Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 338

Hata enjoys drawing this posture, doesn't he?

It was June 14 in the story, and Hakuou Academy offered something fresh to us. From this chapter onwards, their students would be wearing their summer school uniform. If we only consider the manga chapters, it would be the first ever time we see the summer uniform. The First Season Anime, on the other hand, had the characters wearing summer uniform since Ep. 15 – the equivalent of Ch. 40 in the manga. So, could we really say this is the first time we see this uniform…?

Somehow, I find the timing of the change in uniform rather strange. It was mid-June, merely a few weeks before summer vacation, so I don’t think it is wise to make a change only to last for a few weeks before yet another long term break. Besides, why is the change effective on a Tuesday, instead of a Monday?

Well, some say that Hakuou Academy was a strange school, anyway, so… yeah.

The dress is considerably shorter.

As summer vacation approaches, final exams also approach. It is indeed a nightmare for many students. After all, a failure in final exams comes with severe consequences, the lightest being extra lessons and re-exams. Most students don’t like final exams, especially the idiots.

So, we could see the three idiots – the SC Rangers – were worried about final exams, which would start on June 30. They knew that if they failed, they would have a week of extra lessons before they really could enjoy the holidays. Izumi might have enjoyed these lessons, but Risa and Miki were both sick of them. After all, if they had never been doing well in final exams, they would already have had 10 years of extra lessons, and they would not want another minute of them.

And she wore considerably fewer cloths.

They were not the only ones who did not want extra lessons, though. Yukiji, their class teacher, absolutely wouldn’t let them fail in the exams. While other teachers might be worried that they students are struggling, Yukiji simply did not want to waste her time giving extra lessons to three idiots.

Note that I said time, not holidays, in the above paragraph. Of course teachers would want, as much as the students do, to enjoy their own summer vacation, but while responsible teachers would try to help their students before the exams, Yukiji did not. Instead, she passed them off to Hayate. It shows that Yukiji did not want another minute of extra lessons with the SC Rangers either, before or after the exams.

So, why Hayate? According to Yukiji, Hayate had been “wonderful”. We know that he was not doing that good back in February or March, but he had improved steadily, and scored 92 points in the most recent quiz – almost on par with the top achievers in the school (We know from Ch. 291 that Isumi, who ranked 3rd in the last test, had an average score of 93.). He was doing so well, and Yukiji thought that he did not have to study any more. Indeed, if you could do so well in tests, you would hardly fail even if you don’t study at all, so Yukiji thought that Hayate could sacrifice all his study time to oversee the study of the three idiots. Well, it might well be true, but it made no sense at all.

This really is an utter despair.

Although Izumi was somehow pleased that Hayate was to teach them, and had a small delusion about it (which was then played big by Risa and Miki), but they all showed no motivation to study. Well, if they had any motivation at all, they would not be here in the first place.

But then something happened. Izumi took out her test paper and commented that her score was quite bad – do note that although we could see it was a 27, Izumi did not say it out loud. Risa and Miki then reported their own scores: Risa got a 47, and Miki 43. Given that the passing mark of Hakuou Academy was 36, Risa and Miki actually passed this quiz. It might be a simple quiz, but the fact remains that they passed, so it is quite natural for them to have no intention on studying. Really, who cares when you pass?

Not so for Izumi. Not only that she had a much lower score than her two best friends, but she was the only one who failed this quiz. If the outcome of the final exams were exactly the same, then Izumi would be the only one who needed extra lessons. She had enjoyed those lessons only because Risa and Miki were with her, and without them she was not likely to enjoy the lessons at all! Time had come for Izumi to be motivated, as she definitely did not want to be left behind.

The thing is, they did not want to be together.

So, as Hayate gave up trying to help those who did not want to be helped, Izumi panicked. If Hayate left her, nobody would help her with her studies, and it was almost certain that she would fail the final exams. She tried to encourage her best friends to study, and more importantly to persuade Hayate to stay. She could not risk losing Hayate now.

However, as always, Risa and Miki ignored her and left. Hayate, who did not want to be their tutor in the first place, asked if he could go too. As he went, Izumi desperately grabbed him from behind, and showed him her score. She explained what was in her mind, and asked for some assistance studying in tears. There was enough motivation, and Hayate finally understood.

This might be the happiest Hina mental image Hayate had given us.

But then, he still remained unwilling to be her tutor, because it would cause him much trouble. Then he thought of a way out of it: Give off Izumi to somebody who could help and he could trust. The clear choice, of course, is Hinaemon.

It has been a long, long time since the last time anyone called Hina Hinaemon. If my memory is correct, the only person who had used this nickname before was Yukiji. It is unlikely that Yukiji would have told Hayate about this nickname, so it is all the more interesting that Hayate came up with the same nickname. It is of course a reference to Doraemon, the cat robot which would always come to Nobita’s aid. Given the number of times Hina had helped Hayate in the past, she was indeed his Doraemon.

However, upon hearing Hina’s response, Hayate ended up tutoring Izumi on his own, so what had happened?

Study this panel carefully, and vote below.

The obvious answer is that while Hina said “fine”, the way she said it suggested that it was not fine. Hina had already expressed in the past that she did not enjoy tutoring the SC Rangers. The smile on her face and the reminder that she would be harsh was a complete mismatch, and from his understanding of Hina’s behaviour, Hayate understood that he was rejected.

However, this doesn’t explain the narrator’s words that Hayate was “kind”. He oversaw Izumi’s study on his own because he was being kind to someone, and this “someone” could hardly be Hina – unless you argue that Hayate was being kind to her by not giving her a task she didn’t want. Instead, I think Hayate was being kind to Izumi. Hina said she would be quite harsh, and we know that when she was harsh, she could kill Ruka with merely three lines. Nobody would want Izumi be turned into dust, if her goal was simply to get a pass. So, maybe Izumi cried and begged Hayate not to give her to Hina, or maybe Hayate decided on his own, but he took up the task. His workload was further increased, and he was clearly not happy about it.

Well, you were forgetting one thing, Hayate: Yukiji did not ask Hina for the favour in the first place, even though that was her younger sister.