Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Part 3

The movie is too long to be summarized in one post, so I will split this article into 4 parts, each part covering about 15 minutes of the 1-hour movie. Please visit other articles to see the rest of the movie content!

At least they had the dignity of being "seniors".

Nagi and co. found no way out of the amusement park. The SC Rangers panicked, and Miki started blaming Risa for messing with the ants during the day. Kayura tried to stop them, but she carelessly addressed the SC Rangers as “you 3 seniors” – she should have addressed them one by one. This made the SC Rangers angry, so Kayura failed to calm them down.

What kind of idiot would allow her cellphone calling her idiot?

Nagi told the others they could only work together for a way out. Miki then suggested to begin with the basics: calling for help using phones. However, as iOS5 drains battery quickly they drained the battery by taking too many photos, the SC Rangers did not have cellphones to use. Kayura then pulled out her own iPhone, and said that she picked up signals for a split second, but it was still too weak that it was cut off again.

12 Million N of falling force.

As such, they had to look for a way to amplify the signals. Risa suggested a certain “Warsman theory”, according to which the powers (signals) could be amplified by 12 times. However, as her attempt failed, Kayura pointed out that 12 times of zero is still zero. Miki then suggested to look for other spots where they could pick up signals, and Nagi remembered what Hayate had told her that there were signals in high places. Nagi looked for the highest spot in the park, and she decided on the Ferris Wheel.

Glowing red...

Meanwhile, Hayate led Hina back to the farmhouse. Hina had no idea what Hayate wanted to do with her alone, and became nervous. Hayate then led her to sit down, and held her right hand with both his hands, reconstructing the scene which was in his head. He realized that the feeling was right, but he still couldn’t remember what was missing. He apologized to Hina, saying that there was something wrong, and left the room. Hina, who I believed had been expecting a confession, was confused and offended.

Hayate: "Speak up! I can't hear you!"

Hayate walked in the sunflower field, still trying to figure out what made him so annoyed. The woman in kimono called him from his back, the bell on her chest rang as she let out a breath.

Sakuya: "I hear you..."

Hina was walking down the road, cursing Hayate in her head for mistreating her. She was so frustrated that she yelled at the fields. “Hayate-kun, you idiot! I will never save you from troubles again!” Right behind her, Sakuya and Isumi had just left a bus, and they heard her every word.

Hina: "I hear you too!"

Sakuya and Isumi then began gossiping right in front of Hina, despite her repeated denial of any affairs between her and Hayate. Hina then asked why the two girls came, and Isumi said that she had received a call from Hayate – so he was calling Isumi the night before – and decided to come here because she was a bit worried.

Some say that they could form a Ghost-Sweeping Trio.

Sakuya asked why Hina was alone, and where Nagi had gone. Hina said that it was the first time she heard the name “Nagi”. Sakuya was surprised: You two might not be best friends, but you surely know Nagi, don’t you? Hina insisted that she had never heard of “Nagi” before. It means that she had lost the memory of Nagi, and Isumi understand why she had to come…

Nagi: "We are not playing Theme Park, you idiots!"

The SC Rangers suggested they had to make use of the “friendship + hard-work + victory” formula of Shonen Jump Manga to get some signals from the top of the Ferris Wheel, but none of them wanted to ride it. They argued that they hadn’t had enough fun in the amusement park yet, and if they were successful in calling for help, they would have to stop playing. It means that they were not cooperating with Nagi.

Nagi: "DON'T!!!"

Kayura volunteered to go with Nagi, which touched Nagi so much that she called Kayura her “friend of the heart”. They entered the same cart, but Kayura found that she cannot lock the door from the inside. She left the cart, closed the door, and found that she can lock it on the outside. Seconds after she locked Nagi alone in the cart, the Ferris Wheel started, and Kayura could do nothing but say “Goodbye, my friend of the heart.” Nagi retorted by an extremely fitting “AHO—–!!!! (Idiot—–!!!!)” But Nagi had no choice now. She could only reach the highest point of the Ferris Wheel by herself, and see if there was any signal. Once she successfully made her call, Hayate would certainly come to rescue her. Certainly.


