Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Part 1

The movie is too long to be summarized in one post, so I will split this article into 4 parts, each part covering about 15 minutes of the 1-hour movie. Please visit other articles to see the rest of the movie content!

I still don't really get the title of the movie.

It was a very hot summer day. Nagi was lying flat on the floor of a certain house, and was forced to listen to a cicada singing very loudly on a tree nearby. The cicada soon became too annoying for Nagi, that she grabbed a watermelon rind and threw it out into the garden, attempting to hit the cicada which was nowhere to be seen. The cicada did go silent for several seconds, but then it began singing again. Nagi lost her patience and started yelling for Hayate.

Nagi: "*&^%$#@!"

As Hayate came upon her call, Nagi started complaining about everything: Summer was hot, the cicada was too noisy, and her hand was  dirty (because she grabbed the watermelon rind). She ordered Hayate to do something right now, or she was going to die.

This scene is key throughout the whole movie.

Well, Hayate could do nothing about the weather or the cicada, he could only help Nagi with her dirty hand. He took out a handkerchief, made it wet with some water, asked for Nagi’s hand so he could wipe it, and lectured that she shouldn’t make her hands dirty anyway. Nagi became annoyed embarrassed, so she pushed Hayate’s  hand away. She questioned why she was stuck in this place, and screamed out her protest as Hayate said it was to make her less useless.

Ruka's anime debut.

The OP, titled “Bokura, Kakeyuku Sora e”, was sung by Suirenji Ruka, who made her animation debut. After flashes of her on-stage performance, we are shown a recollection of how Hayate met Nagi and Maria, and his meetings with various girls. Most importantly, Tennonsu Athena made her only appearance in this movie in the OP.

Doujinshi. Game. Comic. V. Tachibana

The OP was followed by a little flashback. We come to Akihabara, and have a brief look at Wataru’s new store. It seems that his new business wasn’t about renting video, but selling doujinshis, games and comics. There are full of similar stores around Akihabara, so there would be serious competition. Yet, since Akihabara is considered the “sacred place” for otakus, it would surely be very successful if it was well-managed. Let’s see what Wataru could do with it.

Kayura's anime debut.

Somewhere nearby, Nagi was playing Monster Hunter in a coffee shop with a certain F91-Mask. Nagi told us that it was “2 weeks after Summer Comiket”, so it would be late August. She also called the F91-Mask “Kayura”, and manga readers would know who she was by now. Simply put, she was an otaku friend, manga fan (?) and tenant of Nagi. To a certain extent, she was a bit of a weirdo.

Oi! Manners!

End of August would also mean end of summer vacations, and Nagi was not happy about it. Just by thinking about schools days which were going to start soon, and remembering the places she had gone to during summer holidays, was enough to make her tired. Kayura went harsh and told Nagi to sleep for the rest of her life. Nagi did not even have the motivation to strike back, and changed the subject to new mangas and so on…

Chiharu: "Well, how should I put it...?"

Chiharu, who was filling juice for them, saw that it was no good. Of course, the Summer Comiket was very exhausting, and it was understandable that Nagi would relax as much as she could after such a stressful (but likely successful) event. However, it seemed that Nagi was a bit too relaxed, and if she did not pick herself up for the new school term, she would think of treating the school term like vacation.

Whose can was the third can?

Do note that during the Summer Comiket flashback, there was a scene with 3 emptied coffee cans. In Ch. 218 of the manga, Hata had also used 3 emptied coffee cans to suggest that a big event would take place between Chiharu and Nagi. If these two scenes point at the same thing, then we could say the said “big event” would be Summer Comiket.

Hayate: "What? Seriously?"

Hayate tried to argue that it wouldn’t be the case, but soon enough he saw Nagi discussing “autumn vacation” with Kayura. He knew that if he did not do anything, Nagi would refuse to go to school again. Just then, Ayumu entered the coffee shop, saying that she had an offer.

She was wearing the same maid dress as Saki's.

Ayumu invited her friends to her farmhouse. It was located in the countryside, where there were mountains, rivers, festivals, etc. Hayate thought that it was a very good idea to spend a few days in the nature and get ready for the new school term. However, Nagi did not seem interested, because she did not want to get ready for school, and that there would be nothing at countryside.

