The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 4

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

“Is this going to take any longer?” said Nagi with a yawn. “I am bored.”
“We are halfway through, Nagi-chan,” said Miki, not even looking at Nagi. “And it is rude to rush a story-teller, especially when she is halfway through!”
“Got it, we got it, Hanabishi-san. Please go ahead!” said Hayate, who did not seem to think that Miki was telling a boring story.
“And make it quick. I promised Kayura to go hunting later today,” said Nagi as she checked her watch. It was 15:10.
“Oh, very well,” said Miki impatiently. “Let’s see…”

And then she went on:

I invited Hina to my house every Saturday afternoons, so that she could help me with the studies, and I could teach her manners.
Well, Hina was fearless when she fought the boys, but she was extremely uncomfortable around my house. She didn’t dare to touch anything (“I had the same feeling when I first arrived at milady’s Mansion!” whispered Hayate. Nagi stepped on his foot. “Ouch!!” exclaimed Hayate.), and jumped every time when the maids greeted her.
“You just have to relax, Hina-chan,” said I. I also started calling her with the “-chan” suffix. “You are my guest, and this is my home. You don’t panic when you visit your friend’s home, do you?”
“It’s different! Your home is bigger than my school!” exclaimed Hina, who was looking around. “And I don’t have friends,” she added, and I sensed the loneliness in her words.
“Then I shall become your first friend, and I will show you how to make more,” said I. “How come you have no friends?”
“I didn’t go to first year last year, remember?” said Hina. “No classmates, no friends. And the people at the tutorial school are just…”
“Not your cup of tea?” I tried to finish the line for her.
Hina shrugged. “If only they could settle down and study.”
“You are just too serious, Hina-chan. Relax a bit more, smile more and talk more, and you will make many more friends.”
“Okay, I will try…” said Hina, who was not very certain. She started by trying to smile into a mirror, but she was forcing herself too much, that her smile was actually scary. (“This is just so like Hinagiku-san,” said Hayate with a smile.)

Hina dealt with things better at the dining table, although she had never used a knife and a folk before.
“Always start from the outside, it is a simple rule to follow,” said I, quoting my father and my grand-father. I hated receiving manner lessons, but I loved giving them to Hina.
“No hurry and no sound. Eat slowly, and never speak when your mouth is full. As for how to use a knife and a folk…” I thought hard, but I didn’t know how to teach her with verbal instructions. “… maybe you just watch closely at me.”
On her first attempt, Hina held the folk on her right hand and the knife on her left (“Typical learning mistake,” said Nagi with a nod.), but then she improved with every minute. People say that table manners are all about body co-ordination, and Hina certainly had the best control of her body. But then…
“It is so quiet here, it’s making me nervous!” said Hina with a whisper – and a mouthful. “Can we talk?”
I was a bit surprised. “But you never talk in classes. You never speak to the kids, boys or girls!”
“Like you said, we were in classes, so I didn’t talk!” hissed Hina. “We should not talk in classes, and we should work hard instead! I always work hard in classes, you see.”
“Why do you work so hard, anyway?” I asked. “You are the best in our class, and you have such a good brain. You don’t have to work hard to get good results, do you?”
Hina hesitated. “Because… I have to. I have to keep myself busy. If not, I couldn’t stop myself thinking…” she hesitated once more. “… of my parents.”
“The Kazamis?” I whispered. As she nodded, I attempted to ask her something I had wanted to know for some time. “What do you think about the Katsuras? They are very kind to you.”
“They are,” to my greatest surprise, Hina agreed with my comment. “They treat me and my sister very well. But they are not my parents. I am not a Katsura, and I will never be one. I am who I am, and I am…”
“Kazami, I know. Calm down.” I finished the line for her, as she had been raising her voice by every syllable. “Girl, you are just so stubborn,” I added with a sigh.
“There is nothing wrong with that,” said Hina.
“Yes, there is,” I said. “It makes you forget all about table manners. You have been talking all along when you mouth was full. Have a look at your side of the table.”
Hina followed my words, and upon seeing the mess in front of her, she blushed and mumbled, “Sorry.”
Hina genuinely believed that she would insist on using “Kazami” as her surname for the rest of her life. However, things were different after her meeting – or in better words, her duel – with that Fukada guy.

Remember those 3 kids who were beaten up by Hina? It turned out that they were from a small gang led by that Fukada, who was not a student of our tutorial school. Obviously those kids made up their story so that Fukada thought that it was Hina’s fault that the fight broke out, and he was determined to avenge his boys. He came to our school one day, and challenged Hina to a duel.
“Why do I have to fight you in the first place? I fought your boys, so if they want revenge, they should be the ones to fight me!” demanded Hina.
“You are afraid of me, aren’t you?” Fukada was clearly trying to provoke Hina. “So I see, you don’t want to fight against strong people, Katsura. You are a coward!”
You know, it’s Hina, so she fell into the trap right away. “I am not a coward, and I am not Katsura! I am Kazami!”
“Whatever. But can you deny that you are afraid fighting me?”
“Yes, I can! Let’s… what is it, Miki?” I interrupted her by pulling her sleeves.
“You can’t fight him, Hina-chan! You will get into trouble again!” said I. It is funny that I had to stop our model student fighting with others. Had she forgotten all about school rules?
“Well, I know how we could duel without breaking any school rules,” said Fukada. “Come with me!”

We arrived at a park. Fukada gave Hina a wooden stick.
“I do Kendo, so I challenge you to Kendo. Let us say this is a practice match, but we fight until one of us gave up or could not stand up,” he paused. “It wouldn’t break any school rules attending a practice match,” he added with a small grin.
“Do you know Kendo, Hina-chan?” I whispered. I had a feeling that something would go very wrong.
“No, I don’t,” admitted Hina. “But when it comes to fighting, I won’t lose.”
So the duel began, and it turned out to be a very one-sided match. Hina, who did not know Kendo, was completely outmatched by Fukada, but she had been so tough that she did not give up. She kept fighting for 15 minutes, until she was much wounded and exhausted, and finally fell down on the ground. It was Fukada’s victory.
“This will be a lesson for you, Katsura. It is no use beating my boys. If you can’t win against the strong ones, you remain a loser. Keep that in mind, Katsura!” he said, and then he turned and left.
Hina was still lying on the ground, face down. She began crying, stamping her fist at the ground, and saying things like “I am not Katsura, I am Kazami! I am not a loser! I am not a loser!” (“Poor Hina-chan…” said Izumi softly.) Finally she passed out.

Hina did not come to tutorial school for a week. I went to the Katsuras on the third day, and they said that Hina was suffering from high fever. They were very worried. “This girl is too tough for her own good…” they said.
On the fifth day, I received a call from Hina. She still sounded weak, but at least she could talk.
“The doctor said that I have to take rest for two more days, but I don’t want to rest any more. I feel much better now,” said Hina.
“Don’t rush yourself, Hina-chan,” I said quickly. “How are your wounds? Are they still painful?”
“Ah, still a bit,” she said. “I have never been defeated so completely like this time, and I hate not giving a fight back. Once I am all well, I have to ask Dad and Mom to allow me to learn Kendo. I want to beat that Fukada in Kendo.”
I paid no attention to Kendo. “Dad and Mom, you said?”
“Yes, Dad and Mom,” she said with a weak laugh. “We are family now. From today onwards, I am Katsura. Katsura Hinagiku.”