Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 341

You might say the chapter title is quite similar to last chapter's.

It was Friday June 17, a very ordinary day. As she was just too bored, Isumi questioned the fact that she did not have an exclusive maid. Do note that by “exclusive” we mean the maid would be more a personal asset than a family asset. In other words, the said maid would serve Isumi alone, rather than all the family members. The said maid would stay close to Isumi and respond to her immediate needs whenever possible, instead of merely checking for her well-beings after finishing houseworks.

That is to say, even though the Saginomiya family was incredibly rich, and Isumi had quite a number of body-guards (and presumably family maids too), none of her servants counted as her exclusive maid. As her two best friends of her age, Nagi and Sakuya, both had their own exclusive maids, Isumi asked her mother, Hatsuho, why she did not have one.

"I don't have an issue!"

Hatsuho did not think it necessary, though, for a reason I would mention at the end of this Review. The main idea is that, according to Hatsuho, the duty of an exclusive maid was to “make up for what her master lacks”. We know that Nagi could not survive without Maria (and Hayate, after he was employed), but Sakuya was perfectly fine even before hiring Chiharu – in fact, she did not want a maid in the beginning. As Sakuya hired Chiharu mainly for fun and company, it is doubtful whether her case was a good illustration of Hatsuho’s theory.

So, according to Hatsuho, a maid is hired to cover for what the master lacks. Isumi picked up that train of thought and concluded that, as she did not have a maid, she did not lack anything, and she must be a more reliable person than those who had maids, like Nagi and Sakuya. It just doesn’t sound right, and perhaps Hatsuho knew it in the end. In any case, she agreed to look for an exclusive maid for her daughter.

Never did she know that Isumi was only asking because she was bored…

"What? Me again...?"

It has become common sense in the world of Hayate no Gotoku! that, whenever you are in need of help, you go find Ayasaki Hayate. Foreseeing another big trouble coming into his way, Hayate tried to question the very necessity of such a quest. True, Isumi was living fine on her own, so why hire an exclusive maid all of a sudden? If Hatsuho was honest to her theory, then Isumi must be lacking something which required a maid to make up for. So, what could that “thing” be?

Speaking of Isumi’s weaknesses, we could name a few right away: airheadedness, lack of sense of direction, inability to use cellphones… etc., etc. According to Hatsuho, the only weakness of Isumi was her inability to use smartphones. It shows that Hatsuho’s understanding of Isumi was insufficient, but correct.

See? She could use it.

It remains debatable whether Isumi was truly unable to use cellphones, for she had successfully made a call using a cellphone at least once: she asked for the name of King Midas. If she didn’t know how to make that call, a certain Silver Red would have been turned completely into gold. You might say that Hatsuho specifically suggested smartphones instead of cellphones, and that Isumi made that call using a cellphone instead of a smartphone, so Isumi could use cellphones but not smartphones. Well, okay…

Nagi understood the situation, but was not exactly convinced that it worths hiring a maid just to aid Isumi using a smartphone. However, seeing that Hatsuho (and Isumi as well, for the matter) was rather desperate, she told Hayate to help her, at least until the Saginomiyas see for themselves that it was not worth hiring a maid for only one single and minor purpose.

Still, given that the Saginomiya family was incredibly rich, nobody would care if it is worthy as long as the maid proves herself to be helpful. What’s more, who says that extra duties could not be given to the maid, if she serves Isumi well?

This recruitment method worked!

So, Hayate began helping Hatsuho with hiring a maid, and the first step he took was to put out flyers on lamp posts. It did not seem formal enough for a family like the Saginomiyas, but there was a reason for that. After all, Hayate was simply waiting for Hatsuho to give up, so he was not exactly putting much efforts helping.

Luckily (?!), a candidate turned up in no time, and she was none other than our dear Hibino Fumi. She noticed that she could make 4-digit hourly wage (“X,XXX yen”), a very good pay for a high school part-time job.  How good was it? Let’s compare this figure with those at Cafe Donguri. According to Hata’s BS, Nagi’s hourly wage was 500 yen, Ayumu’s was 750 yen, Hayate and Hina’s were 900 yen (as they helped in the kitchen as well). Being Isumi’s maid would therefore earn more than the top earners at Cafe Donguri, and let’s not forget that the first digit of the “X,XXX yen” did not necessarily have to be “1”…

I am beginning to see why she could become the next Student Council President.

