Hayate Special: Top 5 Ayasaki Eye-Candies

Everybody knows that Ayasaki Hayate is meant to be a very unlucky person. On the whole, the story has remained true to this setting. After all, trobles keep coming for him, money keep disappearing from him, and whenever he thinks that the situation could not get any worse, the situation does go worse for him.

Yet, a part of him makes us think that… he might not be as unlucky as we have thought. In this manga, which certainly has a case to answer for the incredible gender imbalance, Hayate has the lion’s share of interaction with girls – and very beautiful girls they are.

Several types of his interactions are undoubtedly eye-candies – many for us readers, and some for Hayate himself as well. Let us go through some of the typical “Ayasaki Eye-Candies”, and their… sweetness.

Do note that this article doesn’t aim at criticizing the morality of Hayate or the readers. Do also note that some parts of this article could be rated as 15+.

No. 5 – “I see naked people!”

Girls take bath. Girls swim. They take off their clothes on both occasions, and these scenes are regarded as fan-services by the readers. I mean, some people read manga mainly for these scenes.

As for Hayate, he simply has a tendency to break into these scenes, consciously or not.

Regulations dictate that we would not see “those parts children are not allowed to see”, so whenever we see Hayate bumping into a naked girl, the said girl would always turn her back on us.

And imagine what Hayate could have seen when he is facing us…


No. 4 – Cross-dressing in freshly taken-off clothes

Honestly, no bloke in their right mind would ever try to wear girls’ clothes?

But, even if you are not a pervert, girls’ clothes are sometimes tempting, especially when they are freshly taken off. These clothes have the scent, or even the warmth, of the girl who was wearing it, and wearing them is basically “skinship” with her.

I doubt if your girlfriend has ever lent you her hat, so we might yet again envy Hayate, who has already worn the full costume, from shirt to shoes, of at least two girls. The most “unforgivable” part is that, he actually demanded the clothes on one occasion, and wouldn’t back off when the girl tried to turn him down…

Did those clothes feel good, Hayate-kun?


No. 3 – Kisses

A long time ago I tried to compile a list of the girls who had kissed Hayate, and as time goes by it is getting longer and longer.

Nagi, Ayumu, Izumi, Isumi, Athena, Ruka… all are very beautiful girls, and I am sure many of you would die for a kiss from any of them. Yet, Hayate received kisses from all of them.

Granted, only Izumi and Athena kissed him on his lips, while the other girls all kissed his cheek(s). However, considering the other “notable” lips-to-lips kiss was between Ayumu and Tama, I think you would agree that Hayate is a very lucky boy.

Oh, one more thing: Hayate is mostly at the receiving end of kisses. If I remember correctly he has only taken initiative to kiss one girl: Athena.

And he was six that year.


No. 2 – Breasts-taking moments

Curiously, none of the above “Ayasaki Eye-Candies” really make girls THAT mad. All girls voluntarily kissed him. Both Ayumu and Hina agreed to lend him their clothes. Very often the girls understand that it was mere accident that Hayate saw their naked bodies – I mean, he never intended to peek.

But when girls had their breasts grabbed by Hayate, things are a little bit different.

Let us get it straight. Breasts are very sensitive areas for girls. Merely touching that area would amount to sexual harassment. If you are friendly enough with the victim, you might get away from a legal action, but even then the girl would certainly not be happy with you. Any guy who cares about their female friends’ feelings would try to stay away from their breasts.

It is not that Hayate voluntarily looks for breasts-taking, but his “accidents” with Nagi and Hina could actually be avoided. On both occasions he could choose to grab their waists, but mysteriously his hands were at wrong positions.

Granted, the breasts he managed to grab were all very small, but just because they are small don’t mean they are not important. He only has himself to blame when Hina cut him into halves.


No. 1 – Sleeping with a beauty

How many times have you seen in a shonen manga that a boy sleeps with a girl in the same bed, while both people realized and accepted it?

But the fact is that, we have all witnessed Hayate sleeping with Athena like a married couple, when both of them were at the age of six. Wait, why do I sense some killing intent directed at a six-year-old boy…?

Strictly speaking, this is not “eye-candy”, because sleeping together means that a relationship has become quite mature, or – in the case of NORMAL 6-year-olds – that there is no relationship at all. In both cases, there is little room for speculation or fantasy for the readers.

But it doesn’t mean that it is not an enjoyable experience for Hayate, and an enjoyable read for the readers. When many couples do not start sleeping together before they get married, Hayate had been sleeping with his (then-)girlfriend at the age of six.

This might help explain why Hayate is so insensitive to other “eye-candies” or romantic appeals of others girls when he grows up. When you have already tasted the sweetest candy available, how would you be satisfied with other kinds of sweets?


Yet, other girls don’t sell “very sweet candies” very often – some even refuse to sell at all. So, whenever the supply and demand doesn’t match, we should be ready for scenes like this:

Happy twenty-third, Hayate-kun!