Trolling Level: Hayate no Gotoku! – Most Notable Trolling Moments of the Characters Part 3

We are reading a butler comedy manga, and we are supposed to have some – or many – good laughs. To make us laugh, someone has to give us something to laugh at. Pulling pranks on other characters is one good way of giving us laughs, so no matter how good-natured the characters are, they have to make fun of each other from time to time, for the good of this series.

“Trolling” is the word I choose for this kind of behavior. The characters might not be doing this because they had a twisted mind, but sometimes they – like many other young people – wanted some fun out of their friends, sometimes they were being stupid, and sometimes… well, they had a twisted mind.

I intended to compile a list in one single article to have a look at some of the trolling moments – from the victims’ point of view – of the main cast, but the “article” turns out to be too long, so I have to cut “it” into several pieces. I have no idea yet how many pieces would there be, but most probably there would be 3 to 4.

Do note that outright evil acts and thoughts are not considered “trolling” in this project, so never ask why the likes of Mikado are not on this list, otherwise Doughnut Gunso would come and troll you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…

So, this week we have Part 3: Aika, Chiharu, Sakuya, Isumi and Ruka!


Victim No. 1: Chiharu

Aika is well-known to the readers as a sadist who likes torturing other people – not in the flesh, but in the mind. As you can see below, there are quite a few victims, but I name Chiharu No. 1. It is not because Chiharu suffered most from Aika’s trolling, but because Chiharu was the prey when we first saw Aika tasted blood.

It was Sakuya’s birthday, and both Aika and Chiharu were present – Aika was related to Sakuya’s family, and Chiharu was Sakuya’s personal maid. Let us not forget that Chiharu did not (and still does not) want anyone from her school to find out that she was working part-time as a maid.

And guess what? Chiharu met Aika, who immediately figured out the identity of the maid. To Chiharu’s horror, Aika’s eyes had turned into “S mode”, and she threatened to put Chiharu’s secret identity in her record. Chiharu simply had no chance to escape from this embarrassment, and she could only beg for Aika’s mercy. At the very least, she wanted to keep the secret from Hinagiku. Luckily for her, Aika did not seem to have told Hinagiku anything about her Secretary.

Evidence suggests that Aika might indeed have put Chiharu’s embarrassing moments on record, and she is (or at least was) quite ready to read those records to Chiharu herself. It is therefore some sort of a mystery that Chiharu is rather fond of Aika. Stockholm syndrome, anyone?

Victim No. 2: Hinagiku

According to her profile page, it was Aika who nominated Hinagiku to be the Student Council President, as Aika herself could not handle the position due to poor health. It should have shown that Aika held Hinagiku very highly. However, according to the 4-panel comic strip that came with Vol. 14, the main reason for her to nominate Hinagiku was that the latter was afraid of height. Some respect, huh?

For her to troll the others, Aika would first have to find their weaknesses. As we can see for ourselves, even the “invincible Student Council President” has one or two weaknesses. Fear of height is one, her secret (?) identity as Silver Red is another.

Just as Chiharu doesn’t want anyone to know that she works as a maid, Hinagiku doesn’t want anyone to know that she has dressed as masked Ranger on several occasions. Aika knew that this was a weakness for Hinagiku, and she played with it in Athens. Just as Hinagiku complained about the cosplay party at the hotel, Aika blackmailed her into shutting up complaining with the suit of Silver Red. It was very effective.

Victim No. 3: Hayate

Of course, Hayate is our Mr. Perfect, Mr. Charming and Mr. Competent. Of course, it doesn’t mean that he has no weakness. Of course, we know what that weakness is: his inability to handle girls – properly, I mean. Let’s face it, Hayate looks pathetically funny when he panics at girls. It is unlikely that a girl who loves to play with others would give up on such a good prey, right? And this is where Aika comes in.

Aika has been nothing less than playful around Hayate. That awkward moment when Hayate accidentally made Aika all wet with a hosepipe, Aika fully took control of the situation and made Hayate to serve her in whatever way she pleased. Nagi was so impressed with her ability to manipulate Hayate, that she called Aika “love master”, and immediately asked for her advise on how to improve her relationship with Hayate.

Aika doesn’t always look for a substantial benefit from trolling Hayate. Sometimes she simply wants the fun. Essentially, it seems that she enjoys seeing Hayate blushing and embarrassed. This is why we have quite a few examples of Aika teasing Hayate, Hinagiku and Chiharu… Hey, those three are all her toys.

To be fair to her, Aika has been giving solid advises on love to Hayate and (arguably) Nagi as well. In a world where everyone is an idiot on love, Aika really is the love master.