We all know from the “Armageddon and the briefcase” arc that Fumi loved money, and she would try to overcome any obstacle to earn big sums. So, while it seemed unlikely that she was able to use a smartphone, she stood up to the challenge (or simply ignored such a disadvantage) and went for the interview. To a certain extent, such a money-lover is the best employee (or mercenary), isn’t she?

Do note that after Fumi went for the interview, Hayate actually stopped posting flyers and went to watch the interview as well. He definitely wasn’t trying top help, after all…

One wonders why everything had went so wrong...

Without too many candidates to choose from (Hatsuho’s words that she “continued to narrow down options” was likely to be untrue…), Hatsuho made Fumi the only option for Isumi. The question now becomes whether Isumi would want Fumi as her maid, or to have no maid at all. For a family as rich as the Saginomiyas, they could actually do much better than making an “all or nothing” choice. Still…

Isumi, as the most sane person in her entire family, felt something was wrong with this maid candidate, and suggested that she was “broken” – a fair description. Hatsuho insisted that Fumi was the one for Isumi, and the reason was that she looked exactly like the °Д° emoticon!

What’s with this? Well, basically, there are a lot of emoticons in a smartphone, right? If someone looks like a emoticon, then she must have a lot of smartphone power! This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Sounds brilliant, but...

No, not even Isumi would agree with that. Upon seeing that her future master did not believe in her abilities, Fumi decided to step up and prove her smartphone powers. So, what were her powers? She could do the things a smartphone could do without using one, like voice recognition!

With that, the definition of “smartphone power” changed suddenly from “the ability to use a smartphone” to “the abilities of a smartphone”, so a person with smartphone power would be one who could imitate a smartphone. Well, a smartphone is “smart” because it can do something a human could do, but not vice versa. There is nothing “smart” in a person who could act like a smartphone.

Unfortunately, the Saginomiyas did not understand this. They abandoned their own definition of “smartphone power” and accepted Fumi’s, and they were eager to test Fumi’s voice recognition ability. So, Isumi asked for the definition of “digital broadcast”. She was actually taking Fumi as her Wikipedia – the mobile one, of course.

At least she knew what Google was...

The answer from Fumi was a double disappointment. For one thing, it is quite irresponsible to answer a question by “Go Google it!”, as it doesn’t answer anything at all. For another thing, Isumi could not Google things by a computer or a smartphone, so Fumi’s answer was not doing any help to her. The most reasonable solution to the question would be to look up in Wikipedia through a smartphone, thus proving that Fumi did have the ability to use it. This would get her the job. I bet you anything.

So, Fumi failed the interview. The search for a maid had also ended – most probably Isumi simply did not want a maid anymore. Hayate returned home and, after reporting to Nagi the story of the day, he asked the essential question: Why was it Isumi did not have an exclusive maid in the first place?

She certainly missed her mother.

Nagi answered that it was not thought to be necessary. Hatsuho was a mother who always watched over Isumi, worried about her, scolded her for misconduct, and would be her ally to the very end. Was there any need for someone else – some strange people – to look after Isumi for her? No.

A mother is the one who loves her daughter most in this world, and for that reason she is the best person to look after her own daughter. So, whenever a mother is available, there is no need to hire an exclusive maid. This would be something Nagi envied of Isumi, for her own mother had deceased, and she only had her exclusive maid to act as her motherly figure.

Isumi envied Nagi and Sakuya for having an exclusive maid. Little did she know that Nagi envied her for not having an exclusive maid.

There are quite a few things on Hata’s BS which worth mentioning:

  1. Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 30 is currently on sale.  The special edition includes a drama CD with Nagi and Kayura acting as the hosts. It is suggested that Hayate, Maria and Hina would make appearances.
  2. Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 31 will be on sale on December 16. The special edition will include the movie DVD, and it has a 2,980 yen price tag. Blu-Ray and DVD with additional scenes would also be on sale in February 2012.
  3. To celebrate the 7th anniversary, there will be Hayate no Gotoku! cover and coloured cross-page on Shonen Sunday No. 48, which will be on sale on October 26. What’s more, the 12-page Ruka doujinshi will also come with the Shonen Sunday.
  4. Hinagiku’s second album, “HiNA2 Spring has come!!!” will be on sale on December 21. The limited edition would cost 3,500 yen, while the normal edition would cost 2,940 yen. The official movie website has dedicated a special page promoting the album.

There seem to be quite a few things to look forward to in the coming months!