Nagi: "Go! Go! Let's go!"

Ayumu said that it is untrue that there is nothing at countryside. In fact, there is something called “nothing” at countryside. This is a catchphrase of Ayase Fuka from Yotsuba&!, so although it was complete crap talk, both Nagi and Kayura reacted very positively to it. Nagi suddenly realized that her otaku days were fun but empty, and it would be a good idea to visit Mother Nature, where there is “nothing”!

Nagi: "There really is nothing here..."

Nagi realized her mistake almost as soon as she reached the farmhouse. There really was nothing at countryside. No game stores. No Shonen Jump (I thought she would mention Shonen Sunday instead of Jump!). No TV channels other than NHK plus two. No air-conditioning. Not even iPhones could pick a signal here. She did not bring her NDS or PSP with her. In such a place with nothing, Nagi would die of boredom. She got very frustrated and threw her shaved ice at Hayate, who could only think of playing chess with her. “Butler is surely a difficult job,” said Chiharu.

Kayura was being philosophical.

Somewhere else, other guests were enjoying themselves. Risa messed up with the ants, while Miki got angry (for nothing) and used “hosepipe attack” on her. Kayura admired the sunflowers, but questioned their existence if they would die at the end. Izumi picked some sunflowers, and Miki and Risa used “hosepipe attack” on her. Hina stopped the hosepipe flow with her heel, and released it when Miki and Risa checked on the hosepipe, thus splashing a huge amount of water on them – a rare instant of Hina playing tricks on her friends. She finally turned off the tap.

Ayumu: "When was the last time we were alone in the same panel?" Hina: "Well, I forgot..."

Ayumu approached Hina and asked for a comment of the area. After hearing Hina’s compliment, Ayumu mentioned that the summer festival would also be fun. According to the legend, the earth god of the area would answer to a person’s thought – a thought on someone, instead of a wish. Both girls agreed that it was very romantic.

Hayate always meet women, dead or alive.

Back in the house, Nagi was still in mourning mode. Hayate, who apparently had given up inviting her to play chess, tried to cheer her up by other means. He stood up and looked over the garden, but halfway through talking about the beautiful view he stopped. He suddenly saw a strange woman in a white kimono with a small bell at her chest. He noticed her blue hair and purple eyes, and her mouthing of some inaudible words. He was shocked.

Chiharu: "We see nobody!"

Maria asked if there was anything wrong. Hayate turned to her and said that he saw someone, but as his eyes returned to where the woman was, she was already gone. Chiharu suggested that Hayate might have seen an illusion, but Hayate wasn’t convinced. After all, he saw the woman with his own eyes.

Critical Hit!

Nagi picked up on the word “illusion”, and said that such boredom and “nothingness” would make people see illusions. “People become useless when they are out of iPhone signal range,” she said, and had decided to go home. Hayate tried to stop her, but she was struggling so hard that Hayate could barely handle her. “Butler is surely a difficult job,” said Chiharu (again).

78 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Part 1

  1. [QUOTE]The story takes place several months after the current storyline.[/QUOTE]

    I’m just curious, but where does this bit of info come from?

    • Certain people quoted a certain episode of Hayasun, I suppose. I forgot to keep the source, but this piece of info got stuck into my head.

      If my memory is faulty, though, I am more than happy to take away that info. 🙂

  2. Just looking at that title, and the fact that it introduces a new character, my interest got a sudden boost

    • Manga storyline. To put it simply, they say it is several months after the “Doujinshi arc”.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, the studio handling the movie is different than the one handling the anime series..It was Manglobe, right?

    • Manglobe handles the movie. Synergy SP handled the 1st Season anime, and J.C. Staff the 2nd Season.

  4. Well judging by the way the pictures look there’s probably going to be high quality action scenes and being that it takes place months after the current arc Hayate’s probably stronger

    • Perhaps a smidge. Nagi has always been about shoulder height to Hayate, but she looks a little bigger overall in the picture because her arms and legs seem longer. I don’t know if it’s enough of a difference to qualify as intentional, though.

  5. I suppose it really could be set some months after the current manga chapters, since Luca seems to be present aswell (I truly hope that we will see her in the movie).