Yukiji and Kaoru were still on the way to the countryside. Kaoru was highly in doubt of their chances of finding the diamond. After all, even if it existed, it would have been found and owned by now. Yukiji agreed with him, and as she decided to hurry up, she took the shortcut by driving through the forest. However, it turned out not to be a shortcut, but a dead-end, as their car fell helplessly down the cliff into the water.

He took it before knowing what was in it...

Hayate and the woman were still staring at each other. The woman then asked why Hayate worked as a butler, and Hayate gave her the standard answer: His lady (It was Maria in his flashback.) paid his debt for him, so he served as her butler to repay her. The woman gave him the diamond she had found and kept, saying that he could sell it for 150 Million yen (and hence repay his debt). Hayate refused, but the woman insisted that he had the right to own the diamond, and that after selling it, he would not be bound by money any more. He could live his own life, and stop caring about the lazy lady.

Catch Me. If You Can (?!)

Hayate expressed that he could not give up on his lady (You can say that he was about to confess his love/emotion for his lady, but then he did not finish the sentence…). The woman knew it, and insisted that she would make him give up. With that, she turned away and run with a pace which Hayate could not catch up with.

In every sense, Maria failed as a paparazzi.

Travelling through the field, Hayate caught up with someone, but it was Maria. She was covered in several sunflowers, and looked as if she was hiding herself from something. She explained that she was merely curious about what was happening between him and Hina. Hayate didn’t even bother to explain.

A more serious Hayate-Maria moment - or we thought it would be...

Maria then asked if Hayate had forgotten something very important, and said that she had the same feeling as well. She started to describe that “thing” with both her hands, stating that it was round and sweet. Finally she remembered what it was: watermelon. She then went to the kitchen to cut one. Hayate volunteered to do it for her, but apparently she wasn’t listening.

I would have screamed if I saw her so suddenly.

The Ferris Wheel stopped, but Nagi had not yet reached the highest point, and there was no cellphone signal yet. The woman appeared to her, saying that Hayate would not come. It was because she had already given enough money for him to repay the debt, so he did not have to be her butler any more. Nagi did not believe her, and insisted that whenever she was in danger, Hayate would definitely come and save her.

This is what happen to the iPhones when Siri doesn't understand the user's English.

Nagi’s cellphone rang suddenly, and she was so sure that she picked the call up immediately. It indeed was a call from her butler, but it was Klaus instead of Hayate. Klaus informed Nagi that Amazon had a delivery for her (So does it mean that Nagi had returned to the Sanzen’in Mansion?). However, Nagi did not have any time for Klaus or Amazon, and she smashed her cellphone out of frustration. She immediately realized what she had done: without a cellphone, it was physically impossible to call Hayate anymore…

Nagi's Ultimate Move: "HAYATE!!!"

Maria had finished cutting the watermelon into slices, while Hayate’s lost memory was coming back to him bit by bit. At the same time, while the woman firmly believed that Hayate would not come to save Nagi, she told Nagi she had to “do it” as a precaution. Dark aura came out of the woman, and Nagi – understanding that she was at mortal peril – desperately screamed: “HAYATE—!!!

Hayate's Ultimate Move: "MI'LADY!!!"

Her scream cracked the “closed space” and reached Hayate. He recognized her scream, and his lost memory came together and formed the complete “hand wiping scene”. Finally he remembered that Nagi was his true lady, and he ran out of the farmhouse to rescue her.

6 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Part 3

  1. This movie, a bit of it, is one hell of a not-too-obvious anti-iPhone propaganda.

    I actually expected that an Initial D parody would happen during the Yukiji driving scene but unfortunately Initial D ain’t as popular as it used to be.

    Not only does doing chores still remain in Maria’s stereotypical maid nature but eavesdropping, which is what steroetypical maids do, is still in her.

    Maria is just as close to Nagi as Hayate is. Then again, Nagi called for Hayate and not Maria.

    • Well, I would agree with Nagi that Hayate seemed more likely to break the “closed space” than Maria. What’s more, it seemed that Nagi trusted Hayate more than Maria in the first place.

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