Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 1 – Ayasaki Hayate’s Profile

This is a Special Project by Shonen Sunday during the series’ absence until 29th February. Every week a character profile would show up. This week we have Volume 1: Ayasaki Hayate.

A lot had happened so he had a debt of 150M yen. In order to repay the debt, he had become the butler of the Sanzen’in family, serving a capricious lady. He had refined his skills in housework and butler-hood, and he was also good at combats. He attracted misfortune and had no sociability, but mysteriously he was popular.

Hayate’s abilities
Heartbeat power (or gigolo power): 5
Housework skills: 5
Misfortune: 5
Battle abilities: 4
Delicacy: 1
Sociability: 0

Hayate’s History (With luck index)
Birth: 0
Meeting Athena: 6
Working for his parents: -1
Obtaining a 150M yen debt: -9
Meeting Nagi: 2
Transferring to Hakuou: 4
Unknown: 9
Losing Nagi’s inheritance for his fault: -5
Living with everyone at Violet Mansion: 3
Now: 3

Doughnut Gunso Comments

  • Meeting Athena was the best moment in Hayate’s childhood. In fact, his life had never been that good in his first 16 years.
  • Meeting Nagi was the first sharp U-turn in Hayate’s life. She saved him from his personal low, and his luck index increased by 11. This explains his gratitude towards her, and the “my life in itself” comment.
  • The best moment in Hayate’s life so far is, curiously, an unknown event. That said, we know that it is not any of the incidents listed above.
  • Losing Nagi’s inheritance is the second sharp U-turn in Hayate’s life, with his luck index decreased by 14. It explains his new-found guilt – and new devotion – towards Nagi. We could almost say that Nagi bought Hayate’s service again with all of her wealth. Still, losing Nagi’s inheritance was not the worst moment in Hayate’s life.