    That alone raised my expectations by alot 😮

    • Luca will probably just get a cameo, but it’s still pretty exciting. 🙂

      I do find it interesting that Athena is apparently not in the movie in either adult or child form. I guess that means this movie is set after her storyline is resolved and Hata doesn’t want to give away the ending…

    • Naaaaah.
      Athena storyline resolved?..Athena is bound to the main storyline with three(and that’s counting only those we know for sure) chains. Not an option.

      Movie is going to be non-canon, fail by design.

      IMO, ofc.

      I’m disappointed.

    • Probably someone would be watching TV or listening to the radio, when there was a Luca show. 😉

  6. Damnit. I was really hoping it’d be the athena story arc. I hope the Third season is it cause other wise I’m gonna feel ripped off.

    I mean really, the only time I felt like this manga had a story is when they went to the aegian sea. (well and the third quarter of the first season…)

    I hope Himegami will be in the manga sometime, I mean Mikado and Athena are in it, so hopefully he’ll be in it too.

  7. aw man!!! i seriously thought they would animate the end of the world arc

    i really hope athena gets introduced in the third season.

    • I am not sure about the speed of the English sub. The Chinese are fast, though. If they can secure a source, the Chinese sub could come out within days.

  8. This movie probably be a supplementary to the current manga storyline. It’s just like how Ga-Rei: Zero was made as a supplementary TV series for the manga in a form of a prequel.

    Well, the currently manga storyline (Luca Suirenji arc) was so good that no wonder they’ll make a movie despite skipping the manga’s story arcs between where the JC Staff’s 2nd Season left off (which is supposed to be Athena Tennos arc) and also after the Doujinshi storyline (which is a part of Luca Suirenji arc).

    I always thought that the movie will cover the Athena Tennos arc which to me is inappropriate time-wise and story-wise, as a mere 3-hour movie just won’t do enough justice. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed for JC Staff to continue where they left off.

    As for Manglobe animating the said movie, I don’t have problems with their character design. If you guys pay more attention, they’re pretty much faithful to the manga’s character designs. And besides, they’re also faithful to the character designs on the “Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows)” manga when they worked on the anime adaptation of the same title. You can’t go wrong with Manglobe, as they also did some great anime adaptations like Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy.

  9. This will come off perverted…
    On the official website, there happen to be some pictures on the bottom. Including Nagi, with PANTY SHOT!! And seeing as it’s HnG, Norio Wakamoto will come in “Time to insert fanservice for the audience!”

    • I happen to have the said picture. It comes with the Speical Edition of Vol. 28.

  10. “What Not to Expect?

    * Hayate-Hina love comedy.”

    Fine. I can live with that.

    And of course, Hina won’t be able to tell him her feelings. Won’t that override the manga if she able to?

    • Well, if she succeeds in the movie, then many of us would lose the motivation to keep reading the manga. So in any case, Hayate and Hina would not be together in this movie.

  11. “I think the movie has an original plot, so it may have discontinuities.”

    It is, but it doesn’t sound like Hata will let them do anything that outright contradicts the manga. Right after the movie was announced, he mentioned that the director asked him to come up with “One thing they can resolve/accomplish in this movie.”

    So probably they got permission to advance the core Hayate/Nagi relationship a little, but I don’t expect resolution or anything. A bit of a heavy-handed wink-nudge for the future, maybe.

    Athena may be left out of the movie but she’ll get plenty of spotlight time in the third season.

    They’re really keeping the “new original character” under wraps, whoever it is. Personally I don’t see how a (major) new character can fit into the current storyline unless they’re a bad guy, but we’ll see.

  12. Well i don’t know how good the story gonna be in the movie, but what i really want , is that they keep a similar art to the manga or the 2nd season.

    My biggest worry is that the characters may look too child like (like the one in pre-poster), while i think that they look originally much more mature in both the 2nd season and in the manga (and thats what i like about it).

