Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 2 – Sanzen’in Nagi’s Profile

This is a Special Project by Shonen Sunday during the series’ absence until 29th February. Every week a character profile would show up. This week we have Volume 2: Sanzen’in Nagi.

The daughter of the Sanzen’in Household. She had the academic abilities to skip grades in the prestigious Hakuou Academy.  She spent all her days in anime, comics and games, and was a bit of a NEET. She picked a tiger (Tama) in Africa when she was small, and picked a butler (Hayate) in the park when she was 13. Having lost her right to inheritance for Hayate’s sake, she was living in an apartment and drawing doujinshi.

Nagi’s abilities
Stubbornness (?): 5
Intelligence: 4
Caprice: 4
Height: 2
Physical Abilities: 1

Nagi’s History (With luck index)
Birth: 0
Unknown: 4
Loss of her mother: -9
Entering Hakuou: 5
Not attending school: -5
Meeting Hayate: 5
Travelling to space in an UFO: 9
Losing right to inheritance: -5
Living with everyone at Violet Mansion: 0
Meeting Ruka: 9
Losing to Ruka at Comisun: 0
Now: 0

Doughnut Gunso Comments

  • The attribute of “Stubbornness” is in question mark because the Chinese is not understandable, unless Google could tell you what is meant by “剛.木度”.
  • There are a lot of ups and downs, but at least Nagi did have a happy childhood.
  • Losing her mother is unquestionably the lowest point (so far) in Nagi’s life. Those who refuse to accept it… should I say you don’t really value family?
  • Entering Hakuou was a good thing for her, and not attending school was a bad thing for her.
  • Meeting Hayate was not the highest point in Nagi’s life, although it significantly made Nagi’s life better by a luck index of 10.
  • Travelling to space was the first peak of Nagi’s life. Part of the reason could be found in the picture next to this point.
  • Losing her right to inheritance was of course another turning point in Nagi’s life. The impact was greater than losing her mother (14 vs. 13), but it was not the lowest point of her life.
  • Meeting Ruka was the second peak in Nagi’s life. To a certain extent, Ruka was more important to her than Hayate.
  • Losing to Ruka at Comisun reduced Nagi’s luck to zero again. If the index is definitive, then Hayate was luckier than Nagi at this stage…

3 comments on “Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 2 – Sanzen’in Nagi’s Profile

  1. Well you have to admit, as embarrassing as these stats are its a whole lot better than her RPG stats in that Butler Quest chapter.

    “To a certain extent, Ruka was more important to her than Hayate.”. I’m not really sure about that.

    Meeting Maria could be the “unknown” stat since if it wasn’t for Maria, Nagi would have been even more arrogant than she is now (which isn’t that bad).

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