Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 348

Maria-sama ga Miteru?

While Hayate and the others were busy studying and working, Maria and Alice did not seem to have much to do during the day. As such, both of them had quite a lot of free time. In previous chapters we had seen Alice having fun with Armageddon and Nagi. In this chapter, we are to be reminded that karaoke is not Maria’s only hobby. At least, there is also gardening.

As summer was coming in the story (while winter is coming for me, and spring has come for Hina…), Maria decided to do some gardening. Her idea was to plant some flowers – a lot of flowers, by the looks of her garden. But then, Hayate appeared and asked what kind of food she was going to grow. To him, vegetables and fruits would be a lot more useful than flowers. After all, like he said, you cannot eat beautiful flowers.

Hayate: "I win!"

Maria tried to reason with Hayate that gardening wasn’t only about food, but her fellow girls did not give her support. Both Chiharu and Hina asked what kind of food Maria would grow, and Chiharu actually began suggesting suitable fruits. It means that both girls thought that gardening was for food, instead of flowers. In this “flower vs food” battle, Hayate was glad that the world was on his side, and he could not help showing a triumphant smile to Maria.

To be fair, gardening isn’t really only about food – that would actually be farming. As a hobby, it is perfectly fine to grow flowers in your garden. The problem with Maria is that she was surrounded by people who weren’t interested in growing flowers. Yet, as it turned out that the world wasn’t on her side, Maria could only give in and agree to grow food.

As it wasn’t her original plan, Maria wasn’t very ready for the question of “What to grow?”. She could only think of sesame or parsley. No fruit, no vegetable. Hayate, Hina and Chiharu were very disappointed, and ended the conversation right there. Maria then turned to do some researches, and it turned out that she did not have many choices. Most liekly, she would have to settle on watermelon and corn – not entirely surprising. Could these vegetables satisfy Hayate, Hina and Chiharu?

Show... who...?

In any case, she would have to prepare the soil, which turned out to be too hard. Maria, who had a certain hatred of losing as well, intended to overcome the soil with her determination and shovel, but Alice pointed out to her that she couldn’t grow much on such clay soil. She needed better soil.

Then she remembered. While working at the Sanzen’in Mansion, she put in quite some effort in creating a ton of soil, but when she left the Mansion, she forgot to take that ton of soil along with her. Well, if it were me, I wouldn’t bother carrying a ton of soil with me while moving, either.

Morpheus: "She is guarding all the doors, she is holding all the keys, which means that sooner or later..."

The gate to the Mansion was locked, but Maria had the keys in her hands. It seems that she never returned them to Mikado or Klaus in the first place. It also means that Maria could – practically – return to the Mansion whenever she liked. Not so much of an exiled, really.

Well, even Alice could see that “that old Sanzen’in man” treated Maria very, very well, so…

Klaus was living alone in the Mansion, and just like Hayate, he tended to feed on cup noodles while he was alone. As Izumi had pointed out long ago, it was not good to your health. Back then, Hayate had Hina to make him a decent supper, and now Maria decided to make Klaus a proper meal as well. Butlers take care of others, but they need to be taken care of as well.

You will feed on this as well, Nagi...

In the end, Maria brought the soil back – how she had managed to carry that soil back is a mystery – and she asked Hayate to replace the clay soil with this. She would grow “all sorts of new vegetables”, so that everyone would have healthy meals. Somehow, it seems that even Maria had agreed that the garden at the Violet Mansion should be used on growing food. It comes as no surprise that Nagi thought that it was Maria’s own idea to grow food, while we all know that it wasn’t the case.

So, what kind of vegetables would Maria grow? More importantly, would there be a sequel to this chapter? As the chapter title reads “Round 1”, it is almost certain that there would be “Round 2” or even “Round 3”. Yet, Hata mentioned on his BS that the next chapter wouldn’t be the said “Round 2”, so there could be some waiting.

This is a chapter in which Maria and Alice (Athena) had a lot of interaction. It is widely assumed that Maria and Athena were very closely connected, could this chapter act as the beginning of a long and entertaining relationship? Let’s see.