  13. As for the new character in the movie she will just follow the same principles as the generic Naruto movie villains. You’ve never heard of them and after the movie’s over you’ll never remember them but for the entire duration of the movie you’ll think of them as the most important character to the plot. On another note, I find it funny how you put a lot of emphasis on the ‘Maria wearing a new maid uniform’. Sure she looks more her age(or even less), wears a new maid outfit, mature, extremely popular with the male students as a small child(the opposite of Hinagiku), unimaginably intelligent and for some reason still remains single since the beginning of the series despite all the good qualities she has doesn’t make her any more important than the other characters. As for the plot it probably takes place after Maria’s birthday which I definitely think will become one of the most plot important arc in the manga seeing as how Maria’s past would probably make the arc more serious than the Athena arc.

  14. Maybe it’s just me, but I just have this feeling that Maaya Sakamoto would be fitting to voice Luca Suirenji. Well, there are some seiyuu that are also fitting to voice Luca, but everytime I read the manga and saw her images and dialogues, it made me think of Maaya’s voice.

    How about you, guys? Any seiyuu you think may be fitting to voice Luca?

    Oh, I also think Nana Mizuki would be also fitting to voice Luca. 😀

  15. The manga, if I’m not mistaken, is more popular than the anime and it was the manga’s popularity that lead to the movie not the anime. Hopefully the 3rd season will have more improvements like a better soundtrack, same coloring and animation style of the 2nd season(which was awesome), no filler’s, proper execution of parodies since the first season contained way too many unnecessary bleeps and overused anime parodies, faithful to the manga, less depressing atmosphere(I’m sorry but the series can be quite depressing but that’s my personal opinion) and to top it all off a great opening(most likely Kotoko again) and ending song. If the butler report segment returns then I hope they don’t bombard the audience with promotions for character songs again which was just annoying but I’m not saying the songs are bad.

  16. Is there still no PV or some sort for the movie? It’s only like 1.5 month left until it airs in the Theathers afaik, but i still havent seen anything more than the info given here.

  17. The three primary characters of the Sanzenin household (or use to be) and of course……uuuurgh-sigh-……the obligatory Hinagiku who gets a spot in the character profile (I’m sorry and I mean no offense by this but I’m getting pretty sick of Hinagiku. Yes I know it’s because her popularity in terms of ranking and readers is no.1 but the fact that she constantly appears in pretty much any story in the series without balancing out how much screen time kinda makes it annoying and gives other characters with equal relevance less screen time just like what Happy Days did with Fonzie who although was AMAZING received way too much screen time which is why I’m glad this movie focuses on Hayate and Nagi again which has been horribly neglected). I’m so watching it and no that did not count as a trailer.

    • Well, the character profile thing… I would say it would make everyone happier if it includes Ayumu as well.

      As for Hina, the thing is that she might have the priviledge of a lot of screentime, but at the same time she is assigned the task to be (very) helpful to the story. If the Sanzen’in trio are the “MVP combo” of FC Barcelona, then Hina is the Xavi behind them.

      It is said that a more proper trailer would come out in Japan today, let’s wait and see.

  18. I liked the bit at the end =)

    But anyhoo, is this movie in theatre, dvd release? If its in theatre, we might have to wait a while before we can actually see it.

  19. Watching the trailer (awesome trailer) reminded me that it’s not just Hinagiku but the SC Rangers also gets an obligatory screen time. They’ve always received a lot of screen time whether it be the anime or the manga. The difference between them and Hinagiku is that the SC Rangers are not important to the story at all.

    Apparently it’s not just one but two new (female) characters will be introduced. The villain is most likely that priestess-like girl (I’m not sure but she creeps the f*** out of me). As for Hinagiku’s ‘spectacular’ scene….well lets be honest, she’s always no.1 in the popularity poll but when it comes to fan service, with her not so well endowed body she would have to rely on cosplaying instead of bath scenes (just look at Ayumu’s outfit).

    Looking forward to the movie this month. I can understand why Hata would cry watching the ‘hand wiping scene’. It’s so far the most significant scene in the trailer. Best part is that we get to hear what Luca really sounds like plus Hayate and Nagi’s original seiyuu’s will be in the movie. Hopefully, all the characters roles in the movie are important including the SC Rangers (Somebody has to be the comic relief) and especially Maria who’s character hasn’t been that important in the manga and the anime (despite the OP of the first season hinting towards her importance). Question though, will Hata be supervising the story of the movie?

