Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 347

Ayumu wears her summer school uniform as well!

Normally, normal girls worry about normal things. So, in a normal morning, Ayumu did a very normal thing by stepping onto the bathroom scale after bath. However, something not quite normal happened: She found that she had gained 3 kg.

At first, she did not believe that it was her who gained 3 kg, so she blamed her hair bands. Yet, Kazuki pointed out that it was impossible for hair bands to gain 3 kg all of a sudden – in fact, I don’t think there are hair bands which weigh 3 kg. So, if it wasn’t the hair bands, then it must be… herself.

Girls' Rule No. 1: "Whenever the scale says you gain weight, it is lying."

The funny thing is that, although Ayumu once suspected that the bathroom scale was broken, she completely forgot this point once she stopping blaming her hair bands.

However, Ayumu refused to think that she really had become fat. Indeed, even when she took off the towel and checked her body in the mirror, she – as well as we – couldn’t see any significant difference.

Girls' Rule No. 2: "The button on your skirt is always more trustworthy than your bathroom scale."

Yet there was a difference – even if it was subtle. As she put up her summer school uniform from last year, she had considerable difficulty buttoning her skirt. Trying it harder actually made the button come out of the skirt, and it means only one thing: Ayumu really had become fatter!

For Ayumu, the main problem with becoming fatter was that she would not be able to play with Hayate in a swimsuit. Not that she really couldn’t wear it, but she worried that she would not look attractive. The general consent of Japanese – or even Asian – girls is that, in order to be attractive, you actually have to be skinny.

Well, Ayumu knew all about that, so she would also know that she had to be extra careful with her nutrition, so not to become too fat. So, why didn’t she control her weight in the first place? Or, to quote her, what let her guard down?

This is NOT Anime Season 1...

The answer lied in Cafe Donguri. It appeared that while working, Hayate would make her food from time to time. Hayate’s food tasted so good, that Ayumu would actually ask for more and more until she was satisfied. As such, she would have eaten a lot of “extra” food, her calorie intake increased, and the obvious result was that she became fatter.

Now that she knew the truth, she suddenly hesitate before Hayate’s food – this time, the nikuman. As Hayate did not know what was on Ayumu’s mind, he only thought that she disliked his food, seconds after he about how proud he was with his nikuman. He felt injured, and asked Ayumu if she did not like his nikuman with worried eyes.

Girls' Rule No. 3: "Eating is a punishment."

If you are in love with a person, you cannot bear the worried glares of him or her. So, Ayumu had no choice but to say she really loved Hayate’s nikuman (which is the truth), and began eating the nikuman.

Eating –> gaining weight –> trying to stop eating –> Hayate worrying –> eating –> gaining weight… Ayumu knew that it was a never-ending cycle, but she could do nothing about it. It was not surprising at all that she actually starting crying.

It's SUMMER, Ruka!!!

Just then, a mysterious customer, who was fully under cover, entered the coffee shop. The next moment, the customer took off the cover, and revealed herself to be Ruka. Given that she was a very popular idol, she would do with a certain degree of disguise, huh?

While quite a few people seemed to have no idea at all that Ruka was a popular idol before meeting her – some remained ignorant even after meeting her – Ayumu recognized Ruka as someone she had seen on TV. Ruka, on her part, had no problem at all in recognizing Ayumu, as it was obvious that Hayate had been talking about the latter quite a lot.

So, the two girls met, and Ruka gave Ayumu a warm, friendly and shiny smile. As an idol, such a smile was really attractive, and it made Ayumu blush.

Alright, let me guess...

Ruka did not come here to say hi to Ayumu, but she had something to show to Hayate. It was her new song, which was going to be a theme song of a movie. She would also start a new promotion campaign, so that the general public could know more about her. She surely would become quite busy, so what would she do with her next manga…?

After Ruka left, Hayate commented that she was being hardworking, coming all the way to show him her new song. Ayumu, however, knew that Hayate was missing the point: Ruka did not come because she was hardworking, but because she wanted to see Hayate, and have him praise her new song! This, in turn, showed that Ruka had a certain liking for Hayate!

Hayate: "No~~"

Ayumu suddenly realized that Hayate might have been a little too popular among girls. Now, in addition to Nagi and Hina, she had to face new competition from a popular idol. Funny enough, while she also had seen or heard Maria and Izumi romantically involved with Hayate, she completely forgot about them. Athena was another case, as Ayumu never knew her – not even her name.

As a very normal girl, Ayumu knew that she did not stand too much chance against all those “not too normal” girls (Personally I think Hina was pretty normal, but never mind…), and she had to work very hard in order to win. The first step she would take was to start exercising, so that she would not become any fatter – a very normal strategy.

Your eyes can deceive you, but sometimes you want to be deceived.

So, Ayumu gained 3 kg, and she started complaining that she was too fat, but was she really?

As her original weight was 47 kg, by gaining 3 kg she would now weigh 50 kg. Given that she was 1.62 m tall, her current BMI would be 19.1, which belongs to the “normal” category. In other words, she was by no means overweight.

What’s more, when she checked herself in the mirror, she did not see too much difference. It was not until she tried on her old school uniform that she knew she had grown some fat. Now, would you expect Hayate, who was so dumb about girls, to see any difference?

Being overweight is one thing, but many Japanese – or even Asian – girls are actually looking for being underweight. As suggested above, it is widely thought that, in order to be considered attractive or sexy, you have to be skinny. Well, as a guy myself I agree that a thin girl looks better than a fat one, but 50 kg is usually a very acceptable weight for a girl.

Don’t get anxious because you are not 40 kg, girls. In fact, such a weight is quite unhealthy.