Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 312

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Bathing was not Maria's only hobby.

Luca and Chiharu agreed to meet at the Violet Mansion in the evening. However, as the Student Council meeting was unexpectedly long, Chiharu couldn’t go home on time. Nagi was waiting for Chiharu around Hakuo Academy. Hina was at the Student Council meeting. Maria went shopping. Alice was… in the closet, I think. Therefore, when Luca arrived at the Violet Mansion, the only one she met was… Hanako – oh no, Hayate.

Luca missed Hayate very, very much, so although she got his name wrong, she threw her arms into him. Her move was so powerful that she managed to knock Hayate down even though it was… well, Hayate.

She then received a call from Chiharu, who managed to sneak out of the Student Council Room to make the call. She suggested that the meeting would take one or two hours more, so she could only meet Luca at a later time. Luca replied that it would be fine for her to wait for Chiharu, and then she hung up.

At least he had the sense to ask her to move.

Hayate opened his mouth to ask Luca to get off him. He was asking this because he was embarrassed, but Luca, thinking that Hayate was a girl, did not understand it, and simply thought that it was because she was heavy. In any case, she let Hayate go.

When asked why she was here, Luca said that it was to give thanks to a friend. Speaking of giving thanks, she commented that she did not give thanks to Hayate for what he had done for her last week. Hayate denied the offer, but she persisted, so he suggested that he wanted Luca’s CDs, because he reckoned that Luca’s voice was beautiful. Luca then came up with an idea…

Don't tell me you don't know about it.

Meanwhile, Maria has finished shopping, and was walking alone on the streets. She reflected that living in the Violet Mansion was all fine, but as there was no sound-proof room, karaoke – her big hobby – has been taken away from her life. She desperately wanted to sing, and then she saw a karaoke bar.

Of course, she went into the bar. She gave herself compliments for going into the bar, and it is understandable because, well, invincible she might be, but she was not very exactly sociable. You see what I mean?

As forceful as she was at the concert.

So, the idea in Luca’s mind was to take Hayate to a karaoke bar. In such a place, where he could listen to Luca’s songs more closely, he realized just how good she was. Luca explained that both her parents used to own an entertainment company, and she was trained to enter this field someday. She was virtually learning to sing as she learnt to talk, and was learning to dance as she learnt to walk. You know, a good artist always take so much time to become so good.

Hayate decided to bring up his sensitivity right then. He noted Luca said that her parents used to own an entertainment company, so he wondered whether they changed their jobs. Luca was shocked by his question, and she explained that they lost the company because different people tricked them. She commented that she and her parents could not see through lies, and that she did not know how to lie. Well, to a certain extent her words were proven, for there was a big lie sitting right in front of her and she had absolutely no idea about it…

Next time I am going to write an essay titled "Hayate has become more feminine"...

Hayate then understood why she had asked whether she could trust him or not. She has been tricked, so she did not really know whom she could trust. More to that, as Hayate turned out he was trustworthy (on helping her out with the concert), she was very fond of him.

Luca suggested Hayate to sing, and as Hayate stood up he saw his reflection on the door. It was a perfect disguise, and nobody looking at him would know that he was a boy…

You are dead, Hayate...

And then he saw Maria, and Maria saw him. Both were shocked, and Hayate knew he was in big trouble. She knew that he was a boy, and she saw that he was in the same room with a girl. What Maria would do was unpredictable, but Hayate knew that he was in absolute trouble.

So, what would happen to Hayate, Maria and Luca? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

… Wait a minute, isn’t this arc supposed to be about Nagi meeting Luca?