The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 18

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

“Hey, Hinagiku, it’s me.”
“What is it, Athena?”
“I just saw that Fukada guy escorting a man and a woman, both very skinny, into a car. I suppose they are your parents?”
“I think so. So they are on their way to Hakuou to meet me.”
“Are you sure you can handle this on your own?”
“I have to. Fukada-kun wants me to meet them alone.”
“But he is not alone.”
“What do you mean?”

Athena had been hiding in a lane that led to Deep Field Weaponry, observing every move of the people walking in and out of the building. She saw something which could be considered “reasonable” for bad guys and gangsters, but “ridiculous” for someone like Hinagiku.
“They are with two men – guards, I think,” said Athena. “With guns.”
“Guns?” asked Hinagiku, obviously surprised. “What do you mean, guns?”
“Guns as weapons, Hinagiku,” said Athena patiently. “Firearms. One shot in your head and you are dead.”
There was a long pause.
“How could he do that?” asked Hinagiku, very furiously. “That’s… ridiculous!”
“Hinagiku,” said Athena, even more patiently. “You are a very kind person, and you are still very young, so you might not know that some people love playing dirty tricks. That Fukada guy might be one of those wicked people, so don’t take him lightly.”
There was another long pause.
“Hinagiku?” asked Athena, as she almost thought that the line had gone dead.
“Yes, I am still here,” said Hinagiku. “Do you have any suggestion for me?”
“First, don’t do anything in the school campus. Just go straight to the Student Council Room. That would be safer – for your parents as well as yourself.”
“Great,” said Hinagiku bitterly. Her first idea of a surprise had gone to waste. “What else?”
“Don’t take the elevator to the Student Council Room.”
“You are kidding,” said Hinagiku, half-laughing.
“No, I am not.”
“Really, Athena, do you expect them to point their guns – ” Hinagiku broke off as she suddenly realized something. “Okay, fine. That might happen.”
“It will happen.”
“So how am I supposed to go to the Student Council Room? By the stairs?”
Athena smiled. “There is another way.”
There was another long pause.
“I would rather die than using that way.”
“If you don’t use that way, you are dead, Hinagiku.”
Hinagiku sighed. “Okay, I got it. Thanks.”
“Be careful, Hinagiku, and good luck.”
“You too, Athena.”

Athena ended the call and turned her focus to her own quest. It was a much easier and more comfortable task than Hinagiku’s. After all, she did not have to face either Kyosuke or Mikado. With the masterminds of the plan against Hinagiku out of the way, Athena could easily take control of the building.
She had decided not to infiltrate the building through the windows. Instead, she chose to walk into the building through the front door. As she was an intruder in any case, she thought that it was best to minimize the trouble for getting inside the building.
As expected, two security guards approached her immediately. “Excuse me, miss, this is a restricted building,” said one of them. “Please leave immediately, or…” His sentence was cut off as he received a hit in the neck by someone on his back. The other guard turned to see a black male in butler suit, but he was also knocked unconscious before he could have a better look.
The receptionists and several other staff members – all young women – screamed. The man in butler suit moved very quickly around the floor, knocking every one of them out before any of them could move to inform guards or the police. The man then turned to Athena, and bowed to her.
“Well done, Machina,” said Athena simply. “Nice moves.”
“Thank you very much for your compliments, Athena,” said Machina with another bow. “What should we do now?”
“Secure the basement floor. You take the stairs, Machina. I will take the elevator.”
“Yes, Athena!”


Hinagiku did not enter Hakuou Academy through the main gate. As Mikado was one of the five Directors of Hakuou, he had more authority at the school than her. The guards at the entrance could be Mikado’s men, so not only they would authorize Kyosuke’s entry, but they could actually make troubles for Hinagiku when she entered. She wanted nothing to do with anyone other than Kyosuke or Mikado.
Hinagiku jumped over the walls and landed in the school campus. She hid herself in the bushes until she was sure that nobody had noticed her. She shook her head as she began pacing towards the Clock Tower. These school guards were highly incompetent.
Hinagiku moved very quickly around the campus. She was so familiar with the campus that she could find the shortest way to the Clock Tower even in complete darkness. She checked her watch again: 20:48, so she was 12 minutes early. Hinagiku smiled: She had always insisted to be 10 minutes early for meetings. She was not sure if Kyosuke or Director Sanzen’in knew anything about it.
Athena had told her not to use the elevator, but she still activated it. She would make use of it.


