The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 16

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

Hinagiku lied on her bed at night, thinking of what to do with her parents – and herself.

“In exchange, please don’t say stupid things like giving your life away, okay?”
Hayate-kun made me promise not to sacrifice myself easily, but this really makes things much more complicated than they have to be.
“If you open the path, you will never return to us, Student Council President.”
To put it simply, I cannot open the path, then.
“If you agree to give him the sword, he will then force you to open the path for him.”
I can’t give them the sword either. So why should I be there, anyway?
“I bring along your parents and you bring along the sword. Nobody else on either side – except my buyer.”
So we will be quite alone, then. My parents, Fukada-kun and his buyer, and myself… Hey!

Hinagiku sat up as an idea came to her mind. This idea was so simple and straightforward that Hinagiku could not believe why she hadn’t thought about it earlier.
It is very simple, really. If I can defeat Fukada-kun and his buyer, I can save my parents without giving up my life! No, wait a second…
She had to think twice before deciding on this idea. This was a very critical decision which allowed no mistakes.
Can I defeat Fukada-kun? What if I cannot defeat him?
 “Sanzen’in Mikado is the buyer.”
So Fukada-kun has to listen to his buyer, after all.
“Many people want this Power of Royalty, including Sanzen’in Mikado and myself.”
What Director Sanzen’in wants is the Power, and he needs me to open the path, so the worst case for me would be to open that path. Well, if I don’t put up a fight, I will have to do it anyway, so I lose nothing by fighting them.
“As far as I know, he wants the sword for his personal business only, not for conquering the world.”
This is the only part I am not sure about. Seriously, who knows if he wouldn’t use the Power to conquer the world?
“If you give them the sword, you will die.”
So in any case I have a fight I can’t afford to lose.

She thought about the whole thing for a second time, and finally she had come to a decision. “Okay!” she shouted as she jumped off her bed. “Do it, Hinagiku!”
And she picked up her phone to call Kyosuke.


The eighth of September was a much better school day for Hinagiku. Having made up her mind on such an important issue, she suddenly found that she had nothing to worry about anymore. The only thing she needed now was the determination to overcome Kyosuke and Mikado, and determination was something she never lacked.
She was in such an improved mood that she was actually humming a song as she packed her schoolbag after school. What she had not realized was that a new trouble was coming for her.
“Listen up, Hina-chan!” said Izumi joyfully to her. “We are having a party at Nagi-chan’s home tomorrow night!”
“A party?” asked Hinagiku, who appeared to have no idea as to why Izumi suggested a party all of a sudden. “What for?” she asked.
“Oh, come on, Hina-chan,” said Izumi as if Hinagiku had forgotten something very important. “It is a birthday party for Miki-chan! It’s her birthday tomorrow!”
“Oh, my God!” exclaimed Hinagiku as she stood up. Indeed, how could she forget about something so important? Of course, she had come across so many things in these few days, but still…
“Are you alright, Hina-chan?” asked Izumi, who began to worry as Hinagiku had not spoken a word since standing up.
“Yes, I am fine,” said Hinagiku, trying to recover. “So… a party, right? When would that be?”
“We start at 7 pm, and we are planning to stay overnight as the next day is Saturday!” said Izumi, who sounded joyful again as she was talking about the party.
“I see, it sounds fun, doesn’t it?” said Hinagiku with a smile. She did not really disapprove of staying late, but it was just that she preferred going to bed early. However, her smile suddenly vanished as she remembered something. “Oh, no!!” she exclaimed. She had just remembered that she had an appointment with Kyosuke on that day – that night, exactly.
“Is there a problem, Hina-chan?” asked Izumi.
“No, I’ll come,” said Hinagiku automatically, as she did not want to turn down her best friend’s birthday party. “It’s fine. I just have to show up for a while, and then I can leave. Miki will be bad at me for sure, but I will try to make it up later,” she thought to herself.

“That would be great!” squealed Izumi. “Miki-chan wants you to sing a song in the party, and she has made sure I tell you about it!”
“A… song?” asked Hinagiku, thoroughly shocked. In that case she could not leave the party early. “That would be…”
“Come on, Hina-chan, please…”
Hinagiku couldn’t bear to look at Izumi’s eyes. “A – alright!” she said finally. “I’ll do it.”
“Hooray!” cheered Izumi as she ran away. Hinagiku watched her go and shook her head.
“This is very, very bad…” she said to herself.


