The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 7

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

Somewhere in the Hakuou Academy school campus, a young girl in kimono was… walking. She was not going anywhere, and it did not look like she knew where to go anyway. Finally she stopped wandering, and began to look around. From the looks on her face, you could tell that she was panicking.
“What is this place? What is this place?” Saginomiya Isumi asked herself, but sadly there was no answer. “I am supposed to go to school, but I can’t find the school… This doesn’t look like Nagi’s house, and it doesn’t look like my house. It looks like the school, but I don’t think I am at school, so where is the school…?”
While she was still looking for the way to somewhere she was already at, she sensed a very powerful wave of energy somewhere nearby. Her face suddenly became very serious.
“The Student Council President has done it again, hasn’t she?” she sighed. “Honestly, she is sometimes as troublesome as Nagi…”
And she began walking again.


The two shinai struck at Hingaiku, and there was an almighty clash. The shinai did not meet Hinagiku’s head, however, because something semi-transparent had just came out of thin air, and stopped the shinai. The semi-transparent thing was emitting light-blue rays. On closer inspection, we could see that it was a sword – the Shirosakura.
“So, this is the sword he wants…” whispered one of the masked people.
“Then let’s take it from the girl!” demanded the other one.
Hinagiku said nothing. She swung her sword, and sent an energy wave which rushed towards her two opponents. They fell and were sent to the other end of the club house. “What… what kind of power is this?!” exclaimed one of them.
Hinagiku pointed the end of the sword at her opponents. “Stop fighting me, you are no match against me and this sword. Take your men and get out of our club house. You are not our members, and I don’t want to see you ever again,” said her.
“Don’t you brag at us!” rebuked one of her opponents. “If it were’t this sword, you wouldn’t win!” They picked themselves up from the floor, but they didn’t seem like leaving.
“If you fight me one-on-one, you wouldn’t win,” said Hinagiku. “Now get out!”
She swung her sword two more times into the air, sending two more waves of energy which blew all five masked people out of the club house – four through the windows, one through the door.
Knowing that they were completely overpowered, the five of them finally retreated.
Hinagiku looked down at her sword. “Well, Athena will certainly get mad…” she mumbled.


Hayate began his attacks on the four men in black. The Wooden Masamune helped him greatly to recover from his injuries, and he had stopped bleeding. With a powerful sword in his hands and a more cautious approach, Hayate gained the upper-hand in this fight in no time. None of the men in black dared to come close to him any more.
“Are you still fighting? Fight or flight, make your choice now!” he demanded, without the usual politeness in his tone – he had no need to be polite to his enemies.
One of the men in black suddenly pressed his fingers onto his left ear, as if he was listening to something. “What?!” he said after a few seconds. He then looked up and said, “Abort! Abort!”
The men in black all started retreating at once, without another word.
“Stop! I have questions for you!” demanded Hayate, but he did not chase after them, as his first priority was always to take care of his lady. He approached Nagi, bowed to her and said, “Are you hurt, milady?”
“No, I am all fine. It is you who are hurt!” said Nagi. Her voice was shaking.
“I am fine,” said Hayate with a smile. “I apologize in advance, but we have to delay our appointment with Kayura-san, as we need to report this incident to Hinagiku-san.”
“Well, I guess you are right…” said Nagi, although she looked a bit reluctant at the idea of postponing her hunt with Kayura. “In fact, I have something to tell you as well.”
“What is it, milady?” asked Hayate.
“Let’s go to Hinagiku first,” said Nagi. “It is about the attack, so if you want Hinagiku to know the story, the I have to feed this information to her as well.”


Things were not going very well in the Student Council Room.
“I told you not to pull out the Shirosakura any more,” said Athena with a cross-popping vein on her forehead. “And you disobeyed me on the very same day.”
“It was reflex, okay?” said Hinagiku. “As a swordsman yourself, you would know you couldn’t really control your reflexes in the heat of a fight!”
“But I thought you could control your wooden sword, couldn’t you?” demanded Athena. “You are not an amateur any more, Hinagiku! You should know better than to let go your sword in a fight!”
“I did not let Wooden Masamune go!” said Hinagiku weakly, as she felt more and more insulted as a swordsman. “It just… disappeared!”
“How could a material sword just… disappear into thin air?”
“Well, it came out of thin air in the first place,” said Hinagiku, as-a-matter-of-fact-ly.
“That is not my point. I mean, there must be a reason for it to come and go. You summoned it and it came to you, so what have you done to make it go?”
“I did nothing!” cried Hinagiku.
“Yes, you have done something, Student Council President,” said a voice, but it was not Athena.

