Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 1 – Ayasaki Hayate’s Profile

This is a Special Project by Shonen Sunday during the series’ absence until 29th February. Every week a character profile would show up. This week we have Volume 1: Ayasaki Hayate.

A lot had happened so he had a debt of 150M yen. In order to repay the debt, he had become the butler of the Sanzen’in family, serving a capricious lady. He had refined his skills in housework and butler-hood, and he was also good at combats. He attracted misfortune and had no sociability, but mysteriously he was popular.

Hayate’s abilities
Heartbeat power (or gigolo power): 5
Housework skills: 5
Misfortune: 5
Battle abilities: 4
Delicacy: 1
Sociability: 0

Hayate’s History (With luck index)
Birth: 0
Meeting Athena: 6
Working for his parents: -1
Obtaining a 150M yen debt: -9
Meeting Nagi: 2
Transferring to Hakuou: 4
Unknown: 9
Losing Nagi’s inheritance for his fault: -5
Living with everyone at Violet Mansion: 3
Now: 3

Doughnut Gunso Comments

  • Meeting Athena was the best moment in Hayate’s childhood. In fact, his life had never been that good in his first 16 years.
  • Meeting Nagi was the first sharp U-turn in Hayate’s life. She saved him from his personal low, and his luck index increased by 11. This explains his gratitude towards her, and the “my life in itself” comment.
  • The best moment in Hayate’s life so far is, curiously, an unknown event. That said, we know that it is not any of the incidents listed above.
  • Losing Nagi’s inheritance is the second sharp U-turn in Hayate’s life, with his luck index decreased by 14. It explains his new-found guilt – and new devotion – towards Nagi. We could almost say that Nagi bought Hayate’s service again with all of her wealth. Still, losing Nagi’s inheritance was not the worst moment in Hayate’s life.

22 comments on “Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 1 – Ayasaki Hayate’s Profile

    • Meeting Kotetsu!

      Seriously, though, it could be anything which happened between “Transferring to Hakuou” and “Losing Nagi’s inheritance”, so it is very much up for debate. As for myself, my guess is befriending Hinagiku.

    • Befriending Hina, huh?

      I thought it that way as well…but seriously, they really write it off as “unknown”? That means they want to toy with our minds! XD

    • Indeed, it must be interesting to see fans debating over what was so far the best moment in Hayate’s life.

      Ship wars, anyone?

    • It is possible that the “unknown” are collection of events that has happened.

      But then again, his life inbetween that is interspersed with misfortunes, so I guess it’s unlikely……….

    • I still think there must be a moment when his life hit its top, and my question is what that moment could be. 🙂

  1. I forgot to ask after knowing that you’re in Hong Kong, but do you hang out at the Chinese Hayate Baidu Tieba forum at all? If you have even visited there, then you’ve probably seen me already…

    • Not really. I just go there to check for resources when English or Japanese version is not available (just like this one). I suppose there are quite strict rules to be registered as a member (502, or something like that), so I never bothered.

      I know who you are on the Baidu forum, since you use the same signature as that on MangaFox. 😀

    • yeah, that was the case, until the recent change in membership policy. Now anyone can become a member in any tieba by simply clicking the like button…
      yeah, I didn’t really intend to make an account at MF until I saw someone there using my sig from tieba without asking. So I made an account to talk to him about it…

    • I see. A change for the better, I guess.

      I am still not sure about joining another forum. I am quite inactive on MF already…

    • no worries, I wasn’t trying to convince you to stay there. I was just letting you know about the system change over there…

  2. I think “unknown” is HayateXA-tan’s reunion! because He formed a stronger bond with A-tan as any of the other girls!

  3. i agree with the 6 luck index for meeting with Athena, he wouldn’t have lived to this day if it we’rent for the “spell” that Athena cast on him. “I’m well trained” -Hayate

    Working for his parents could have been lower, never seen Hayate get angry with women after his first fight with Athena and working like a dog for his parents “I will never forgive them because such a thing will never happen”

    The 150M debt definitely agree to this, losing your will to live is the lowest you can go
    “If I go to sleep will I die? That’s probably best. Staying alive is definitely the more painful option”

    Meeting with Nagi, the spark of hope that pulled him from the brink and transferring to Hakuo pretty much the starting steps of getting back the “ordinary” school life but far from “normal”

    as for the unknown, anything after hakuo to his time travel at Mykonos… pretty much a mind boggler, which is his highest moment, which is in a way true, from falling to pit holes one after another ( and being being helped out of the hole repeatedly by Hina almost frequently) and unwittingly getting his own harem. its practically anything and everything that happened on season 1 and 2, so yeah i’d say it all builds up to being his best moments for Hayate

    Losing the inheritance, its pretty much an impossible decision for Hayate to make in the first place until Nagi gave made the decision for him, so i guess i can agree to the luck index there

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