Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 368

“So let’s destroy the sun!” says Hata.

This week we have a coloured title page, which serves as a huge fan-service and announcement of the new anime. I have already started another article on the new anime, so if you have anything to say on the topic, please go to that article. Thank you!

Ayumu has finished Phase 1 of her summer plan: she successfully moves into the Violet Mansion, lives with Hayate, and thus gives herself a chance to overcome a very popular idol for Hayate’s heart. The most important thing for her is that, by moving into the Violet Mansion, she is now equal to Ruka. After all, they are both tenants of the Violet Mansion, right?

Like a boss.

The sense of equality with an idol significantly magnified Ayumu’s ego. She is no longer the feeble hamster which would worship a popular idol like a god. She is now able to confidently offer a handshake to Ruka. And if her ego gets even bigger, she would beat Ruka into submission, and says “Puny god” before leaving…

As this is the first time for Ayumu’s ego to become so big, she doesn’t really know how to control it. As such, she becomes a bit too combative when she sees Ruka – she behaves like a predatory which just sees its prey. She also allows her ego to get a little too big to be Ruka’s equal – Nagi twice comments that Ayumu talks down to Ruka, which means that Ayumu behaves as if she is superior to Ruka.

Once she is back to normal…

The above paragraph isn’t exactly a criticism. In fact, I believe that Ayumu would show her new-found confidence in a much more proper way in the coming chapters. She just has to learn how to live with a bigger ego, that’s all.

There is a small thing about Ruka that could easily be overlooked: she steps out of Hinagiku’s room like nothing has happened. Apparently Hinagiku did not follow up with Ruka’s love declaration, and simply let her go after reading her storyboard. While Hinagiku-Ruka rivalry hasn’t fired up, Ayumu-Ruka now seems to be a more fierce competition.

Any complaints?

Meanwhile, Hayate and Alice are still discussing the barrier in the storage room. As they cannot remove the barrier and find out the secrets within, they decide that they at least have to keep this room a secret from other residents. They need to come up with a way to hide this room from the others, but as Hayate looks at the ghost, the tiger and the little girl before him, he thinks to himself that they would not be helpful…

Have you no confidence in your first love, Hayate-kun?

Hayate looks out of the window – an act we do without thinking when we are using our brain on something else – and witnesses a very scary scene. Isumi flies towards the Mansion, crashes into the storage room through the window, hits the wall and lands like she is not hurt. This is a rather… spectacular entrance.

And I don’t want to make a comment at all.

Isumi claims that she is here by request, to protect the idol Ruka from “scandals and the like”. Obviously, the request was made by Sakuya, when she heard from Chiharu that Ruka is moving in. Isumi says that she would protect Ruka by setting up an impregnable defense, but she would need to find out what is beyond the barrier. There is little use of setting up an external defense if there is something dangerous inside the Mansion.

Before she does anything to the Mansion, Isumi comments on the fact that Tennousu Athena has become so small. While Hayate only had the “belief”, Isumi clearly points out that the small girl before them is Athena. From now on, the little girl shall be referred to as “Athena” in my blog. I just hope that I won’t forget about it…

No line for you, Yozora!

This “new finding” doesn’t only shock Athena, but also Yozora who has been wiretapping. Her shock shows that she knows nothing about Athena’s “transformation”, which means that she is not helping Athena to restore her power and memory. But then, she clearly knows Athena, although it is not sure whether she views Athena as a friend or a foe. In any case, as she doesn’t know that Athena has become a small girl, her information about Athena is rather outdated.

Her wiretapping is cut short, however, by Isumi, who senses the presence of her puppy robot spy and destroys it. Isumi says that she might have made a slight mistake, and obviously she means revealing the identity of Athena so loudly. However, she has no time on this, as she has to turn to the barrier and the things beyond it.

Shot of the Week

Hayate recalls that he sensed something strange the first time he came. He thought it was the cat spirits, and dropped the subject once the spirits are “cleansed”. Now that he thinks about it, the perception was not about cat spirits after all. It seems that his “sixth sense” is quite inaccurate.

Isumi wastes no time on speculating what’s behind the barrier, and she effortlessly removes it with a lot of hearts. Fr. Ghost enters to find “some corpses”, and seconds later he returns and says “bingo”. It seems that he has found something very scary. Hayate then enters the room, and to his most thorough shock, he finds a coffin – the coffin which he saw as a kid in the Royal Garden…

This is a very exciting turn of the story, and it certainly brings back all the seriousness of the arc of “The End of the World”, as well as the Athena saga. It is time for Hayate’s past to meet his present, and we would find out soon what kind of future would these all lead to…