Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 350

I thought Maria was doing the gardening...?

So, after a long while of manga, food, adventure and romance, finally the characters went school. We know for sure that Ch. 345 and 346 were set on June 19, 2005 (Sunday), and the following chapters did have a certain holiday mood. Could it be safe to suggest that Ch. 345 to 349 all happened on the same day – June 19, 2005?

If this is the case, then Izumi’s birthday would not be something which had been ignored. Instead, it is yet to come…

Kayura's bragging time (1)

So, Hayate woke up in the morning and found that Kayura was wearing Hakuou uniform. Although Hayate had no idea that Kayura was the person who took up the vacancy left by Wataru, we readers should know about it. Those who are just as clueless as Hayate, please go to Ch. 336.

Kayura was equally clueless that everyone else at the Violet Mansion was either a current (Hayate, Nagi, Hina, Chiharu) or a past (Maria and Athena) student of Hakuou Academy, and that she was not the only person who was studying High School Year 2 at the age of 13. She couldn’t understand why Hayate did not show enough admiration at her uniform or her academic progress. Yet, as she came to knew the truth, she became very depressed.

Kayura's bragging time (2)

When we achieve something, we often have the feeling that we are the Special One – cue a certain football coach who named himself just that. However, as we see that there are many people who could also do what we have done, we would understand that we are not really that rare or special at all. At a school like Hakuou, where everyone was extraordinary, Kayura found herself on such an emotional roller-coaster.

Well, Kayura herself was not ordinary at all. At the very least, she had an extraordinary plan about her life as a teen. She aimed at compressing her studying time into half the ordinary, so that she could have three years’ time to do whatever she wanted to do. At Hakuou, there were many grade-skippers (Maria, Athena, Nagi, Isumi… just to name a few), but we only know that Nagi skipped grades because she hated school. That is to say, among the grade-skippers, only Kayura showed us that she had an ambitious plan with her teenage life. That’s… quite special, right?

For Isumi, everywhere.

She might be special, but she was having trouble with the huge campus of Hakuou – just how huge was “huge” had never been properly defined. Hayate, who had been in her position 6 months ago, offered her a campus tour. It would of course be impossible to show the whole campus to her, but a first impression on the school’s specialties would certainly be helpful.

As they moved around the school, Hayate showed Kayura the following specialties:

1. A trolley for travelling within the school grounds

First appearance in the manga!

Had anyone seen it before?

No, I don’t think so. In the manga, we had only seen people walking. I don’t even remember seeing people travelling around the school in bikes or cars, let alone trains. Given that Hakuou was such a huge campus, it is often unimaginable that everyone could walk on foot.

Very understandably, Nagi felt that she had been cheated, as she – well-known for her laziness – had no choice but to walk along with Hayate and the others, not having been told that there was such a convenient transport in the school, and it was because the author thought it would be easier to draw people walking…

Interestingly, if you claim that you have seen a trolley like this somewhere, you are not wrong. It is here…

Season 1 Ep. 13.

Funny enough, in the anime, it was Nagi who explained to Hayate that, as the campus was huge, there were trolleys travelling around…

2. The drunk teacher

Your class teacher.

Her name was Katsura Yukiji, the World History teacher of Hakuou Academy.

It is rather hard to comment on the performance of Yukiji as a teacher. We know that she often get drunk, and was not really respected by her students, but when she wanted to be serious she could be. It was even reported that she got along with her students quite well.

It was actually weird that Hayate criticized her so much – you might think that it was actually Hina who was talking. In fact. other than her own sister, Hayate was Yukiji’s harshest critic. The reason for that? Well, it had to be that she almost made him unable to join Hakuou.

3. The view on the balcony of the Clock Tower

Kayura wasn't afraid of heights.

Hayate did not intend to show Kayura this. It was Kayura who wanted to visit here.

Surely, nobody would care that the Clock Tower was supposed to be a restricted area, where only Student Council members could enter. The most significant “trespasser”, so far, was Suirenji Ruka, someone who was not even a Hakuou student.

If I remember correctly, this is also the first time in canon that Nagi had visited the Clock Tower.

Kayura found the view from the Clock Tower amazing – so amazing that she was finally glad that she joined Hakuou. She shook hands with Nagi, and both girls expressed they were looking forward to their school life.

4. Right behind the door…

The greatest specialty.

High probability means high sampling. In other words, to say such things with so much confidence, Hayate must have seen Hina changing in the room for so many times. This is what everyone is talking about, and I raise no objection.

Kayura did not intend to see this. She was just asking Hayate where the door led to. It was Hayate’s choice to tell her – and to show her – what was behind the door. So, what was he thinking as he opened the door?

To begin with, I tend to believe that Hayate did not expect Hina to be in the room. There is no evidence to support my belief, but the consequence of the claim that he did have such an expectation is too severe, that the series would be no longer enjoyable any more – something Hata would not want to happen.

After all, if he did expect Hina to be there, then he had literally blasted the door to a changing room open – with intention. This is sexual harassment, clearly a criminal offence. Even if Hina were so forgiving as to not suing Hayate, he would be seen by everyone as a pervert who had gone out of bounds, and – this is the point – no sane girl would want such a pervert as her boyfriend, while no sane parent would want their children to see him in action again.

Girls: "Hayate, you are just too dumb to live."

If he did not expect to see Hina in the room, then we have to accept it was yet another unfortunate accident. Of course Hayate knew that such an accident was highly probable, so he would also know that he was running a very high risk when he opened the door. So, why did he take the risk?

My opinion is that he was just too dedicated to his “duty” as a guide, that he had forgotten to consider Hina’s feelings about this. When possible, guides should let the tourists see things for themselves. So, as Hayate said “open the door”, the ethics of a guide means that he had to open the door, and he had completely forgotten to consider the “what if”.

We have seen so many times – the movie being the most recent example – that Hayate could only think of one thing at a time. When he was focused on handling one matter, he would forget to think of other details. Unfortunately, these “other details” were very often Hina’s (above other girl’s) feelings.

There are other funny interpretations. For one example, he was trying on his luck that Hina wasn’t in the room, but he failed. For another, he was trying to make fun of himself and Hina, just for the fun of it. For yet another, he had not been hit by Hina for some time, so he wanted to make Hina to punch him again…

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we could find any proof for any of the above theories, including my own.

Could these two just give it a break?

There is one thing proven, though. Hayate and Hina showed us yet again their similarity: both lacked the ability to learn from the accidents between them. Hayate still hadn’t learn to knock before entering, while Hina was still changing in such a risky place. If there really were so many “accidents” between them, I think both parties were responsible for this.

Year 2011 began with a Hina punch in Ch. 302, and ended with a Hina punch in Ch. 350. Hina punch surely is one of the specialties of this series.