What Would the Hayate no Gotoku! Characters Want in 2012?

Happy New Year! We all make wishes or set targets for a new year, and the Hayate no Gotoku! characters would be no exception. So, what would they want in 2012? Doughnut Gunso compiles a list on some of the possibilities!

Please note the below is satirical, and just a bit of fun…

Hayate would want: the ability to stop himself before doing something stupid, so that he doesn’t have to apologize after doing something stupid.

Maria would want: a third hobby of hers to be revealed, so that her life might become a bit less boring.

Nagi would want: Hinagiku independence – so that she could go and have fun in her own character popularity poll.

Athena would want: Nagi to forget to send her on exile with Hinagiku as well, especially as she had had enough locking in the same room with Hinagiku for so long.

Hinagiku would want: her own mini-concert, preferably named HiNA Festival!! and Carnival!! 2012.

It has been 3 years since the last concert!

Ruka would want: to be a special guest at the HiNA Festival!! and Carnival!! 2012 mini-concert, and then own the whole show.

Ayumu would want: a new summer school skirt as she broke one, and a new bathroom scale as she thought she broke one.

Chiharu would want: a new Cyber Formula OVA in which Randoll finally becomes World Champion.

Aika would want: to make sure Sunrise announce Randoll’s retirement in the next Cyber Formula OVA.

Miki would want: a HiNA2 Spring Has Come!!! Special Edition.

Risa would want: to become Sailor Mars.

Kotetsu would want: to ride on Hayate – either the person or the train, or both if possible.

Izumi would want: a new name, so that she would not be confused with another girl with no sense of direction.

Isumi would want: a new name, so that she would not be confused with another girl with no sense of responsibility.

Sakuya would want: to give Izumi and Isumi funny names.

Wataru would want: an iPhone 4S, which can remind him of Saki’s birthday in advance.

Saki would want: to disable Siri on Wataru’s new iPhone 4S, as he definitely would spend more time talking to Siri than to her.

An alternative is simply to break it.

Tama would want: to be seen as a cat.

Shiranui would want: to be seen as a tiger.

Kaoru would want: to be appointed as the new Director of Gundam AGE, because he couldn’t bear to watch this anime any more.

Yukiji would want: to warn Kaoru not to make Gundam AGE look like her – “I mean, don’t use my head as the Gundam’s head!”

Klaus would want: Nagi to return to the Sanzen’in Mansion, because this is the only way he could get screentime.

Mikado would want: Nagi to return to the Sanzen’in Mansion, because this is the only way he could get screentime.

Everyone else would want: screentime!!!

6 comments on “What Would the Hayate no Gotoku! Characters Want in 2012?

  1. I thought Maria wanted a soul mate, unless dating or finding one for that matter is considered a hobby.

    Now enough about the characters, lets talk about what the fans want for this series in 2012. My guess, “LET’S GET TO TICKETS TO THE HINA CONCERT, WE WANT RUKA TO MAKE A CAMEO AT THE CONCERT, WE WANT -insert name of favourite couple- TO HAPPEN!!!”. Well that’s my guess anyway.

    Oh, almost forgot, Happy New Year Doughnut Gunso and followers of Hayate Report!! May Hayate no Gotoku and Hayate Report continue to entertain us throughout this year.

    • Maria doesn’t seem to be that desperate looking for a boyfriend or soul mate recently. I don’t really know why, but while we could see her thinking about romance a few years ago, we never see it any more.

      Maybe we should all put down our wishes here?

      Happy New Year! The first challenge of this year would come quite soon, though. I mean, we are not even sure if the next two months would be blank periods – not until we know what “Weekly HnG!” is up to, anyway.

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