneeling on the ground, reporting to a big blue bird on her hidden agenda: to acquire the Black Camellia. Should you have no idea what the Black Camellia is, it is the sword considered to be the Shirosakura’s equal.

Hopefully there isn’t another thing called that.

Interestingly, it means that Tsugumi believes that the Black Camellia is with Nagi – or at least the Sanzen’in Mansion. We still have no clue as to why Tsugumi believes so, but the thing is that she believes so. As she is (constantly) denied entry to the Mansion, she needs to find a way to achieve her goal. In order to be granted entry, she needs to be closer to Nagi…

As such, she sneaks into the Mansion and consults Hayate. We have been wondering why she could always get into the Mansion so easily, but Tsugumi’s answer that she scales the wall isn’t entirely persuasive. The thing is, there is no explanation as to why she could sneak into the Mansion right under the noses of the SPs. If a intruder becomes invisible simply by scaling the wall, then the security of the Sanzen’in Mansion is in serious trouble.

If a girl finds another girl cute, there is a problem.

Hayate says that it will be very difficult for Tsugumi to get close to Nagi. Whether Tsugumi is cute is debatable, but it is irrelevant. The main problem is that Nagi has no interests in her. Now, Nagi is not the most sociable of people, and she wouldn’t bother talking to people whom she is not interested in, let alone getting close. Then Tsugumi remembers: Nagi has said that she “couldn’t care less” whether Tsugumi is her sister…

Later, Hayate reports to Nagi that Tsugumi wants to become someone who interests her. He wonders what her agenda could be. Nagi says that although she doesn’t feel malice in her (self-declared) younger sister, she does – as most of the Star Wars main characters – have a bad feeling about this. She fears that she is going to lose something precious…

Speaking of making Nagi to lose something precious, we were told in the manga about 100 chapters ago that Housen Yozora was meant to serve such a function, but if you mention her name to new readers now, I guess their response would be “Housen who?” So, what’s so precious of Nagi that she is going to lose this time? The flashforward in Episode 1 could be the answer.

Ruka appears and recites her once-every-episode mysterious lines. This time, she says that if we try to protect what is precious of ours, we might end up losing something even more precious. That’s… depressing.

“I work here after all…”

In order to learn how to be closer to Nagi, Tsugumi goes to Animate in Akiba to find Chiharu. The part-time staff suggests Tsugumi to play video games with Nagi, and immediately suggests a game which… looks familiar. Of course, the game costs money (7,350 yen), and poor Tsugumi finds her purse significantly lighter as she leaves the shop. One has to wonder whether Chiharu is merely trying to make a sale…

Tsugumi leaves the shop anticipating a better relationship with Nagi, but Kayura pops out of nowhere to remind her that she needs a console, which costs about . After a sorrowful visit to the ATM, Tsugumi coughs out about 20,000 yen on the console which… looks familiar.

Kayura is not done yet. She suggests another new game to Tsugumi, and teases Chiharu for her (poor) taste of games. The game costs another 6,800 yen, and Tsugumi needs another visit to the ATM… So, in an hour or less, Tsugumi finds herself paying 34,150 yen – of which 14,150 yen goes to Animate. Chiharu is going to get a bonus.

Investment failed.

Tsugumi meets Hayate near the station – nobody knows why he is here in the first place – and receives the bad news of the day: Nagi already has those two games (plus the console, of course) and she thinks both are crap. Tsugumi falls and scream out of pain, but you never know whether the pain is physical or mental…

Nagi’s comments piss off both Chiharu and Kayura, but the latter two are unhappy with each other as well, and an intense argument breaks out. Chiharu likes RPG, while Kayura likes FPS. Chiharu reads light novels, while Kayura reads manga. Chiharu teases Kayura for being too “literary”, while Kayura criticizes Chiharu for being too “business”…

It’s like she has slapped them or something…

As the argument goes on and on, both Hayate and Tsugumi feel uneasy. Hayate intends to settle it with an “it’s only manga and light novels” argument, but he ends up pissing both girls off. Chiharu and Kayura conclude that it is Nagi’s fault in the first place, so they demand her presence. Of course, Hayate has to go back to Tokyo to get his mistress…

It is already sunset when Nagi arrives, and she insists that both the RPG and FPS suck. It seems that her point is valid, because she has played both games to the very end, so she has the “ultimate right” to rate them. As playing games takes time, Nagi “compensates” by skipping schools, faking sickness, and not even taking baths… Suit yourself if you want to follow her example.

Is that really something to be proud of…?

I do not really agree with the “you have to play/read to the end to rate the game/manga” argument. You can always tell if you are happy playing a game or reading a manga after a few rounds, and more importantly you can decide whether you want to spend even more time into these things.

Most of us do not have the wealth of Nagi,  so we need to earn livings so our leisure time becomes more precious. We simply cannot invest too much time on something we do not feel right, just to give a “fair” comment of it. If you do not find yourself happy with some works, just drop it and move on to the next one. There is no need for “fair” comments.

Chiharu and Kayura both know that Nagi is scum. Now even Tsugumi thinks that her elder sister is scum. Nagi is not happy with this. She enjoys the lifestyle which everybody regards as scum, but she definitely hates being called scum. Does she care, or does she not care?


CM Time: Sharna plays the old “pizza game” with Fumi. You say “pizza” ten times, and you might unwillingly call an elbow “pizza”, but Fumi fails even more miserably. Meanwhile, Sakuya tries the same trick on Isumi – or maybe not. She is merely forcing Isumi to speak faster and faster. Anyone still want to try my version – saying “Tsugumi Ruri” ten times?

