The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 2

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

It was very crowded and noisy at the school entrance, but it was very quiet in the Clock Tower. Only Student Council members and staff are allowed to enter the Tower, after all.

On top of the Clock Tower, there was the Student Council Room. Katsura Hinagiku, the Student Council President, often worked here alone, but she had a guest this morning.
“You have to discipline your students, Hinagiku,” said the guest, who was an extremely elegant young woman, with blonde curly hair and red eyes. “I was essentially trapped in my car for half an hour, because so many students gathered around my car. Hakuou students should be elites, not fan boys and girls who chase after celebrities.”
“Well, I agree. However, as it is Tennonsu-san we are talking about, I think you cannot blame the students for going crazy. They miss you, Tennonsu-san,” said Hinagiku, a beautiful girl with long pink hair. She was holding two cups of coffee – one black and one milked – in her hands. She gave Athena the black coffee and said, “Here you go.”
Athena looked down at her black coffee, which was smoking with steam. “What kind of Student Council President serves her guest coffee by herself?” she asked.
Hinagiku smiled. “I don’t really mind. It is the obligation of a President to serve the others,” she took a sip of her milked coffee. “And I think I brew the best coffee in the school, seeing that my parents – ”
“- owned a coffee shop, I know,” said Athena. “You told me before.”
“And it was a long time ago,” said Hinagiku with a sigh. “It has been nine months since we last talked.”
“Hadn’t we talk when we were living at the Violet Mansion?” asked Athena, surprised. “We shared the same room for three months, by the way.”
“Yes, but you were Alice back then and…” Hinagiku paused, choosing her words carefully, “… I am not sure that I was talking to Tennonsu-san.”
“You have a point,” said Athena thoughtfully. “But the thing is that I remembered every conversation with you as Alice-chan.”
Hinagiku blushed slightly as she saw where Athena was going. “You do?” she asked.
“I surely do. If you want to test my memory, please be my guest,” said Athena shrewdly.
“Then you must also remember what you have promised me when we moved in…” said Hinagiku, lowering both her eyes and her voice, while her face went more and more scarlet.
“I do, and I will honour it.”
Hinagiku sighed in relief. “Thank you very much, Tennonsu-san.”
“Call me Athena.”
Hinagiku was surprised. “But I thought you didn’t like me calling you by a nickname. You were mad at me, remember?”
“Athena is my name, not my nickname,” said Athena, frowning slightly. “What I didn’t like was the nickname ‘A-tan’!”
“Which Hayate-kun came up with,” said Hinagiku, a bit defensively.
“At the age of six.”
“When you were…”
“Drop it.”
“I am sorry, Tennonsu-san.”
“Call me Athena.”
“Is it really okay?” asked Hinagiku, quite unsure of Athena’s offer.
“Take this as my gratitude for your care in the last three months,” said Athena, smiling.
“Thanks, Athena,” said Hinagiku, also smiling.

Neither of them spoke for some minutes, and both turned their attention to their coffee. Then Athena opened her mouth again.
“I didn’t come here for gossip,” said Athena. “Only,” she added after a second thought.
“Then what else do you have in mind, Athena?” asked Hinagiku, who blushed at the word “gossip”.
“Well…” Athena began, but looked as if she was reluctant to talk. She took a pen and a piece of paper, and began writing. “Okay, take a look at here. We have a new student joining the school today, and he will be sorted into your class. From what I have observed a moment before, the swimming pool is over-crowded, so maybe we should…”
She kept on talking about school business, while her pen never stopped writing. Hinagiku was confused. Surely, Athena was talking about school business, but none of the things she talked about required text or graphic assistance. More importantly, the noise of Athena’s scribbling was increasingly annoying. She had stopped looking at Athena’s handwriting…

“Are you listening to me, Hinagiku?” asked Athena suddenly, as she thought Hinagiku was not paying attention.
“I am,” replied Hinagiku, who was still attentive enough to catch her every word.
“And are you looking at what I am writing?”
“Excuse me?” asked Hinagiku, who was caught completely off-guard this time.
She looked down at what Athena had written down, and was shocked as she read through the note.