Victim No. 1: Nagi

If Aika is one of the most sadistic character in the series, then Chiharu could be one of the most masochistic. Not only that she is unable to stand against Aika’s trolling, but she is also unable to troll people as well. To a certain extent, Chiharu is the most kind-hearted girl in this series.

It seems that the only girl Chiharu is able to make fun of is Nagi. Chiharu herself could be aware of it, as she frequently enters (verbal or video) into battles with Nagi, and in most cases she genuinely looks for the upper-hand. Very remotely, we could say that she is trying to troll Nagi.

This is “very remotely” because the battles between Nagi and Chiharu are mostly over very trivial subjects: manga, anime or games. The desire for Chiharu to win over Nagi is very similar to the desire of people trying to bite my head off on MangaFox. Obviously nobody likes losing, but in the end we could all get away with any really bad feelings with a Joker-ish “Why so serious, son?”

Let us remember that we have ACG for fun, so why are we letting these things make us unhappy? If unfortunately they do, then I strongly suggest you to drop them.


Victim No. 1: Wataru

Until it did a Titanic in recent months, the Wataru-Sakuya ship (also known as the ship that sunk) looked like a pretty good ride. The main reason is the apparent amount of interest they showed to each other. In particular, Sakuya seems to enjoy Wataru’s company as well as making fun of him.

Sakuya teased Wataru for his crush on Isumi. She sold pictures of Isumi to Wataru at high prices. She made Wataru to make jokes on stage at her birthday party. She lent a huge sum of money to him, but for some reason sent the money to him in cash, making him worried all the way to the bank. When the money was temporarily lost, Wataru was told that Sakuya actually had expected that to happen…

Whether she realizes this or not, Sakuya has a certain advantage over Wataru. Ever since Sakuya gave her offer at Hakuou to Wataru, the poor boy has had a certain sense of guilt towards Sakuya. Rather than being her equals, Wataru looks more like the underdog when interacting with Sakuya. To make things worse for him, Sakuya is considerably smarter than him, so in a sense Wataru simply can’t get rid of her…

Luckily for him, Sakuya is a kind girl, who cannot be any more supportive to Wataru when he needs help. With such a great friend on his side when he needs her (assistance), I guess Wataru cannot really complain about Sakuya’s trolling, right?

Victim No. 2: Isumi

Let’s make it clear: Sakuya doesn’t like stupidity. A reckless decision, an insensitive line, a stupid face or even a lame joke… all attract Sakuya’s response – a hit on the head with her harisen, a line of deadpan snarking, or both. Obviously, if Sakuya does these things to one person far too often, it could be trolling. Of course, the person I am referring to is Isumi.

The funny thing is that, Isumi is not stupid at all – she came third after Hinagiku and Aika at exams, after all. But then, she is a complete airhead with no sense of direction whatsoever. Her problems look stupid, and Sakuya – her closest friend – smells blood. What’s more, it seems that Sakuya likes to make fun of Isumi as well.

She smacks Isumi’s head with her harisen as the latter did not know how to use her cellphone, and came to the conclusion that her phone was broken. She made fun of Isumi’s inability to find Nagi’s house. She turned Isumi into the Statue of Liberty when the latter asked her how to be loved by kittens. She threw Nagi’s manuscripts at Isumi’s face after the latter trolled her (see below).

One thing is for sure, though. Despite all the trolling and teasing, Sakuya and Isumi remain best friends forever. One of the reasons is that they are both really kind girls. The other is… well, just see below.


Victim No. 1: Sakuya

Now, who says that Isumi doesn’t know how to fight back? In fact, her strike-backs indicate that she is on the same grounds as Sakuya, that the two girls are equals. This is why their friendship is playful but healthy.

Sakuya is often with Isumi as the latter is on quests to cleanse spiritual beings. While they are unlikely to been in much danger (otherwise Sakuya might have been killed a long time ago…) there are still a few tensed moments. On one occasion Isumi asked Sakuya to act as a decoy to distract the enemy, so to buy time for herself to set up a full-power attack. It turned out that Isumi was too powerful for the opponents that Sakuya figured out that Isumi wouldn’t need to use her as a decoy at all. Isumi turned away and smiled – she could have simply been trolling Sakuya.

