Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 5 – Katsura Hinagiku’s Profile

This is a Special Project by Shonen Sunday during the series’ absence until 29th February. Every week a character profile would show up. This week we have Volume 5: Kazami Katsura Hinagiku.

The Student Council President of the prestigious Hakuou Academy, and the wise and beautiful Miss Perfect. Not only she got top grades in school, but she also shone in Kendo, marathon and beach volleyball. She hated losing, but she was afraid of height. Currently she lived in the apartment with Nagi. Her elder sister, Yukiji, was a teacher at Hakuou Academy. Her name in kanji is 桂雛菊.

Hinagiku’s abilities
Academic abilities: 5
Physical abilities: 5
Popularity: 4
Hatred of losing: 4
Adaptability to high places: 1
Chest size: 1

Hinagiku’s History (With luck index)
Birth: 0
Parents missing: -6
Becoming the foster child of the Katsuras: 3
Entering Hakuou Academy and becoming Student Council President: 5
Meeting Hayate: 9
Failing to confess to Hayate: -3
Being called Mama by Athena: -5
Living with Nagi and Hayate in the apartment: 3
Now: 3

Doughnut Gunso Comments

  • Your time zone might vary, but for some people this profile comes out on Valentine’s Day. “What are you trying to say?” Well, I am not saying anything at all.
  • Beach volleyball? Are you sure THAT is beach volleyball?!
  • As expected, “fear of heights” and “chest size” are there to prove that Hinagiku is no Mary Sue.
  • Just like the Sanzen’in trio, Hinagiku did not have a happy childhood. The day when her parents went missing was the worst day of her life – so far.
  • Being adopted by the Katsuras significantly increased her luck by an index of 9. After that, her life became better and better.
  • Meeting Hayate was the best moment in her life so far. Full stop.
  • Maybe she was “infected” with Hayate’s bad luck, or maybe it was her love problems, her luck then became worse and worse. Over the next 4 to 5 months, her luck was decreased by 12.
  • The infamous Ch. 239 incident was, curiously, not the worst moment in her life. Well, I have already explained that her loss, objectively, was limited.
  • For some reason, having Athena as her daughter was worse than failing to confess to Hayate. Maybe it’s because she was blackmailed by her “daughter”…
  • Living in Violet Mansion gave her a much better life, as her luck index became positive again. Her current luck is as good as Hayate’s… Wait a minute, is it a good thing at all?
  • What’s lacking in her history graph is a “-9 incident”, and I don’t know if it means that Hinagiku will face a huge trouble in the future… Well, it’s okay if someone is smart enough to realize that she needs to be saved after all when in trouble.

21 comments on “Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 5 – Katsura Hinagiku’s Profile

  1. interesting… using parents missing instead of parents left them with 80m debt. could it be that the 80m debt is not intentionally made by their parents or maybe Hata is trolling us again hehehe….

    • I guess it is because Yukiji was there to tackle the 80M yen debt, so that for Hinagiku that incident was more about her parents went missing.

  2. pretty fast posting this here already Gunso, and yep, we’re just starting Valentine’s Day here…
    better get some rest, it’s late over there…

    • Yes, usually I wait until the morning, but Hina and Valentine’s Day gave me the urge to move quickly.

      Thanks for your care. I was keeping up with my bed time. 🙂

  3. Just say that it’s fate and get on with it!

    Anyhow, this is it right? You already translated Hayate and Hina’s special pages, so there is no longer any need to translate whatever comes next lol.

    (doesn’t actually have anything to say about the chart. The numbers are as arbitrary as ever and there is nothing new to be said that hasn’t been obvious to all of us for years now)

  4. according to Hayate, Hina is “way more” stubborn than Nagi, I guess Hata already has to balance the stats to something else

    althought i can’t shake the feeling that something is missing or i could be wrong

    • “Stubbornness” is a bit different from “hatred of losing”, I would say, so we cannot make a direct comparison of the 5 for Nagi and 4 for Hina.

      Or maybe that “剛.木度” for Nagi’s 5 shouldn’t be translated into “stubbornness” in the first place. Unfortunately I cannot see what it is written in the Japanese raw, so there is no way to find out. ^^”

  5. I guess they had difficulty thinking of a weakness for the already “perfect” Hinagiku so chest size was the only thing they could think of.

    Having to raise little A-tan as her temporary “daughter” was considered as bad luck probably due to a weird form of irony. Athena was Hayate’s first love, and remained as Hayate’s “first love” after the events of the “End of the World” arc (“first love” is another way of saying ex-love/ex-girlfriend), but during that arc, Hayate still loved her and in what may be considered as Hayate’s worst blunder, confessed his love for Athena right in the face of Hinagiku, a girl who happens to be in love with him. Hinagiku never hated Athena but seeing her and more importantly, seeing her with Hayate brought nothing but painful memories to her. Now that she is little A-tan’s “mother”, Hinagiku sees her practically everyday and things couldn’t be any more akward. But at least she beats Athena in the popularity poll.

    • Fear of height and chest size are the two only clear weaknesses of Hina, and putting them on the chart is simply too predictable…

      Indeed, Hina is nursing arguably her biggest rival for Hayate, and she is helping Athena to restore full power and memory without even knowing. God knows how she would react when she finally realize what she has been doing…

      But then, I don’t think Hina has realized that Alice is Athena, and I doubt if Hayate has told her about it…

    • I am not sure about this. If Hayate loves Hina, then Hina doesn’t even have to confess. If Hayate doesn’t love Hina, then her confession wouldn’t have any effect at all.

      You can’t make someone love you by confessing to him/her. Your confession succeed because he/she already has deep feelings for you.

    • See “Section Ayumu” in my Valentine’s Day article. 😛

      Admittedly Ayumu has never explicitly stated that she thought Hayate liked Hina, but by putting several incidents together, I think Ayumu would know, to some degree, that Hayate had some feelings for Hina as well.

  6. “Meeting Hayate was the best moment in her life so far. Full stop.”

    That “best moment” was also the one triggering subsequent not-so-good moments.

    • There is still too much to be built on that meeting, and before they could manage to do so, problems kept coming for them. Hopefully her current run of “better luck” means that she was making progress with Hayate.

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