Kyosuke had already arrived at Hakuou. He met Mikado at the Clock Tower, and they entered the Student Council Room together. Mikado, of course, had the key.
Mikado took the seat of the Student Council President and remained silent. Kyosuke placed Hinagiku’s parents at the corner of the room, and he guarded them himself. He also ordered his two guards to guard the elevator, and to point their guns at Hinagiku as soon as she arrived. He had expected that Hinagiku might try to put up a struggle, and he thought this would stop her.
At 20:52, the guards noticed that the elevator was activated. “Sir,” said one of the guards to Kyosuke. “I think she is coming.”
“She is early,” commented Kyosuke. “She wants to surprise us by coming early, I guess. However, we are ahead of her, so there is nothing to worry about. Get your guns ready, you know what to do.”
“Yes, sir!”
The guards waited as the elevator ascended. It finally reached the top floor, giving out a “ding” sound to signal its arrival. The two men pointed their guns at the door at once, expecting a horrified Hinagiku to hold up her hands to surrender. “Do not blame us, young lady,” whispered one of the guards. “It is not our intention to hurt you.”
The door opened, but to Kyosuke and his men’s surprise, Hinagiku was not in the elevator. It was empty.
“Where is she?” demanded Kyosuke, who was completely confused.
Mikado said nothing. He simply grinned.


“Shirosakura!” cried Hinagiku as she summoned the legendary sword, and it came into her hand immediately. Hinagiku pointed the sword to the sky, and it took her off the ground at once. She travelled with the sword at such high speed that she didn’t really have time to be scared about the height.
In three seconds Hinagiku arrived at the balcony of the Clock Tower. She did a forward somersault and landed on the balcony. Without wasting any time, Hinagiku called back Shirosakura, summoned Masamune and dashed towards the two guards. The two men heard her coming, so they turned around, but they were too late. With two strikes of the wooden sword, Hinagiku smashed their two guns into pieces. With another two strikes, both men were knocked unconscious and they fell to the ground.
“Kazami!” exclaimed Kyosuke. He had not expected Hinagiku to turn up in this fashion, and he was trying desperately to think of what to do in such a situation, now that his initial plan with Hinagiku had failed completely.
Hinagiku pointed the Wooden Masamune at Kyosuke. “Release my parents, Fukada-kun!” she demanded. “You are doing something horribly wrong, and you know it! Stop it right now!” She turned to Mikado. “You too, Director Sanzen’in!”
Kyosuke stared at the wooden sword for a while, then he laughed. “Wrong? I don’t know if you have got the right idea of what is wrong, Kazami!”
“I have no time for philosophical debates,” said Hinagiku coldly. “I only know that you have no right to imprison my parents. Illegal entrapment is a criminal offence, Fukada-kun, so you are doing something horribly wrong!”
“Very funny,” said Kyosuke with a smile, as if he suddenly had found a way to gain the upper-hand over Hinagiku. “Then perhaps you should also judge on what your parents had done.”
“What do you mean?” asked Hinagiku.
Kyosuke pointed at Hinagiku’s parents. “We do not keep them with us for no reason. Ten years ago these two pieces of rubbish had stolen money from our company, so they had to stay with us to clear their debts!”
“What?” asked Hinagiku. “How much?” To her, the amount of money involved in a theft or robbery was irrelevant – a wrong-doing remained a wrong-doing no matter how minor it was. This time, however, she wanted to know how much her parents had stolen. She did not know why – she just wanted to know.
“Seventy-nine million yen!” said Kyosuke word by word, in order to emphasize the seriousness of the offence. “We interrogated them over and over again, but they never really told us why they had stolen our money. The only thing they had told us was that it was to help someone important to them. A likely story.”
He expected his words to have some effects on Hinagiku, but to his surprised delight he found that his words had huge effects on her. He could see that Hinagiku looked very unsettled, but he wasn’t sure what really hit hard on her.

In fact, Hinagiku was thinking about the money. Normally, she wouldn’t have believed Kyosuke’s accusation so easily. However, the timing and the amount involved coincided with the debt their parents had left to her and Yukiji.
She had, for more than once, questioned how Yukiji could have repaid all the debt in one year on her own. Yukiji had always answered her that she had done a lot of work, so she had earned enough money to repay the debt. When she was a child, Hinagiku did not really question Yukiji’s words, and after she had grown up she did not want to pick up this old and sad issue any more.
Now that Kyosuke told her that her parents had stolen an amount which could repay the vast majority of the debt, an idea came into her mind: “Did they steal the money in order to help me and Onee-chan?”