Trolling Level: Hayate no Gotoku! – Most Notable Trolling Moments of the Characters Part 1

We are reading a butler comedy manga, and we are supposed to have some – or many – good laughs. To make us laugh, someone has to give us something to laugh at. Pulling pranks on other characters is one good way of giving us laughs, so no matter how good-natured the characters are, they have to make fun of each other from time to time, for the good of this series.

“Trolling” is the word I choose for this kind of behavior. The characters might not be doing this because they had a twisted mind, but sometimes they – like many other young people – wanted some fun out of their friends, sometimes they were being stupid, and sometimes… well, they had a twisted mind.

I intended to compile a list in one single article to have a look at some of the trolling moments – from the victims’ point of view – of the main cast, but the “article” turns out to be too long, so I have to cut “it” into several pieces. I have no idea yet how many pieces would there be, but most probably there would be 3 to 4.

Do note that outright evil acts and thoughts are not considered “trolling” in this project, so never ask why the likes of Mikado are not on this list, otherwise Doughnut Gunso would come and troll you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…

So, this week we have Part 1: Hayate, Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku and Athena!


Victim No. 1: Gilbert

Rule No. 1 of Hayate’s Code of Indecency is that, he would treat anyone who threatened Nagi’s safety very badly. Robots would be destroyed, people would be beaten up, and ghosts would be exorcised – it would be safe to say this applies to Hayate’s own grandmother as well, should she try harder to harm Nagi.

The person who would find Hayate most trolling, therefore, would be the one who kept on and on trying to take away the wealth of the Sanzen’in Household from Nagi: Gilbert. Maria once commented that Hayate

In fact, Gilbert had been defeated by Hayate so often that, he actually demanded Hayate to go easier on him. After all, if he was killed, the astronomic wealth Sanzen’in Household would mean nothing to him.

Victim No. 2: Kotetsu

Hayate and Kotetsu had been in a love-hate relationship: Kotetsu loved Hayate, but Hayate hated Kotetsu (for loving him). Things did not go well for Kotetsu as he acted like a perverted or even a troll (see section Kotetsu), and Hayate was so annoyed that he chose to troll at Kotetsu as well.

Insulting, beating, fooling, drowning… each and every move he took on Kotetsu had been hostile at least. His annoyance with Kotetsu was of course understandable, but what he did to him was sometimes a bit too much – let us not forget that he probably intended to cause Kotetsu harm.

Indeed, the fact that Kotetsu stayed alive after so much abuse (?) from Hayate is proof that he was indeed a very strong butler.

Victim No. 3: Hinagiku

Fact No. 1: Hinagiku got angry at Hayate very often. Fact No. 2: Hayate thought that Hinagiku was “a very nice person”. The conclusion is that, for a very nice girl to get angry very often at you, you must have done something very horrible to her.

Indeed, Hayate had been treating Hinagiku not very nicely. He set her up to face her greatest fear (height) in the Freedom Marathon race. He had almost forgotten about her birthday. He tricked her (and everyone else, to be fair to him) to join the beach volleyball match. He fooled her to live with him at the Violet Mansion. He opened her door deliberately to reveal a changing Hinagiku to Nagi and Kayura…

Some of the above were examples of his lack of sensitivity, and similar things had happened to other girls as well. But the last example is so far a special treatment for Hinagiku – should you disagree, please name an example of Hayate deliberately revealing a changing Nagi/Maria/Athena/Izumi/… to a third party.


Victim No. 1: Hayate

Make no mistake. Nagi loved Hayate so much that she willingly gave up her right to inheritance, just because Hayate was troubled whether to destroy his King’s Jewel or not. She wanted him to be safe and happy, but it doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t pull one or two pranks on her butler.

Let us forget about the (slightly) unreasonable demands, as you should forgive a 13-year-old for being curious about new but perhaps ridiculous things. What really amounts to “trolling” was her numerous requests for Hayate to cross-dress.

It was crystal clear that Hayate did not like cross-dressing, and he had made countless complaints to his lady on this – you seldom see Hayate complaining about Nagi’s demands, but cross-dressing was clearly one of them. Yet Nagi kept on demanding him to cross-dress, and in the most recent case she wanted the act to give her inspiration on her doujinshi. This caused Chiharu to think that Nagi was looking for NTR elements.

It has been suggested that Nagi could be suffering from Oedipus Complex: she wanted Hayate to dress like a girl because he looked like her mother, Yukariko. Although it could justify her desire to have her butler cross-dressed, it also proves that Nagi had been trolling Hayate.

Victim No. 2: Kotetsu

Nagi said it herself: “I have [lectured] all kidnappers who kidnapped me before!” As kidnappers were definitely not being nice to her, we don’t see why Nagi had to be nice with them.

As such, Nagi trolled Kotetsu to our pleasure. She demanded coffee from him, and scolded him for giving her the wrong type of coffee. She lectured him on how to be a good butler, and cited Hayate as a better example for him. She advised Kotetsu to love Hayate in a “correct” manner, but knocked him out when he did what she had told him…

It was an extremely funny scene, and nobody would hate Nagi for what she had done. However, to Kotetsu, Nagi had been a nightmare.


