Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 359

Hello, world! It’s Doughnut Gunso here. As suggested on my Facebook Page and Twitter, I am trying on a new style of Chapter Reviews. The reason for this is that my previous style is a description of the chapters with text, and the problem is that: Who reads text when we have pictures? Text is not fun, text is boring. A block of text a day keeps the readers away!

What I am trying to do with this review is to stop describing the pictures and quoting lines. Instead, I am making page-to-page – No, sorry, I won’t be doing panel-by-panel, it will kill me – comments. What I write about the pages or panels will be strictly comments – from me, and probably from you as well. Yes, if this writing style is accepted by you, I might as well invite you to make comments as well, and I will quote you in my reviews.

Kuro Ansokubi has a suggestion for me on my Facebook Page. “Also do consider re-decorating your blog for a fresh new change.” Well, thanks for the suggestion Kuro, but the thing is that I am horribly hopeless at Art & Design, so while it takes 2 hours for me to write up my crap, it will take me half a year to re-decorate my blog…

On the new style: Well, you will have the idea soon enough, but one thing is for sure: This review is best read along with the manga chapter, as this is the only way you can be sure which panel(s) I am referring to. Read one paragraph, then look for the panel(s), and then laugh. Nice, simple and easy.

This writing style will surely go over a try-and-error process. I expect a lot of complaints from you, and in turn please expect a lot of tinkering of the style in the future. I guess I will stick with this style for at least a month, and if you really do not like it I will drop it in the end.

One more thing. You see no pictures here. There is no picture with this style – for this week, at least. This is a part of my try-and-error process.

Anxiety makes an instant comment. “Eh, I always read the whole thing and it feels really chunky without images. Sometimes the images made good spacing between the text. It kind of feels like a wall of text now.” So, images are essential here, I suppose.

Ch. 359 is an Ayumu chapter. Some say that we haven’t seen Ayumu for quite some time, and here’s why it is true. Her last appearance was in Ch. 347, which was published on December 1, 2011. It has been 12 chapters, or four-and-a-half months! Really, we have every reason to miss Ayumu.

Do note that, however, that in both Ch. 347 and Ch. 359, Ayumu is the main character. This girl surely isn’t making appearance unless she sees a point in doing so. Just look at Maria, Hinagiku or Alice in recent chapters, and you have to say that Ayumu’s approach is justifiable.

Doughnut Gunso’s Shameless Self-Advertising Time: Remember that I have released an Ayumu essay some days ago? Well, at first I have scheduled it to be released on May 15, Ayumu’s birthday, but once I know that Ch. 359 is an Ayumu chapter, I decided to release the essay immediately. The reason is that I suddenly realized that with one or two Ayumu chapters, my essay could be overturned, and my efforts would have gone to waste. I better say what I want to say when I can still say it.

Speaking of the article, it isn’t attracting as much attention as I expected. This blog really is on a decline…

These characters are under the spotlights in Ch. 359: Ayumu and Nagi. The two twin-tails, some would say. The hamster and dragon circus, some would say. The…

And these guys are just passing through: Ayumu’s teacher and Hayate. Males, they are. Males are nobody in this series, really. So what’s left for Hata himself…?

AND WE ARE OFF!!! Ayumu sits in the classroom with her class teacher. I do not remember his name, and… does he have a name at all?

Page 1, Panel 2: Mr. Nobody is having careers talk with Ayumu. I did not have it when I was in High School, so that’s why my career screws up. The last time I heard/read of a careers talk, it involved a certain Harry Potter, a Professor McGonagall and an Umbridge woman. It didn’t end well.

Page 1, Panel 5: Ayumu shows no respect to her teacher, but that’s not surprising. After all, she hit him in the head a long time ago…

Page 2, Panel 2: Ayumu becoming a musician isn’t really a ridiculous idea. After all, she has a great voice, and her character song “Kimi Fan” is among my top favourites. What’s more, in the Gintama world, Ayumu is actually a very popular singer… as well as a dog.

shibababa offers a timely reminder: “While Ayumu sings well in her character album, she supposed to be a bad singer in the series. Remeber when she have a karaoke duel with nagi? Even the karaoke booth bully her for her bad voice.” Ah yes, I really have forgotten about it. For the argument’s sake I might have to accuse the machine for its accuracy.

