The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 1

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

3rd March, 1989.

In a modest hospital in Tokyo, a new-born baby girl was crying very loudly in her mother’s arms. She barely had any hair, but it definitely was pink.
Both her parents were watching her with a smile on their faces, on the one side of the end. On the other side, there was an elementary school girl, also watching the baby girl. She had long green ponytail.

“You see, Yuki-chan, this is your younger sister,” said the father, very softly.
“Then why does she have pink hair? I suppose she should also have green hair, like I do,” said the girl, Yuki-chan.
“Well, inheritance is something that makes no sense to me at all,” said the mother with a small laugh. “But you see, she has eyes like you, so there is no doubt she is your sister.”
“And also like you too,” said Yuki-chan, also laughing. “So what do we call her?”
“Hmm… that is a very good question. To be honest, I haven’t come up with a name yet,” said the father thoughtfully.
“I have an idea,” said Yuki-chan enthusiastically. “Today’s 3rd of March, right? It’s Hinamatsuri (Hina Festival), right? Let’s call her Hina, okay!”
“I think your sister wouldn’t want to be called ‘small’ for the rest of her life!”, said the mother, now laughing a bit harder. She panted heavily after she stopped laughing, as she was exhausted from giving birth.
“Easy, honey,” said the father as he helped his wife down on her bed. “But then, Hina is a very good starting point. Hmm…” He was deep in thoughts as he looked out of the window. There, he saw some daisy blooming over the fields. “Hinagiku (daisy)…”
The two ladies both looked at him, amazed. The father smiled at them.
“Yes, she will be called Hinagiku,” He paused, and looked at his crying daughter. “Kazami Hinagiku!”

This is the birth of Kazami Hinagiku, and the beginning of a long story.


3rd September, 2005.

“Mi’lady, please be hurry! It’s time to go to school!” called a young boy in butler uniform, with blue hair.
“What are you talking about, Hayate? We are on summer vacation!” mourned a younger girl with blonde twin-tails as she entered the dinning room.
“What are you talking about, mi’lady? School resumes today!” said Hayate, as he helped his lady with some simple breakfast.
“Don’t you need a more proper breakfast, Nagi? That would be better for your health,” said a girl in maid dress. She wasn’t cosplaying, as she indeed was the maid of lady Nagi.
“I have no time for ‘proper breakfast’, Maria, since someone,” – Nagi glared at Hayate – “said that we have to go to school right now!”
“That is correct, Maria-san,” said Hayate, completely ignorant of the sarcasm in Nagi’s words. “We have to go now, mi’lady. You can have the sandwich on the car.”
“The car?” repeated Nagi.
“Yes, the car,” said Hayate with a smile. “You can’t eat properly on my bike, can you?”

The car left the Sanzen’in Mansion. Nagi had finished her sandwich in no time, and was having orange juice.
“Come to think of it, it really was like a dream,” said Hayate rather suddenly. “I mean, last week we were still living in the old apartment, but now we are back at the big Mansion, with Klaus-san, the SPs and everything back! It’s like, you know, Mikado-san hadn’t done anything with your right of inheritance, mi’lady.”
“Who knows what that old man is thinking?” said Nagi, after swallowing a mouthful of orange juice. “I don’t know what he was playing with that disclaimer. ‘The legal niceties would mean that Sanzen’in Nagi is the sole legal successor of the wealth of the Sanzen’in Household’? Please don’t make me laugh!”
“What do you mean by that, mi’lady?” asked Hayate, not keeping up.
“He should have known this from the beginning. He declared that whoever broke your jewel would get the inheritance, and I was the one, so I don’t know what he was doing by disinheriting me for three months.”
“But if it is the case, why hadn’t you say anything back in May?” asked Hayate, even more confused.
“It would sound like I was begging for his inheritance, and I absolutely hate it,” said Nagi coldly. “But I settle for whatever the law says is mine, so I have no problem with the disclaimer, even though it is stupid.”
Hayate’s head ached from following Nagi’s logic, so he decided to shut his mouth and let the subject drop.

As the car arrived at Hakuou Academy, Hayate and Nagi noticed a big crowd gathering at the entrance.
“What the…?” the driver began cursing, but stopped himself dropping the F-bomb in front of his lady just in time.
“From what I could see here, the crowd is surrounding another car at the school entrance,” said Hayate, who was looking through the car window. “Let’s walk from here, mi’lady.”

With much effort, Hayate squeezed through the crowd, while also protecting his lady. He could see that the crowd – most of them students – was almost hysterical. It seemed like Justin Bieber had just passed by.
Several teachers can be seen, Katsura-sensei and Kaoru-sensei among them, trying to keep the crowd under control, but did not look like they would succeed. Hayate forced his ways towards Katsura-sensei, as he was looking for information.
“Back off, back off, you idiots!!! You too, Ayasaki-kun!!!” yelled Katsura Yukiji, who sounded more desperate by every second.
“We have just arrived, sensei,” said Hayate, panting slightly. It was not easy forcing a way through a big crowd with a young girl to protect. “What’s happening?”
“Well, do you see that black car? It is the Chairperson’s. She is back at school, and the students want to see her!” said Yukiji, who was actually yelling, as the crowd was very noisy. “What kind of popularity is that?!”
Hayate did not answer. He could not respond to anything else either, as he was so absorbed in the news Yukiji had just told him: Tennonsu Athena was back in Hakuou Academy.

8 comments on “The Wind Sees Daisy – Chapter 1

  1. Now this is something I want to see in along time 🙂

    Where did you get the surname “Kazami?”

    Oh, and GJ 😉

    • I would have guessed the same thing too, had it not been that I was linked here via Facebook.

    • Then I better put a disclaimer or something saying that this is my fan fiction. 😛

    • As far as I know, the condition to succeed Mikado is to “take away or destroy the King’s Jewel of Ayasaki Hayate”. Of course, Mikado also said that if Nagi had lost this jewel, she would not get the inheritance, but it is seen as a plot hole. I intend to fix this plot hole by having the court involved, declaring that Nagi gets the inheritance because she fulfilled the condition of breaking Hayate’s jewel.

  2. Wow, not bad Gunso. Didn’t know you wrote fanfic or is this your first fanfic?

    Anyway, the plot seems like something Hata himself would have made in the manga. Reading this fanfic feels very intense just like the beginning of the End of the World arc and I feel like that because a comedy manga that begins to enter a serious arc always gives me that feeling since plot and character development in a comedy manga is just as intimidating as the last day of a very long school break.

    Overall, Part 1 is well done. The intro is just like the intro to the End of the World arc since it starts off with a childhood flashback. Great way to fill us fans with a dose of Hayate no Gotoku while the manga is on a hiatus.

    • It is the first time I write a fan fiction. I used to write my original novel in my first language, but unfortunately I gave up after 30% of the whole plot. In any case, I still haven’t managed to finish a writing project, which makes me a worse author than Nagi…

      Hope I can finish this one!

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