The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 6

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

The 5 masked people all charged at Hinagiku, but at the last second one of them left the group. The person took an extra dash and struck his shinai at Kyosuke. Kyosuke reacted just in time to defend himself, but as he breathed out a “What?!”, it seemed that he was almost caught off-guard.
“Fukada-kun!” cried Hinagiku, but she stopped worrying after she saw that Kyosuke was able to fight his opponent. “Well, it means that I can’t ask for his help any more, even if I need him,” she whispered with a weak smile.
All her 4 opponents struck their shinai at Hinagiku’s head. Hinagiku stepped to her right very quickly to dodge them. Her closest opponent swung his shinai at Hinagiku’s waist. Hinagiku blocked the blow with her shinai, and then rose up her arms and delivered a blow at his face. The opponent was hit and stepped backward, but two of his companions stepped up and attacked Hinagiku. Hinagiku dodged again and struck at the fourth person, but her blow was blocked, forcing her to evade her opponents again.
Hinagiku knew very well that one shinai couldn’t handle four at the same time, so she kept moving around the club house in order to restrict the number of blows she had to handle at the same time. She only struck when she could single out an opponent, and retreated at once no matter whether she successfully hit her opponent or not. With this strategy she had avoided being hit, but at the same time she could not take out any of her opponents, as she allowed too much time for them to recover from her hits.
This strategy also required Hinagiku to keep moving, without resting for even one second. It easily exhausted a person, and in merely 15 minutes Hinagiku started panting. As her heartbeat and breath became more and more rapid, Hinagiku thought to herself, “This is not looking good!”


Hayate did not fully understand. “What? They are coming for me?”
“Yes, they are! Be careful, they have weapons!”
Hayate stood up and dodged an incoming knife just in time. He found himself surrounded by the four men in black, who indeed paid no attention to Nagi’s existence. This was the first ever time in his butler career that bad people aimed only at the butler, not the lady.
“What do you want?” demanded Hayate. “Please answer me!”
The men in black did not answer. Instead, they all pulled out their knives, marched forward and began their attacks. They simply had no intention to talk to Hayate.
“Fine, let’s get this over as quickly as possible!” said Hayate and he charged forward as well. He was not afraid of them – if they did not have the confidence to face him one-on-one, there was nothing about them to be afraid of.
But then, while he was still a yard from the men, he sensed knife blades cutting through the air. He realized at once that he was in great danger, but he was too late – Four blades cut through his body, and he was covered in blood in no time.
“HAYATE!!!” he could hear Nagi screaming, but for one second he didn’t know if he was dead or alive. 


In the heat of the battle, Hinagiku had a quick glance at Kyosuke, who was still fighting his opponent one-on-one. They were very well-matched, and neither of them looked like he had the upper hand. “Since when had Fukada-kun become so weak?” she mumbled, but she did not have time to think more, as the four masked people began their attacks again.
In the next wave of attack, Hinagiku successfully hit one opponent in his face, and a thought suddenly came across her mind: “Maybe I can take this one out now!” As such, she raised her shinai again to deliver another blow in his face. However, her hands got hit just at that moment. Hinagiku lost grip of her shinai and it fell.
“I am such an idiot! I lost my patience and became too aggressive! That was a mistake I couldn’t afford to make!” Without a shinai in her hands, she could neither attack nor defend, so she kept dodging between the oncoming blows.
“I need a sword! I need a sword! But I can’t use the Shirosakura, so what do I do?” Her mind was running as quickly as she could, and as she faced another blow to her head she finally came up with an answer. “Masamune!” she cried.
In response to her call, a wooden blade was summoned out of thin air, and blocked the blow for her.

The four masked people all stopped their attacks as they stared at the wooden blade. It looked as if an ordinary wooden blade, but it was extremely sharp it could cut through metals. More importantly, its true power wasn’t about its sharpness.
“Is this the sword he wants?” whispered one of the masked people.
“No, it is not! Haven’t you read the data pad before this mission?” said another one.
“What mission? What are you talking about? What do you want?” demanded Hinagiku, still feeling the pain from the blow she just received. Fortunately she could still make good grips.
“There is no need for you to know! Now, die!” cried a third opponent.

The masked people began another wave of attack, but to their surprise, they found that Hinagiku moved much faster than before. The Wooden Masamune had the ability to maximize the physical abilities of the wielder. Hinagiku was an excellent swordsman without the Wooden Masamune, but she became the most powerful swordsman with the blade. She moved at a speed which none of her opponents could catch up with, and delivered much more powerful blows than before. Within one minute, she gave one of the opponents a critical hit, and he fell down. “This is going to work!” said Hinagiku with a smile on her face.
She was too powerful for the masked people to handle. Two of them were beaten in the next two minutes, and finally Hinagiku had only one opponent left.
“Let’s go!” cried Hinagiku, as she initiated an offensive move for the first time in this battle.


Hayate struggled to stand straight, and he cursed himself for underestimating his four enemies. They were fast and strong, and were armed with weapons. If he were a normal guy, he would already be dead.
But then, Ayasaki Hayate, the combat butler, had survived injuries which were much more serious than this – at least, he could still stand up and move this time.
Yet, he had lost much strength through the injury, and couldn’t fight properly any more. If he could not defeat these four men in his peak conditions, he certainly would not win now.
“It… it was just so like last time, when I went to save A-tan. King Midas did great damage to my body, and I wasn’t able to move. Then… then…” he found it more and more difficult to concentrate and think by every second. “Then a mysterious hero… gave me Hinagiku-san’s sword… Hinagiku-san’s…” Without really thinking, he held out his hand. He didn’t intend to grab anything, but he felt that he had grabbed something.
Suddenly, his mind became clear, and his body could move like he had not been hurt. He looked down at his hand to see what he has grabbed.
It was the Wooden Masamune – for Hayate, it was “Hinagiku-san’s sword”.


Hinagiku was about to deliver her final blow at the last masked person who fought her,  but suddenly she felt that her hands became empty. As she stopped and stared at her hands, her mind also became empty. She had absolutely no idea what had happened.
The masked person recovered from this surprising development, and began to launch his attacks. Hinagiku turned her head and found that great trouble was coming for her. She let out a scream and began dodging, and her brain woke up from the shock and began running: “This is bad! This is bad! I have lost my sword, and this man is attacking me! What do I do? What do I do?”
To make things worse, the person fighting Kyosuke chose this moment to strike successfully at Kyosuke’s face. Kyosuke was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground. The person then joined his ally, and they successfully cornered Hinagiku in the end.
Hinagiku knew that she was in great danger, but she had nowhere to escape. “Think, Hinagiku, think! There must be a way to get out of this! There must be a way…”
The two masked people raised their shinai together, and delivered their final blow at Hinagiku…

One comment on “The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 6

  1. If only Hinagiku had the Batman Arkham Asylum/City freeflow method of combat, then she wouldn’t have to run around so much and instead stand still while waiting to counter her enemies. Then again, she’s not Batman.

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