There are some places for Nagi to go, now that she is in Akiba. Surprisingly, Nagi loves the old stuff: old PC games and robots, just to name a few. To tell you the truth, even I have the feeling that the old things are always better. This is why my favourite games are SimCity 2000 (1994), Diablo (1996) and Time Commando (1996).

She really has slapped them or something…

Kayura and Chiharu are both annoyed by Nagi’s preference of robots, and they try to make their own cases. This time, it is Nagi herself who manages to provoke both Kayura and Chiharu, and the three of them get into a fight. Tsugumi could only wonder why the three of them, while sharing the same interests, just have to fight each other.

Hayate then suggests Tsugumi to find a common interest with Nagi, and then names a few of his choices at her request. Nagi, Chiharu and Kayura all look worried as Hayate chooses the animes in which the main character finally dies… Well, if the death of Hayate is foreshadowed here, would it be better if we do not ship our favourite girl with him?

In the end, Tsugumi picks a lot of DVDs or even Blu-Rays, and they cost her a total of 123,000 yen. Poor (luck) Tsugumi is on the verge of becoming poor (financial) Tsugumi, as she wants to settle with credit card payment. Come to think of it, it is amusing that a girl as young as Tsugumi has her own credit card, savings and several thousand yens of cash with her…

All three: “I know better than you two!”

Nagi stops Tsugumi from making such a huge mistake, and tells her to consider other things that might interest her – like manga. A manga is of course cheaper and easier to get, but the next problem is: of all the manga in this world, which one should she pick as her first read? Nagi, Kayura and Chiharu all begin to laugh weirdly, as there is yet another grand debate waiting for them…

They visit the new shop of Tachibana Wataru, which now sells doujinshis and games. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to go well either… Once in the shop, Tsugumi sets her eyes on the Jump comics, but Nagi cuts her short. There is nothing special about reading Jump manga, after all.

Tagline (?!)

Apparently Nagi, Chiharu and Kayura all agree that beginners should read Shimamoto Kazuhiko, as the latter two raise no objection. The argument is over which work by Shimamoto should Tsugumi read first, and Tsugumi finds it amazing that they could argue over the same mangaka… In any case, Wataru’s shop carries none of the works they mentioned, so the capability of his “bookstore” is under fire. Perhaps that’s why nobody is coming to his shop…

Tsugumi decides not to listen to their arguments any more, and she looks for her own choice. Without paying attention to the signs, she wanders into the “restricted area”… Nagi comes to her rescue, but it is too late: Tsugumi has received too much a shock by merely a look at the R-18 bookshelf, that she begins to question the tastes of Otakus. Even Nagi feels the necessity to defend her own dignity.

She can get closer to Nagi with this line.

But Tsugumi doesn’t come out empty-handed. She managed to pick one doujinshi, and – yes, it appears to be the new doujinshi Nagi would sell at the Comiket. Judging by the cover, Nagi’s artwork has improved quite a bit, although she still, er, has a unique taste when it comes to character design. Still, Hayate is confident that the author can make a bestselling manga – someday.

Well, I don’t know if this worth mentioning or not, but anyway…

6 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes off You Episode 4

  1. This episode kept me laughing. And is it me, or has Hayate’s personality gotten a little more cold? I thought he was nicer?

    And if this series is only twelve episodes long, then that makes me a little sad. But, at least we’re getting something.

  2. If being cute was all that was needed to get close to Nagi, then she wouldn’t have so much trouble with making friends….. Rie Kugiyama’s voice was the highlight of this episode, imo.

    Tsugumi and Nagi never realized that they did get closer to each other by going on this “quest” for making Nagi and Tsugumi closer. Nagi being the only one to run to Tsugumi in order to protect her innocence shows that she truly cares for Tsugumi. Also, I find it funny how Nagi says that not even she’s ready to read the R-18 stuff even though Tsugumi said that one of the “thin books” looked like the one in Nagi’s collection XD.

    I admit, I respected Tsugumi’s determination to get closer to Nagi as she never gave up at all despite being exposed to the “dark side” of the Otaku way. If she really did have malicious intentions, then she wouldn’t have gone this far. More like, she would’ve been another Housen.

    In the previous episode, I did see Nagi’s doujinshi while Tsugumi searched Nagi’s manga collections, but it was only shown briefly. It’s good to know that Nagi (sort of) moved on from Britney but she still seems to have a weird preference for trannies as main characters. Maybe this preference is meant to be a parody of Hayate who is always commented as having a girl’s face XD.

  3. Fun episode, too much jargon with certain scenes like the robot talk. Still don’t see the point of Ruka in the anime. As much as I love her character she really has no place in the anime so far.

  4. Got to agree with the “too much jargon” useful I guess to prove Nagi’s elite otaku status. This episode was very well animated, or a least there weren’t any moments that made me shudder.

  5. Ah… forgot to comment on this one… xD

    Had some laughs with this episode.
    And the “Black Camellia” finally being mentioned gives me hope that this season will be indeed very interesting.

    But… only 12 episodes? I somehow find that kind of good and bad. It might make things too short and rushed, but at least we can get past this weird “experimental” season (That’s how I see it, at least) and avoid more disappointments concerning “manga adaptations” (not that ep. 3 was bad, but a few aspects – *cough… artwork… *cough* – were slightly off putting). Maybe with a reasonable success, they will be able to improve the overall quality on a “possible” next season.

    But I have to ask… How are they going to explain what the “Black Camellia” is with that… huge gap on the story? Especially considering that Hina already has the Shirosakura. It will be like: “How she got it? Where is Masamune?”

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