Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 3 – Sanzen’in Nagi’s Social Graph

This is a Special Project by Shonen Sunday during the series’ absence until 29th February. Every week a character profile would show up. This week we have Volume 3: Sanzen’in Nagi’s Social Graph.

This is a graphical presentation of the relationship and distance between the person and the NEET lady, Sanzen’in Nagi. She is the closest to Hayate, Maria and Ruka. Chiharu, Isumi and Sakuya came second. The distance with Hinagiku and the trio depends on whether Nagi goes to school. As with Klaus and Sanzen’in Mikado, you can see the distance is… this?

With a relationship (In order of estimated “closeness”, with relationship as stated in the graph)
Hayate – The one she likes
Maria – Care-taker
Ruka – Rivals
Chiharu – Doujin friends
Sakuya – Cousins
Ayumu – Co-workers
Isumi – Close friends
Kayura – Close friends
Hinagiku – Classmates
Athena – Cohabitants?
Tama and Shiranui – Pets
Wataru – Fiancé
Mikado – Grandfather

Without a relationship (Without a line between them, that is)
Miki, Risa, Izumi, Yukiji, Saki and Klaus.

Doughnut Gunso’s comments

  • A social graph is still a character profile, right? I don’t have to change the introductory lines, right?
  • If I must say, I am a bit disappointed that we are given another character this week for a change. I mean, Nagi again, huh? If we have Nagi next week again, somebody please do the translation, and I’ll copy from you!
  • Poor Klaus…
  • I think a lot of people have already forgotten that Wataru is Nagi’s fiancé. It’s funny that they decide to dig this fossil up.
  • The “distances” seem inconsistent in scale and thus inaccurate. For example, while Isumi is supposed to be closer than Ayumu to Nagi, I think that Nagi-Ayumu is shorter than Nagi-Isumi in the graph.