Hinagiku and Athena stopped bickering and looked around. “Saginomiya-san?” they said together.
It indeed was Isumi. She was covering her mouth with her sleeves, looking very calm. “Good afternoon, Chairperson, Student Council President,” she said. “Like I just said, the Student Council President has done something wrong, so the Wooden Masamune left her.”
“Me?” said Hinagiku, and she was confused. Isumi said Masamune left her, so it was not her fault losing it in the battle, but then Isumi said that it was her fault… “What have I done wrong?” she asked.
Isumi sighed. “Student Council President, you lack delicacy.”
“What?!” asked Hinagiku, outraged. “Lack of delicacy” was a comment specifically reserved for Hayate. Was Isumi saying that she was as bad as Hayate, then?
“Well, Masamune is a delicate sword. He thought that you were his rightful owner, so he followed you even though being the treasure of our family. But then you chose Shirosakura ahead of him, so he was hurt,” she paused. “Today, Hayate-sama also called Masamune to help him in his fight, so Masamune left you for him, in revenge of you leaving him for Shirosakura!”
“Why does it sound like I am in a love triangle with two swords?” exclaimed Hinagiku as she blushed. She considered Isumi’s words for a moment. “So it was Hayate-kun’s fault. If he did not call for Masamune, it would not have left me, and I wouldn’t have to summon Shirosakura.” A cross-popping vein came out of her head as she said, grinding her fists. “I have to punish him for taking the sword away from me…”
“Poor Hayate…” Athena sighed and shook her head.
Hinagiku then remembered something. “Saginomiya-san, why are you here?”
“I was looking for the way to school,” said Isumi. It is so good seeing you outside the school area. I wonder if you can show me the way back to school.”
There was a long moment of silence.
“Emm… Saginomiya-san?” began Hinagiku, very uncertainly. “You are already at school.”
“Am I?” asked Isumi, looking around. “But I don’t recognize this place.”
“Of course you wouldn’t, it is your first time you have been here. After all, only Student Council members and staff can enter – ”
“Hinagiku-san!” the door swung open with a loud bang. Hayate and Nagi had just arrived.

“There you are, Hayate-kun!” Hinagiku fired up at once. “Listen up, you… Oh my God, you are hurt!” she calmed down at once as she saw him covered in blood.
“It’s nothing, Hinagiku-san,” said Hayate, smiling weakly. “I am fine.”
“No, you are not,” said Hinagiku firmly, as she examined his wounds.  “You have to go to the hospital!”
“We have family hospitals,” said Nagi simply. “They are the best in the world.”
“Then you need some first-aid at the very least,” said Hinagiku, her eyes still on Hayate. “Sit down, Hayate-kun. I’ll get the first-aid kit.”
“There is no need, Hinagiku-san. I am fine,” said Hayate, a bit embarrassed at the thought that Hinagiku treating his wounds.
“Just – listen – to – me,” said Hinagiku firmly, as she pressed Hayate onto the sofa. “Okay?”  she added.

Nagi, Athena and Isumi all watched as Hinagiku began treating Hayate’s wounds.
“You have to be careful, Hayate-kun. You don’t have much blood to lose,” they heard Hinagiku saying.
“Don’t worry, Hinagiku-san. I am strong,” they heard Hayate saying. “Ouch!!!” He screamed as the disinfectant touched his wound. “God! I hate disinfectants!”
Hinagiku giggled. “Be tough, Hayate-kun. You are a strong boy, right?”
“Haha, I guess I said so…”
Nagi raised her eyebrows. “I don’t know why, but I am not happy watching this,” she said.
“I agree,” said Athena with a nod.
“Really? I think it is a fine sight,” said Isumi. “Is the Student Council President still angry at Hayate-sama?”
“Who knows?” Athena shrugged. “Maybe she is just saving his life so she can kill him with her own hands.”
“That would be Vegeta Complex,” said Nagi.
“Vegeta?” asked Isumi.
“Well, Vegeta always says that he saves Goku’s life so that he could kill him by himself,” explained Nagi. “It’s not exactly Tsundere, as Vegeta does not love Goku, so it is merely Vegeta Complex.”
“Then the question is: Does Hinagiku love Hayate?” said Athena, although she already knew the answer.
Nobody answered that question.

Fifteen minutes later, Hayate finished treatment and began to tell his story.
“So the men came to kill you, instead of kidnapping Nagi?” asked Hinagiku, after he had finished. “That doesn’t make sense.”
“I agree,” said Nagi with a nod.  “And here’s something that also makes no sense at all: Those men are actually SPs of the Sanzen’in Household.”
“What?!” exclaimed everyone.