Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 5 – Katsura Hinagiku’s Profile

This is a Special Project by Shonen Sunday during the series’ absence until 29th February. Every week a character profile would show up. This week we have Volume 5: Kazami Katsura Hinagiku.

The Student Council President of the prestigious Hakuou Academy, and the wise and beautiful Miss Perfect. Not only she got top grades in school, but she also shone in Kendo, marathon and beach volleyball. She hated losing, but she was afraid of height. Currently she lived in the apartment with Nagi. Her elder sister, Yukiji, was a teacher at Hakuou Academy. Her name in kanji is 桂雛菊.

Hinagiku’s abilities
Academic abilities: 5
Physical abilities: 5
Popularity: 4
Hatred of losing: 4
Adaptability to high places: 1
Chest size: 1

Hinagiku’s History (With luck index)
Birth: 0
Parents missing: -6
Becoming the foster child of the Katsuras: 3
Entering Hakuou Academy and becoming Student Council President: 5
Meeting Hayate: 9
Failing to confess to Hayate: -3
Being called Mama by Athena: -5
Living with Nagi and Hayate in the apartment: 3
Now: 3

Doughnut Gunso Comments

  • Your time zone might vary, but for some people this profile comes out on Valentine’s Day. “What are you trying to say?” Well, I am not saying anything at all.
  • Beach volleyball? Are you sure THAT is beach volleyball?!
  • As expected, “fear of heights” and “chest size” are there to prove that Hinagiku is no Mary Sue.
  • Just like the Sanzen’in trio, Hinagiku did not have a happy childhood. The day when her parents went missing was the worst day of her life – so far.
  • Being adopted by the Katsuras significantly increased her luck by an index of 9. After that, her life became better and better.
  • Meeting Hayate was the best moment in her life so far. Full stop.
  • Maybe she was “infected” with Hayate’s bad luck, or maybe it was her love problems, her luck then became worse and worse. Over the next 4 to 5 months, her luck was decreased by 12.
  • The infamous Ch. 239 incident was, curiously, not the worst moment in her life. Well, I have already explained that her loss, objectively, was limited.
  • For some reason, having Athena as her daughter was worse than failing to confess to Hayate. Maybe it’s because she was blackmailed by her “daughter”…
  • Living in Violet Mansion gave her a much better life, as her luck index became positive again. Her current luck is as good as Hayate’s… Wait a minute, is it a good thing at all?
  • What’s lacking in her history graph is a “-9 incident”, and I don’t know if it means that Hinagiku will face a huge trouble in the future… Well, it’s okay if someone is smart enough to realize that she needs to be saved after all when in trouble.