Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 371

What are the odds of her making into Top 3 in the next Character Poll?

As the coffin’s room is cleaned up, we can finally have a good look at it. As it turns out, it really is a huge room – in fact, it could be bigger than a basketball court. Now we understand why Tama and Fr. Ghost so deseparately want this room. It also means that, as the guard of the apartment, Isumi would have an extremely large guard room to… well, do whatever she wants. A part of me is starting to believing that Isumi has moved in just because she wanted a large room.

The coffin could be gone, but the pattern – or totem, if you like – on the floor remains. Hayate moves closer and examines the pattern. What he sees is a total of 12 crests, one of them was on the King’s Jewel he once possessed. Hayate – finally – puts one plus one together and reaches the conclusion that there could be a total of 12 King’s Jewels. It seems that our King, whoever he is, has a special liking for Jewels.

But I only see seven…

So far, we have come across two King’s Jewels. The first one, once owned by Hayate, was destroyed by Nagi as she bought Hayate’s service forever and ever. The second one, which was given to Aika by Mikado, is probably still with her. As it takes over 7 seven years for 2 King’s Jewels to make an appearance, how many years would it take for the other 10 to show up? More importantly, what would the story become if we are now set to find the other 10 King’s Jewels?

Bring on the Dragon Ball King’s Jewels saga, Hata. Start with the invention of the King’s Radar, if you like…

Isumi arrives and discusses the coffin with Hayate. She might say that she is only having a guess, but we know that Hata would not waste a page on complete crap talk. It means that whatever Isumi has said in this chapter should be taken as definitive.

Your argument is invalid.

Definitive statements should be recorded full in text, so here we go:

Most likely, there was a great power here, and there were those who protected it. But that power was lost one day, so those protecting it lost their reason to remain here. That was when it was handed over to Yukariko-sama. This place had lost its value, but they probably thought she would take good care of it… However, the power here was very great. It turned the land into an area of great mystical energy, so strange things are called in even with the power gone. I do not know what that power was, but it is a power that we cannot let fall into the wrong hands.

For one thing, it is not entirely fair to Yukariko by calling her “irresponsible”. After all, she knew nothing about the powers surrounding the apartment, and she was just a kid when she was given the apartment. You can’t blame a 6-year-old kid for being irresponsible if he or she breaks your Galaxy S3 thinking it is just another piece of toy…

Evidence in our hands does not really allow me to make any further speculations on the King’s Jewels, the lost power and stuff, so I am dropping the topic here and wait for further development. This has never been my best topic on this manga, to be honest.

For your information, I don’t like parties.

Now with Ruka and Ayumu moving into the Violet Mansion, Chiharu comes up with a wonderful (but mysteriously overlooked) suggestion: a welcome party. It is of course a chance to deepen their friendship since nasty rivalry is starting everywhere, but I am inclined to think that she simply wants an excuse for a barbecue, for she very much dislikes the curry party suggested by Nagi, which I see as just as good.

Nagi’s reason of refusal sounds interesting: she doesn’t have the luxury of a barbecue with the rents paid by the tenants. With six tenants paying 45K yen each, Nagi is earning 270K yen each month. Feeding nine people on 270K yen could be tough, but surely it wouldn’t hurt much for a barbecue once in a while? In any case, long gone are the days when Nagi spent money without a single concept on spending money, and she really is learning about financial management.

“Work, my servant…”

In the end, Nagi gives in to Chiharu’s desires and agrees to a barbecue. Clearly, she isn’t going to buy the food herself, and it needs extra expertise in shopping to get the best ingredients with the least money, and that is where Hayate comes in. Once again, Nagi looks like a boss asking her employee to do nonsense, and Hayate has no way or right to protest – although, in fact, he does make a small retort.

Chiharu volunteers to go with Hayate, as it was her suggestion in the first place. More importantly, she wants to make sure Hayate buy her some meat for the barbecue. This, together with the enthusiasm she showed when she suggested Yakiniku, gives us a simple conclusion: Chiharu likes roasted meat.

While shopping, Hayate shows on several occasions that he is an amazingly popular boy. He has detailed knowledge on Ruka’s preference. He observes well Chiharu’s love off peaches. He takes the heavier bags. He is popular among the old ladies. He matches his pace with that of a girl. He proves himself to be a courteous, observing and considerate boy, and Chiharu concludes that Hayate is the “popular type” – the same conclusion Maria came to a long time ago.

It is funny that when this response comes from a girl, we only say this is Tsundere.

Contrary to the “Eh?” response he gave to Maria in Ch. 281, this time Hayate blushes furiously and attempt to deny. Interestingly, he mentions Hinagiku, saying that as she is always getting mad at him, he is not a popular person. As you would know, you simply can’t ask everyone on the globe to love you, so it shouldn’t bother you too much if there is one person who does not like you. Yet, instead of ignoring Hinagiku, he uses her as the reason to play down his popularity. He really values her opinions, doesn’t he?

Chiharu replies that she doesn’t know what Hinagiku thinks – meaning that she has no idea about her love for Hayate – but she thinks that Hinagiku is probably happy, because Hayate is there to treat her well so casually. This always makes a girl feel special.

And I am going to put the last nail on your coffin…

Chiharu then asks Hayate another question: What would he do if a girl confesses to him? Hayate himself has answered this question twice with his own actions, and in both incidents Ayumu was the girl involved. In the first instance, Hayate replied to Ayumu’s confession with the infamous “I love 2-dimensional girls” comment. In the second instance, Hayate did not make a reply, because Ayumu had told him that she did not need (or want) a reply. Now, both instances were a long long time ago, and could we expect a different third answer from Hayate this time?

Arguably, yes. Hayate tells us that, should a girl confess to him, he would ask her if she is willing to be buried in the same grave as his. This is of course a very heavy and unromantic answer, and girls would not like to hear it. But at least he is not using Nagi as an excuse for not facing the calls of romance, and furthermore he is not escaping to the otaku world. This is… some improvement, right?

“Someone wants to get kicked out…” says Nagi.

Meanwhile, back at the Violet Mansion, Ruka is troubled. She looks for Hayate, and becomes upset when she knows that he is not in. Then there comes Ayumu, who to be honest is really up to no good. She is of the opinion that people would rely on others when the are in a bind, and such reliance would finally lead them to confess their love. Ayumu’s plan would therefore be to become close with Ruka, so that Ruka would rely on her rather than Hayate. As such, Ayumu could remove Ruka’s love for Hayate “from the source”.

So Ayumu looks for Ruka and invites her to tell anything that is troubling her. However, what Ruka tells Ayumu shock her thoroughly: she wants to confess to Hayate that she loves him, and thus be asked whether she wants to be buried in the same grave as his. This is going to be a very tough question for Ayumu…