Victim No. 1: Makimura

To a certain extent, Maria-Makimura relationship was rather similar to Hayate-Kotetsu relationship: one party showed (not really healthy) affection, while the other party showed disapproval. If it was natural for Hayate to troll Kotetsu, then it was also natural for Maria to troll Makimura… right?

When compared to what Hayate had done to Kotetsu, we could see that Maria was actually much more “peaceful”. The most notable thing she had done to Makimura was smashing her recorder and video camera. It seems like Maria was trolling the machines rather than the person.

The smile on her face when she warned that she might break machines again was the real trolling part on Makimura. For someone who loved machines as much as Makimura did, such a “warning” was indeed very scary…

Victim No. 2: Nagi

Maria had suggested in Episode 10 of the First Season Anime that her role was to be the voice of sanity in this (sometimes) insane world. If someone was going out of line, Maria would not hesitate to knock him or her back to the real world – even if she had to be a bit… harsh.

When Maria first met Nagi, the little mistress was very confident – or indeed a bit arrogant – of her cleverness. She thought that nobody would be capable enough to be her teacher – and there came Maria, who challenged her to a chess game.

As we could see, Maria smiled brightly (or darkly) as she watched a sobbing Nagi making her moves. This was a torture for Nagi – the complete defeat was one thing, but the smiling face was the real trolling part.


Victim No. 1: Isumi

“Ha?!” could be your response when you see Isumi’s name here. After all, Hinagiku and Isumi did not meet too often, and they were not really very good friends, so you have to wonder why Isumi was a victim of Hinagiku’s trolling.

Then again, Hinagiku took Wooden Masamune, the Saginomiya family treasure, from Isumi without really returning it to her. She told Nagi and Wataru that the sword was a gift from an angel, which caused Isumi to break the fourth wall and say she did not gift it to her. Later in the series, Hinagiku almost used the Wooden Masamune to attack a Saginomiya family member: Isumi herself.

Isumi also found it very hard to communicate with Hinagiku. She wanted Hinagiku to stay away from the Tiger’s Den, but Hinagiku was determined to go into it no matter what Isumi tried to tell her. Hinagiku misinterpreted the letter Isumi wrote and gave to her, and did not pay attention to the very desperate Isumi, who was trying to tell her the truth.

It is no wonder that Isumi considered Hinagiku as troublesome as Nagi.

Victim No. 2: Hayate

While the section Hayate above suggested that Hayate had been trolling Hinagiku, curiously it was Hinagiku who started all the trolling things between them.

For some reason, Hinagiku found a shy Hayate a good victim for a tease, and she made fun of him when he showed embarrassment towards her. She said that Hayate was emotionally an elementary school student, and she actually toyed him to death in the Old School Campus. As we could see from both incidents, Hayate was completely defeated, and he did not look very happy about it.

It seemed a bit odd for a girl to toy this much with her “love at first sight”. Maybe it was the way the (once) tomboy Hinagiku showed her affection for Hayate? Or was it her definition of “flirting”?


Victim No. 1: Hinagiku

If we take out the things Athena had done in Athens (see the reason stated at the beginning of this post), then Athena was really trolling only one person: Hinagiku.

The most notable trolling moment was of course the blackmailing – that she would keep Hinagiku’s feelings towards Hayate a secret if she lived with her at Violet Mansion. It came at a timing too perfect for herself but too poor for Hinagiku. The problem for the latter was that, there was still a huge risk that Athena could let Hayate know Hinagiku’s secret, simply for a slip of the tongue.

We could see that Athena wasn’t exactly respectful towards her “mother”. She revealed Hinagiku’s not-so-decent sleeping behaviors to the others, and she actually teased Hinagiku for that. It might not be trolling, but it could be a mischievous act.

Really, Hinagiku had no reason to love her “daughter”.

10 comments on “Trolling Level: Hayate no Gotoku! – Most Notable Trolling Moments of the Characters Part 1

  1. XDXDXD this article is freaking funny now i wonder how is the biggest troll in the series its hard to decide XDXDXD LOL

  2. The “trolled” is usually the funniest character in a comedy manga over the “troll”. What’s great about characters who get trolled is that they don’t have to be the straight man or the idiot…. just people who didn’t see it coming, as in, no one is immune to trolling.

    Maria would be my favourite troll. Whether she’d be smiling brightly or darkly, who could complain about her smile? You rarely see other characters get mad at her for trolling them if she’s smiling…. then again, they could be just scared of the sadistic aura behind her smile.

  3. normal world vs exceptional world trolling… interesting topic for april fool’s day
    which is which i wonder for each character.

    happy trollolol day

    • Wow, I haven’t been thinking about exceptional or normal when writing this. Thanks for pointing it out, it could be an interesting perspective.

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