Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 351

This pose actually makes girls more popular.

After so many chapters which happened over the June 18-19 weekend, finally we arrive at June 21. And it was Izumi’s birthday!

Unfortunately for her, it was not holiday, and it was not weekend. It was an ordinary school day, on which she had to go to school, and receive daily tutorial from Hayate.

Good students ask questions.

Today the tutorial was on Chemistry, and specifically on the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. Although Hayate managed to explain the equation, he couldn’t answer why hydrogen and oxygen bond when heated. Well, to put it simply, the heat overcomes the bond between the gas moleclues, so they become free hydrogen and oxgen atoms again, and then the atoms combine to become water molecules.

The Chemistry knowledge might be too difficult for Hayate and Izumi, so they could only accept the phenomenon as a fact, without really knowing why. Things always happen, but we don’t always know why.

This time he was acting dumbness.

Hayate then changed the subject and talked about the weather, and he mentioned June 21. It was her birthday, so Izumi blushed, possibly waiting for Hayate to remember that it was her birthday. However, as Hayate asked her if anything was the matter, she knew (or thought) that he didn’t remember.

It was obvious that Izumi wanted Hayate to know that it was her birthday, so she started hinting to him. She suggested that she was born in summer, and hoped that he would ask things like “Oh, so in which month were you born?”, but he didn’t. Instead, he told her to resume studying.


Izumi was ready to give up. She liked having Hayate to tutor her, so she gave up expecting any birthday greetings from him, and decided to enjoy the afternoon with him.

Just then, Hayate gave her a very cute pound cake, and said that he could not have forgotten her birthday. It means that he had made a small joke on her just minutes ago. After all, the last time he really had forgotten about someone’s birthday, things almost went very badly…

Then don't make it that large in the first place!

Now that she had the cake, Izumi became a bit more greedy, and she wanted to eat the cake at that moment with Hayate alone. However, Hayate was of the opinion that it would be better to invite the Student Council to share the cake, as he made the cake too big for only two.

Somehow I think that he had always wanted to invite the Student Council from the beginning… Speaking of the Student Council, it was also a bit strange that they did nothing for one of their members. Hina might be busy, but Risa and Miki…?

Fail. In every way.

Izumi, who was so determined to eat with Hayate alone, stopped him from inviting the Student Council. She couldn’t think of any good excuses, but instead settled on a certain kind of self-destruction: She claimed that she was a messy eater. If she was that clumsy, it would be better not to make the party big, right?

Hayate was confused as he didn’t really understand what Izumi meant by “messy eater”, and asked her to give him an example. Izumi did not have a choice but to “demonstrate” just how messy she was with the strawberries. This act effectively stopped Hayate from inviting the Student Council, but the price of a bad image in Hayate’s eyes might be too high for Izumi…

However, things did not turn out that bad for Izumi. As it was the very kind Hayate, he decided to serve such a “messy eater” with the cake. It was a very romantic move, and of course Izumi enjoyed it.

Nagi: "Their things become mine, my things remain mine!"

There was ingredient left after Hayate made the cake for Izumi, so he made a smaller cake and put it into the fridge. Nagi opened the fridge and found the cake, and even before Hayate said that it was up to her to eat (after dinner), she was already eating.

Izumi took the unfinished cake with her back home, and it seemed she was having it as dessert after dinner. It was a good cake, and it was a wonderful birthday for her.

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