Title Page: Ayumu playing a guitar. It is everyone’s theory that the guitar once belonged to Yukiji, who taught Ayumu how to play the instrument. Nobody knows for sure whether this is true, or whether the answer would be revealed at all.

Page 4, Panel 5: Lifesavers reference. What’s the name of the girl again? Is it Mitsumi?

Page 5, Panel 4: Marrying Hayate remains Ayumu’s dream. She looks great in the bride’s dress, although I believe that Hayate should be wearing white for his own wedding.

Page 6, Panel 1: “Everybody wants to live happily ever after,” sings Amy Adams. A happy life for Ayumu includes a Mini Corolla. It could be Hata’s own favourite car.

Page 6, Panel 6: One simply does not let Hayate to be the money-maker. Call it a lucky day when Hayate does not return home with more debt.

calamariluqe has something to say here. “Her dream marriage with Hayate was funny but I doubt Hayate would do that to anyone what his ‘parents’ did to him.” All I could say is that he wouldn’t do it on purpose, but when it come to carelessness…

Page 7, Panel 1: When a girl has to think of feeding the boy with her money, the boy should do this world a favour by killing himself. He is embarrassing us.

Page 7, Panel 3: The basic requirement to become the main character is to come out from absolutely nowhere for absolutely no reason at all.

Page 8, Panel 2: Hayate has no idea what Ayumu is talking about. It seems, however, that Nagi knows.

Page 8, Panel 3: Probably the first ever time someone kidnaps Nagi right under Hayate’s nose. Maybe Ayumu should just be a kidnapper…

Page 9, Panel 1: Why is Ayumu carrying her report card around?

Page 9, Panel 4: Ayumu doesn’t know the meaning of “incentive”. I resist the temptation of reaching for my dictionary… without success.

Page 9, Panel 5: Sound sleeper? I thought you were a sound eater! “That’s anime creation, you dumb!” Oh right…

Page 10, Panel 1: Hear, hear. Giving up on Hayate is an important part of life.

Page 10, Panel 3: You have to think that Ayumu is serious about being a musician.

Page 11, Panel 2: Nagi talks like she is Ayumu’s mother, although mothers generally are not really that patient. Come to think of it, it is because they care very much about us.

Page 11, Panel 5: Ayumu changes subject and hits out at Nagi’s dream of becoming a mangaka. As such, the topic on her future is closed.

Page 12, Panel 2: Nagi has still not recovered from her recent defeat. It also means that she has next to zero progress in her next doujinshi. To be fair, she has just finished exams. But then, if they have finished exams, why are they still hanging around in school uniforms?

Page 12, Panel 5: That is correct. For an inexperienced author, the first story should be more or less related to himself or herself. Writing or drawing real life experience is easier than making it out of nothing. Besides, real life experience is usually less ridiculous.

Page 13, Panel 3: Suddenly the crappy adviser is not crappy anymore. She is feeding interesting ideas to Nagi without effort.

Page 13, Panel 4: What if I have 49 days as a ghost? I don’t really know, although I am definitely not watching anime all the time. Maybe I should be playing video games…

Page 14, Panel 3: Let me guess. It won’t be Gundam AGE.

Page 15, Panel 1: A very promising story outline, but this is only the beginning. The problem with Nagi is never about her ideas, but her presentation of those ideas. She still has a long, long way to go.

Page 16, Panel 1: The ability to draw out potential in others, huh? Well then, by looking at what Ayumu cheers the other one on and you would see what Hata wants that character to achieve, I would say.

Page 16, Panel 4: So, Walt Disney quote. Well, if Ayumu is to become an animator, then her mascot would of course be a hamster…

calamariluqe appears to be worried about the Disney quote. “Is it me, or am I the only one who got scared by the Walt Disney quote at the end of the panel?” Sorry, man, I did not get scared. A bit surprised, maybe, but that’s all for me.

THAT’S THE END OF IT! The chapter begins with Ayumu thinking about her career, but in the end it is Nagi who gets something out of this chapter. Poor Ayumu is again on her own to think about her future. With her care for others and her “ability to draw out potential in others”, I guess she could be a good teacher or social worker.