“Hello, this is Suirenzi Ruka’s assistant. What can I help you?”
“Excuse me. Can I speak to Ruka in person, please?”
“Are you a fan? Honestly, we can’t allow every fan to speak to her on phone in person.”
“Just tell her it is Hina who wants to speak to her, please.”
A few seconds later. “Hello, Hina! How are you?”
“I am fine, thanks. Listen, Ruka. I need your help…”


It was after school on 9th September. The preparation for the party had started. Izumi and Risa went to help with Maria at Nagi’s home. Hinagiku was absent from school today, but nobody knew why. Hayate went to invite Athena to come as well, but Athena turned down the offer.
“Why, A-tan?” asked Hayate, very disappointed. “It would be fun!”
“You just have to excuse me for this, Hayate,” said Athena, her eyes on some school documents. “I can’t stop myself thinking that fooling around with those three girls look too stupid for me.”
“Well, that would be a bit…”
“Besides,” said Athena, interrupting Hayate. “I have already accepted a quest tonight, so I can’t come in any case.”
“A quest?”
“Yes, a quest,” said Athena. “From Hinagiku,” she added.
“From Hinagiku-san?” asked Hayate, alarmed. “What quest is it?”

Athena considered him for a moment. “You forget what you hear when you go out of this room, understand?”
“O – okay.”
Athena stared at his eyes. “So what if you see Hinagiku?”
“What? I guess I might ask her about it…”
“O – Okay!”
“Man, you are killing me, Hayate…” said Athena, who found Hayate’s stupidity (in front of Hinagiku) incredible.
“I am sorry about it,” said Hayate, although he did not look like very sorry. “So, what is the quest, A-tan?”
Athena sighed as she tried to compose herself. “Well, remember where Hinagiku’s parents are imprisoned?”
Hayate nodded. “Deep Field Weaponry,” he said.
“Good. Now, her parents are not the only people who are there, and no matter why the Fukadas are trapping them, it certainly is illegal,” she paused to give Hayate time to keep up.
“So?” said Hayate, indicated that he was keeping up.
“So she wants me to find enough evidence, so that we can turn them to the police,” said Athena. “It means that I will have to infiltrate into that building, go to the basement, defeat all guards present, and find the prisoners.” She shook her head as she can’t stop thinking that it was madness. “If the situation allows, Hinagiku wants me to save them as well.”
“Them… you mean the other prisoners?” asked Hayate. “What about Hinagiku-san’s parents?”

“I am going to save them myself,” said a voice behind Hayate. He turned around and saw Hinagiku. She was smiling at them, her eyes full of determination. Hayate wasn’t sure how, but he knew that the Hinagiku he had always known had returned.
“Hinagiku-san?” he said, quite unable to hide his delight behind seeing her. “Where have you been today?”
“For this,” she handed him a small package. “Make sure you handle this when Miki wants me to sing.”
“Why?” asked Hayate. “You are coming to the party, right?”
“Yes, I am,” said Hinagiku. “But I am leaving early. I have to meet up with Fukada-kun and my parents.”
“What?” asked Hayate. He thought that Hinagiku was going to sacrifice her life after all. “But you promised me not to give up your life for this, Hinagiku-san!”
“I know, Hayate-kun,” said Hinagiku, who was still smiling. “But I am not opening that path or whatsoever.” She thought for a moment. “If I could help, I mean,” she added.
“What do you mean, Hinagiku-san?”
“I have figured it all out. It seems that the best solution for me is to save my parents from them. I will defeat Fukada-kun, get to my parents, and escape.”
“This is risky, Hinagiku-san!”
“Yes, but if everything goes right for me, I can get the best results,” said Hinagiku. “And you know that I never get bad results.”
“But…” began Hayate, who still did not want Hinagiku to go.
“Stop it, Hayate,” said Athena. “I think she probably has made up her mind already. There is no way you can stop her now.”
“Thanks to you, Athena,” said Hinagiku with a smile. “You gave me time to think about everything, so my mind has become clear.” She turned to Hayate. “You too, Hayate-kun. You have been the most supportive these days, I – emm…” she blushed and found herself unable to finish her sentence. This was something she still had not enough determination.
“You are very welcome, Hinagiku-san,” said Hayate, coming to her assistance.
“Right,” said Hinagiku, recovering from her embarrassment. “So, I am leaving the party to you, Hayate-kun.” She turned to Athena. “And the other prisoners to you, Athena.”
“You owe me one, Hinagiku,” said Athena, grinning.
Hinagiku shrugged. “I guess you wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Both girls laughed. Hayate was glad that Hinagiku was laughing again, but he was still worried about her. After all, if she failed her mission tonight, he would never see her again. He felt his heart ached, but he wasn’t sure why.