“Listen up, everyone. This is new school term, and we have a new student joining this class,” announced Yukiji. The whole class began chatting in great enthusiasm.
“First Hayata-kun, then Kayura, now a third one, huh?” said Miki, not very enthusiastically.
“Would that be a boy or a girl?” asked Risa, quite enthusiastically.
“I hope it would be a boy as nice as Hayata-kun!” said Izumi, very enthusiastically.
“WHAT DID YOU SAY, IZUMI?” asked Risa and Miki together, most enthusiastically.
“No, no! Nothing, nothing!” squealed Izumi, panicked.
“Idiots…” mumbled Nagi.
“QUIET ——–!!!” roared Yukiji, whose throat had gone hoarse as she overused her voice controlling the crowd this morning. Yet, despite all her might, the class remained very noisy, so she panted and said, “Good. Now, this new-comer’s name is Fukada Kyosuke. FUKADA-KUN, PLEASE COME IN!!!” She had to roar again at the last sentence, as the class went completely out of her control.

The door swung open, and entered a handsome boy with blonde, spiked short hair and green eyes. He was so good-looking that the whole class was stunned silent. He smiled and said, “My name is Fukada Kyosuke. It is my honour to meet you all.” His voice was deep and magnetic.
The class was still so amazed by his good looks that most students forgot to give a reply – only Hinagiku, Chiharu, Aika and Isumi managed to greet him back. Kotetsu snorted and said, “We don’t need a Super Saiyan in our class!”
The boys burst out laughing, but the girls all turned to Kotetsu and gave him death glares.
Kyosuke smiled and said, “Yes, my friends keep telling me I look like Trunks. I think I look better, though.”
This time the girls laughed and cheered. Kotetsu frowned and said nothing.

Yukiji, who was glad that classroom order had somewhat restored, smiled and said, “Okay, enough of this. Fukada-kun, please take a seat over there.”
Kyosuke walked towards the seat Yukiji was pointing at, and he walked past Hinagiku.
“Kazami? Is that you?” he asked suddenly. The whole class turned their heads to Hinagiku.
Hinagiku’s heart skipped a beat. She never expected anyone to call her that any more. “How do you know that name?” she asked.
“It’s really you, Kazami!” said Kyosuke, as if he had just won in a lottery. “It’s me, Big-Fuka!”
“Big-Fuka?” Hinagiku blinked and racked her brain. She then remembered. “Oh boy, it’s you! I am so sorry, I never knew your full name, so I didn’t recognize you! You have all grown up!” She was speaking so fast and so childish – in other words, so un-Hinagiku-ish – that the whole class gaped. The boys were petrified as they saw Hinagiku took him by his wrists. Yukiji was simply speechless.

Hayate watched Hinagiku and Kyosuke. He felt a bit annoyed, but he did not know why. Then he heard Miki giving out a quiet laugh.
“What is it, Hanabishi-san?” he asked.
“Kazami, huh? It has been so long since I last heard Hina being called that,” said Miki.
“Do you know something? Does Hinagiku-san have anything to do with the name Kazami?”
“Of course she does. She has everything to do with the name Kazami,” Miki paused. “Kazami is the surname of her original – or biological – parents. Her original name was Kazami Hinagiku.”

12 comments on “The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 2

  1. My word…. you’ve done it haven’t you!? You’ve done the unthinkable! You introduced a new MALE character! MALE! I finally understand why male characters are highly lacking in the series. A new male character, besides the other ones who are mostly morons, irrelevent or old man who are kids on the inside, would mostly be met with dislikes by the fans especially if their handsome and make a really cool first impression that pisses people off. Good job for making me feel that and I meant that in a good way.

    Once again, just like Part 1, this part induces a heavy feeling of intensity just from two simple formulas: New Kid in School and New Plot Device. It was serious, especially at the beginning (I thought Athena would have lightened up a bit after her time in the Violet Mansion) but you added some much needed Mood Whiplash during the classroom part. If I had to guess, this fanfic would place more focus on HayatexHina. I doubt Hayate even knows what Jealousy feels like in the real series. Nevertheless, good job especially with the well timed plot development. Hope to see more.

    • Oh my, I didn’t think about that much when I introduced Fukada Kyosuke! It looks like he is a good addition now, and I am glad with it.

      The Athena-Hina scene is something I have been imagining for a long time. I agree that Athena could be more funny. I intended to have her making a joke on Hina, but I couldn’t see where it could fit into this scene, so it was cut. Maybe I will import it into a future conversation.

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