    • I think Hata might be forgetting that quite a number of Hina fans like her not because of her body. To be honest, I am sick of seeing Hina’s naked body over and over and over again.

      Hata contributes to the story. The “wiping hand scene” is his idea.

    • Oh good, Hata does contribute to the story. I was afraid it would turn out similiar to Dragon Ball GT in that the author Akira Toriyama had no supervising authority over it (thankfully he has full supervising authority over Dragon Ball Online in which Dragon Ball GT never existed…….and it never will).

      Can’t wait to read your review of the movie. With the smooth animations, the some what similarity to Summer Wars and Hata having certain level of control over the story the movie would hopefully turn out to be good.

  20. Methinks that bathing scene can’t be the spectacular scene he was speaking about. Why would they put it in the promotional video if it is?

  21. So now Shirosakura has a “sparking” intro rather than immediately appearing in Hinagiku’s hands while nothing extravagant happens. Oh and the monsters explode after being defeated. Super Sentai reference?

    Maria with pigtails…..hmm. It looks more like, no offense to Maria, tsundere pigtails glued to her base hair that still looks the same. Even when she was shown as her little self she still looked the same and her head still seems to be of the same size.

    The SC Rangers are being pretty much useless and that Suzune girl/ghost looks really annoying. Someone should deliver a little “WATAA” and some “ATAAA” to her face.

    • Well, it is the movie, so the appearance of Shirosakura would need some… special effects.

      Maria looks weird with her twin tails. It just isn’t her style.

      No offence, but when had the SC Rangers ever been useful? 😛

    • Let me guess.
      Manga will remain unaffected by the movie events, which is good thing, actually. It…just…well, it’s just my feelings, but this movie…well…sucks. It just feels so lame, so far from what I know and love about HnG, so false…maybe I’m wrong, maybe. I’d like to be wrong about this thing.
      Anyway, if those events are going to be canon, and they are taking place in the end of summer, then story of Athena, Yozora, Aika…well, of all magical characters…is still FAAAAAR, FAAAAAR ahead(would be stupid to think that everything was resolved at summer). Which means exacty what I don’t want—another load of filler-ish chapters.

    • The only thing Shirozakura need to be awesome are lightsaber like noise when it was swung, IMHO.

      “For some reason Hayate grabbed Hina’s hand, and he had a deja vu.”
      Oh look, another ship tease (lol)

    • One or two months later, I would say. The DVD and BR are coming out soon. Once they are released, some people will upload them on the Internet, and then the translators can do their job…

  22. Well with the ENG sub version of the movie coming out sometime this month, there’s only one thing left to discuss…..the 3rd season. Any news on that so far?

    Poor Nagi, she lost to Ruka and Yukiji (What the hell!?) in the Character Rankings. Oh well at least she beat Athena but I doubt Nagi barely knows who Athena is. With Maria not being in the Top 3 again, who knows what kind of punishment the Katsura sisters will face.

    • I don’t have any news on the Anime yet. Let’s see…

      Believe me, punishing Yukiji would be punishing us. I hope you see what I mean…

  23. I shall read this properly once I’ve managed to watch the movie…. specifically on the internet. If I managed to watch Tekken: Blood Vengeance online (still struggling to watch the Japanese dub ver) then I can certainly find Hayate no Gotoku: Heaven is a Place on Earth online. Wish me luck -salutes-.

  24. Woot, found the SUB version!!

    The movie didn’t show the part where they all got on the train to the countryside because that was the whole point of the poster/cover picture where they they were shown waiting at the train station. Still wouldn’t hurt to add a few minutes into the movie so that it would at least be longer than one hour.

    The SC Trio broke the 4th wall by pointing out how Izumi got a better debut in the movie by not appearing with them in the first place. The movie is also a bit of a spoiler for part 2 of the Mangaka Saga. Kayura’s mask was really cool with the way the mouth part opened.

    • I don’t know about the train station scene. I quite like the pace of the movie we have, and kinda think that a train station scene would disrupt this tempo, unless there is something worth mentioning about the station.

      Yes, Kayura’s mask was awesome. I want to know how it operated.

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