Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Part 2

The movie is too long to be summarized in one post, so I will split this article into 4 parts, each part covering about 15 minutes of the 1-hour movie. Please visit other articles to see the rest of the movie content!


After a dinner around the table, it was ghost story time. Only two people were absent: Hina, who was known to be afraid of ghosts, went bathing. Hayate, without a specific reason, was unpacking clothes. The others all sat together, and listened to Chiharu’s ghost story.

Hayate: "I am going to die! I AM GOING TO DIE!!!"

The funny thing is that Chiharu’s story came – to a certain extent – in reality in the bathroom. Hayate accidentally broke into the bathroom, while Hina just came out of the tub. As such,  Hayate came right into a naked Hina. The inevitable result is that Hina screamed, splashed water onto Hayate’s face, and Hayate fainted (or acted faint) from her attacks.

1 person dislikes your invitation.

Getting excited over ghost stories, the SC Rangers decided to go one step forward by starting a trial of courage. Nagi, who was (at least) scared of darkness, refused to join. Meanwhile, Hayate, who managed to escape Hina’s wrath, retreated to his room. He would very much agree that locks are the greatest invention of mankind by now… He then recalled the woman he saw during the day, and he – or we – finally knew what she was saying: “Let me save you.” Upon realizing this, he pulled out his cellphone…

Nagi failed her trial of courage.

At midnight, Nagi woke up from her sleep, and she wanted to go to the washroom. Being afraid of darkness – while walking around the house in the dark was scary for anyone anyway – she wanted company, but both Ayumu and Maria were sleeping like dead, so Nagi had no choice but to go alone. Yet, she was so scared that she could barely take one step, and she ended up calling for Hayate after just one step.

Nagi's heart was bigger than Hayate's head.

Even for Hayate’s standard, he answered to her call far too quickly this time, and that almost gave Nagi a heart attack. So, what was he doing out here, late at night? He was walking around, picking up cellphone signals, and he found out that on top of a mountain far away from the village, he could pick up signals.

Twinkle twinkle little star...

Nagi was amazed that Hayate could walk that far in total darkness, but Hayate told her that the countryside is far brighter than she had imagined. He then showed her the sky which was full of stars. These stars shine at night, lighting up the world although just by a bit. It is quite impossible to see so many stars in cities, just because we prefer to light up our world with man-made light sources…

Nagi: "Is it so difficult to ask for company to the washroom?"

However, Nagi’s toilet problem had not yet been solved, so she made her attempt to ask Hayate to accompany her. But then, Hayate heard the same bell ring, and saw the same woman, in the day again. For some reason, he decided to go after the woman, leaving Nagi and her “wish” behind. Nagi, who could not see the woman, was confused, and decided to go after Hayate. Her “wish” couldn’t wait, and she did not want to be left alone in the dark, after all.

He looks like a boy... (Well, he IS a boy.)

Hayate was sure that he had seen that woman before, and it was why he chose to run after her so desperately. Suddenly, strong light came from the far end of the forest, and Hayate found himself standing at the entrance of an amusement park. Although he was surprised that there was an amusement park in the forest, but he had a certain impression that he had been here before…

The SC Rangers were having fun.

Hayate was not alone in the amusement park. The SC Rangers and Kayura, who were having their trial of courage, had reached the park as well. They found the facilities extremely attractive, and despite Hayate’s warnings that they might not be safe for playing, all four girls had gone to play.

Hata: "Anyone who stands between Hayate and Nagi must DIE!" Woman: "Well, I am already dead..."

Hayate did not have much time to comment on their adaptability, as he heard Nagi’s scream. Nagi, who had followed Hayate to the amusement park, was surrounded by at least 5 mascots. Just as Hayate ran for her rescue, the mascots grabbed Nagi and began to run away. Both Hayate and Nagi reached out for the other, but then the bell rang again, and the woman in the day came between Hayate and Nagi. With another bell ring, everything became quiet…

Hayate-Ayumu moments are rare in this movie. This has to be captured.

With a yell, Hayate woke up. Confused, Hayate began looking for his lady. He found Chiharu and Ayumu, who were removing their bedding, and asked them the whereabouts of his lady. Chiharu answered that his lady was standing in the garden, and she pointed at… Maria?!

Twin-tails don't look good on 37 - I mean, 17-year-olds.

Something about Maria had changed. She had become a twin-tailed, and called Hayate without the “-kun” suffix. We are all shocked, and Hayate was no exception. However, as the bell rang yet again, Hayate seemed to have accepted that Maria was his lady. Maria then asked Hayate why he panicked, and Chiharu teased Hayate for panicking over a nightmare. “Was it really just a dream?” Hayate asked himself, but there was no answer.