Sakuya asks for Isumi’s opinions as well. She once asked Isumi how to understand Nagi’s manga. Isumi told her that she had to become an interesting person first. Sakuya ended up wearing a cock costume and doing some strange dances. She finally figured out that it wasn’t working at all, but it was a bit too late…

You know, the thing is that Isumi could have been sincere in helping Sakuya to understand Nagi’s manga. Sadly, we have no way to tell for sure…

Victim No. 2: Hayate

Everybody needs Hayate, but nobody needs him in the same way as Isumi – oh, I forgot about Ginka, but no problem. It appears that the Saginomiyas need Hayate’s blood to restore their powers. As Isumi is too young and Ginka is too old, their powers are not stable enough, so they need Hayate to “donate” his blood… from time to time.

It might not be too much of a problem if Hayate himself is not in trouble, as he would have time to recover from his loss of blood. However, things are a lot more complicated when Hayate himself is in trouble, especially when he is sick.

On the final exam day, Hayate suffered from a cold, and he had been wasting his energy carrying Fumi to the infirmary, running around the school campus, and doing complicated maths. He was vulnerable both physically and mentally, but Isumi approached him just at this moment.

With a very serious face, Isumi began throwing all her requests at Hayate: she needed his blood (1000 c.c.), she needed him to take her to the spot (2 km away) and perhaps to help her fighting the monster (Which had the ability to swallow the world). For a student who was about to take his final exams, these requests were as ridiculous as a horrible joke. However, judging by Isumi’s facial expression, she was not joking…

Once again, it could be that Isumi was sincere with her requests, but the timing was so poor that it leads us to think that she was trolling Hayate.

Victim No. 3: Hinagiku

Not everyone likes Hinagiku – although nobody has expressed substantial hatred towards her, it doesn’t mean that everyone is okay with her. In fact, Isumi could be one of those who secretly have some grudge on the Student Council President. After all, Hinagiku has been trolling Isumi in the first place.

As they do not know each other very well, Isumi doesn’t really have many chances to seek “revenge” on Hinagiku, but she had one chance and took it well. When Hinagiku has grown donkey ears, she went to look for Isumi’s help, but the latter wasn’t enthusiastic at all in helping. At Hinagiku’s persistence, Isumi took out a baseball cap for Hinagiku to hide her ears…

The alternative was for Hinagiku to pay Isumi to take out those ears, but Isumi said that she would charge 150M – note that Isumi never said that it was in yen, but Hinagiku presumed it to be anyway. Hinagiku struggled to raise the required amount of money, and she was ready to devote herself to do lots of work for the Saginomiyas in order to earn the required sum.

It was revealed in the end that Isumi wanted 150M in Zimbabwean currency, which was absolutely nothing for Hinagiku (or her family). But then, she never told Hinagiku about this, and simply allowed her to worry about her problems for a whole day. If we think that Isumi is somewhat doing this on purpose, then she was indeed trolling Hinagiku.


Victim No. 1: Hayate

Everybody knows that, despite the seriousness she showed when she was first introduced, Ruka is in fact a funny and rather mischievous person. As a professional idol, she is not really allowed to show her true colours at work, so she could only show them to her closest friend: Hayate.

Of course, we don’t have to feel very sorry for Hayate, as he shows a fair amount of stupidity when he deals with Ruka. His most obvious mistake so far has been to hide his true sex from her. He somewhat betrayed her trust in him, and he has “seen her naked a bunch” (Hinagiku breaks pencil). Ruka was not happy about it, so as Hayate apologized to her, Ruka took this chance up to troll him.

She pointed out, clearly and mercilessly, that Hayate was indeed at fault (Hayate was shocked). She accused Hayate of being 90% at fault (Hayate was shocked). She told Hayate that she was not listening to what he was saying (Hayate became desperate).He had expected hardship in asking for her forgiveness, but I doubt that he could have foreseen it to turn out this hard.

I guess most of us would agree that Ruka’s trolling was welcomed and justified. After all, Hayate was the big bad here, and he deserved some punishment for his frequent failure in treating girls well.

Victim No. 2: Nagi

Nagi and Ruka are rivals, and hostility is expected between rivals in any case. They can respect one another, but it is always important to make it clear for your rival that you are not going easy on him or her. As such, when Ruka first met Nagi, she decided to troll the latter.

Ruka’s trolling included heavy bragging (trillions and trillions of fans, a handshake that could make your life longer, etc.), a threat (that she would hit Nagi if she treated her too formally) and a hit on Nagi’s head. Her trolling, combined with the fact that Nagi was already in awe of her, earned her the upper-hand in her rivalry with Nagi.

Nagi has since been thinking of how to defeat such an awesome person, without realizing that Ruka was just as bad as she was in drawing manga. Nagi then made use of improper strategies to try to win the Comisun battle, and we could only guess just to what extent had Ruka’s trolling affected Nagi.

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