Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 379

Okay, she is still alive…

You might be disappointed with this, but we are none the wiser now than last week on Ruka’s health problem. We might have complied a list on Ruka’s possible disease – from sore throat to lung cancer – but the correct answer is still not known. Could it be that even Hata himself hasn’t decided on which blood-coughing disease should Ruka get?

No matter what, Ruka hasn’t been sent to the hospital yet. and is still staying at the Violet Mansion. She looks very listless, possibly because she is just so sick. Nagi, who has no idea about Ruka’s health condition, is not happy with it. After all, she views Ruka as someone who looks like a god, and they don’t look cool when they laze around. Unless, of course, Ruka is Odin in her Odinsleep.

Unfortunately Ruka doesn’t look like Anthony Hopkins Odin, so she doesn’t look cool. Explaining that she is basking in the sun instead of lazing around doesn’t help much, because there really isn’t any difference. Somehow, Ruka might give a better impression if she says she is feeding herself by photosynthesis…

Nagi: “Are you challenging me over laziness?”

Nagi says that Ruka is not what she seemed when they first met, and that she used to look like a god. What is behind Nagi’s words is that she is disappointed that Ruka is not a god after all, and that she is failing Nagi as someone she admires. Nagi is finally seeing through the mask of immortality, and realizes that Ruka is just another young girl.

This is not uncommon. We tend to imagine that some people (especially our crush) are perfect, and later find out that this is wrong. Ayumu is another example: she thought Hinagiku was cool, but later came to know about her immaturity. The best lesson we could learn from Nagi and Ayumu is that we should not “worship” human beings, as we are all limited and fallible. If we put our faith solely on a human being, then we are doomed.

It could be even worse if we “worship” manga characters, who are created and manipulated by limited and fallible human beings. Yes, including Hata Kenjiro.

And I don’t remember that movie.

As Ruka is talking, she coughs again – this shows how bad her health currently is. Nagi then notices a small paper by Ruka’s right hand. I thought (seriously) that it is her medical prescription, but it turns out to be a bucket list – some sort of “must do before you die” list – which is inspired by a movie she saw. Interestingly, it is somewhat similar to Nagi’s new manga idea, so let’s see if Ruka’s list could do Nagi some help.

The subject of conversation has suddenly become what the girls would want to do (before they die). Nagi begins by saying that she wants to sell a trillion copies, make a masterpiece, and then an anime and a movie. While Ruka thinks that they are pretty much the same, they actually are not: there are mangas which can’t be made into animes or movies, and nobody has yet sold a trillion copies.

Ruka then shares one of her wishes: to eat ice cream in Rome. While Nagi doesn’t understand the reference, Chiharu knows it is from Roman Holiday. Chiharu then suggests Nagi to watch old movies like Roman Holiday, so that she could learn something from the very best, instead of… crap. Classic movies are classic for a reason.

Myth busted.

Chiharu and Ruka are eager to have ice cream in Rome, but Nagi thinks it is nothing. After all, she lived there for a while, so apparently she has had ice cream there. In fact, she could compare her experience in Rome with that in Haagen-Dazs, although her personal preference is rather irrelevant.

There is one thing: Nagi could be wrong in saying that she still own a house in Italy, because if it is the property of Sanzen’in Mikado, then Nagi has lost the right to it with her right to inheritance. Then again, I don’t have many ideas about this inheritance argument, so maybe I’ll just leave it.

As Chiharu joins the conversation, Ruka invites her to name a thing she wants to do before she dies. Chiharu thinks of Sakuya smiling brightly at her full of appreciation, asking her to stay forever. It is weird and (possibly) problematic in some ways, so Chiharu is embarrassed and goes blushing. Luckily, she still manages to talk about her wish in better phrases (but also more distant).

Exactly the kind of “see the world in dualities” Yukiji has mentioned.

Ruka agrees with Chiharu’s wish, and they both feel good about their “meaning of life”: to gather up small blessings. Nagi, however, thinks that this is the way loser thinks. She insists that life is about achieving something or not, and she expects nothing less than doing something special in her life – just like Ruka did when she was on stage.

Everyone has his or her version of “meaning of life”, so it doesn’t matter even if I wholeheartedly disagree with Nagi. But then, let’s not forget that the last time Nagi said she wanted to “be something special”, she ended up being a special failure in Comisun – it is indeed special for doujinshis to appear in trash bins on site. As Nagi says she wants to “be something special” again, I guess I could only wish her good luck.

Meanwhile, Hayate gets a phone call from Atsumari – as Maria called for food one must wonder why Hayate is not at the dinning table – who says that she has forgotten to mention something important. Now she can’t blame Hayate for failing his job as health manager, because there is clearly contributory negligence on her side. Oh, how wonderful!

Sir, the possibility of successfully confessing to Hayate is approximately 3,720 to 1.

According to Atsumari, the reason for Ruka’s time off – “poor health”, as suggested in Ch. 363 – is actually true. Apparently her company has noticed that Ruka has worked out, and silently consented to her running away. The thing Hayate must do, therefore, is to make sure that Ruka doesn’t push herself too hard… for anything.

As Hayate ends the call, Ruka approaches him. Has she just finished her meal in one minute? Anyway, she is holding her bucket list. Beneath her wish to have ice cream in Rome, there is another one: “Get a lovely boyfriend”, a very common wish among girls of her age.

I guess Hayate would now have to stop Ruka from pushing too hard pursuing him. Poor boy…