Hina: "Ayumu, could you look at me if you are talking to me?"

Hina arrived and commented that it would be another hot day. Ayumu then suggested to have a barbecue on such a hot day by the river, and Chiharu agreed. So far, nobody had asked about Nagi, nor Kayura, nor the SC Rangers. It seemed that everybody had forgotten their existence. Hayate even told Maria, who asked the details of his nightmare, that he had forgotten what his dream was about.

Nagi was shaking, but not because she was angry.

Meanwhile, Nagi began to discover that they were locked in the amusement park by some “closed space”. The situation was bad, and she was worried about Hayate, but her friends clearly lacked such awareness. Kayura was turned on by the term “closed space”, and was ready to cosplay into Suzumiya Haruhi. The SC Rangers were still enjoying themselves in the amusement park. Nagi was angry with their apparent stupidity, and began lecturing them. However, she could not finish her words, as her biological problem remained unsolved. “Over there,” said Kayura.

Problem-solving: How to dive into such shallow water without hitting your butt against the river bottom.

Under the sun, Chiharu, Ayumu and Hina were having fun in the river. Hayate was watching over them from a rock up high, when Maria offered him a cooked yakitori. Hayate was confused: He was happy, but it seemed that he had forgotten about something very important… He then found that Maria was doing all the cooking, while she was not supposed to do so. As his lady, Maria was supposed to simply sit down and watch over them, right?

While the butler was acting like a perv, the lady did all the work.

Maria also found herself strange. Surely, she was supposed to simply sit down and watch over the others, but her body automatically started working. Even when Hayate resumed cooking, Maria couldn’t stop herself helping out. She was the lady, but why was it that she acted like a maid?

Nagi could also cast for Doraemon.

Meanwhile, Nagi had already taken off her pajamas, and put up a cat costume. Risa found it looked good, and got one for herself as well. Nagi still didn’t understand why they were all so calm under a situation where time had stopped running, and they had no way to go out.

The truth is always horrible.

For the first time since being trapped, the SC Rangers considered the possibility that they couldn’t leave the amusement park. Miki compared their own situation to the legend of kamikakushi – being lured by gods and spirits and disappear from the real world – and Risa came to the conclusion that this time it was them who were being lured. Suddenly, the SC Rangers all panicked, and yelled for help.

I fully understand why she preferred the swimming pool.

Suddenly, we arrive at the swimming pool of Hakuou Academy, where Yukiji was sunbathing and saying that she wanted money, and Kaoru was making Gunpla. Yukiji revealed that she actually refused to go to the countryside with Hina, as she preferred to stay at the swimming pool.

"Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money..."

She then read a newspaper article, which mentioned a diamond which was hidden in the countryside. The said diamond was reported to be able to grant the thoughts of one person every year. If the legend could be proven true, the diamond would worth 100 to 150 Million yen. Yukiji, who was always desperate for money, decided to go treasure hunting in the countryside at once, and was about to start Kaoru’s car. Despite Kaoru warning her not to leave a scratch on his car, Yukiji scratched his car at the very second she hit the pedal. Kaoru screamed in pain…

Maria: "I see Big Bang..."

The yakitori was ready, and the gang by the river were enjoying their meal. Hina offered Hayate a yakitori, but he – beginning to realize that he had forgotten something important – absentmindedly grabbed her hand. Hina protested his sudden act of grabbing her hand, and the word “hand” suddenly stirred Hayate’s thoughts. The “very important thing” had something to do with a hand, a person, and the farmhouse…

Hina never protested when Hayate willingly grabbed her hands.

Hayate racked his brains with all his might, but he still couldn’t find the missing link. He wanted Hina to come with him to a certain place, to reconstruct the scene, and to remember what was missing. Before Hina could give a proper answer, Hayate grabbed her hand and led her away.

6 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Part 2

  1. Strange how Hayate wasn’t as fast he usually is when running after Nagi who was kidnapped. Must be the Women’s power.

    Maria as the “Ojou-sama” is just weird. She seems too, no offense to her, old to be the “Ojou-sama” and she’s too responsible to be one. Plus her rich girl pigtails just don’t look good on her. In fact, the rich girl look doesn’t quite suit her at all. She looks better with a ponytail.

    • Well, they say that the intelligence of a character would change for the show’s needs, and in Hayate’s case it is his physical abilities which would change.

      Agree that a ponytail suits Maria more. Her “mi’lady look” gives me an impression that she was pretending to be a lot younger…

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