Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 308

Just keep your eyes on the PSP.

One day, Yukiji summoned Izumi to the Staff Room. There she gave Izumi a pile of handout for everyone in the class. She then told Izumi not to lose any single piece, for there were just enough pieces for every classmate. No more, no less. Izumi complained that Yukiji seemed to lack confidence in her, and Yukiji said indeed she was.

Yukiji looked more reliable in front of Izumi.

Although Izumi was extremely cute, she was not entirely reliable when it came to serious works. It was therefore rather understandable that Yukiji said she did not trust Izumi. Well, you hand-picked Izumi to be the class representative in the first place.

By the way, Yukiji looked much more like a teacher recently, didn’t she?

She couldn't hear it even it was rather noisy.

It turned out that Yukiji was right to be worried, as Izumi screwed her task up about 3 minutes after she has been assigned with it. She met Shiranui on the grounds, and she dropped several pieces of handout as she looked at the kitten.

As you all know, this was not the first time Izumi met Shiranui. The last time they met, Shiranui stole Izumi’s phone, and that incident led to the whole Segawa arc. Yet it seemed that Izumi did not recognize Shiranui.

Well, Shiranui was a kitten, and to be honest, I couldn’t really tell one kitten from another myself. But then, how many kittens have you seen bearing a white cross on its forehead?


Wouldn't it be better if she made up the lost copies by a photocopier?

So Izumi failed to complete her task. She might have given the handout to some classmates, but obviously some others would get nothing. Her best friends, Miki and Risa, did not really offer her comfort. Instead, they left her behind to clean the classroom all by herself.

This PSP was widely accepted to be important.

There, we were given a glance at somebody’s desk, and inside it there was a PSP. Judging by the cover, it belonged to Nagi. Just one page ago we could see that the PSP was held by two hands, and they were also supposed to be Nagi’s. Just why would she left her PSP inside her desk before she left school with Chiharu, and answered absent-mindedly to the latter’s question whether she had left anything behind, was a mystery.

Izumi began to clean the classroom, and Izumi being Izumi was prone to accidents. She hit one desk on her back and knocked down a camera from inside.


She panicked and hurried to check whether she broke the camera, by trying to film herself. Her test showed that the camera remained intact and functional, and she found that the act of filming herself was very interesting.

It was an empty classroom with nobody but herself, so Izumi decided to try some more tricks with the camera. She began by imitating Chris Peppler and Kotetsu, and then turned to a solo role-play.

I am posting this picture and you are not gonna stop me.

Yes, she was acting a date. She was first asked out to somewhere. Her hand was held. And then there was a kiss. And then… Imaginations could take us to anywhere, but wherever Izumi went, she got all excited.

During her play, the name “-ta-kun” came out of her mouth. Just how many “-ta-kuns” do we know?

Her play was finally disturbed by Shiranui again, and she left the classroom. She did not turn off the camera, nor did she delete the recordings. The camera was, therefore, still on recording mode.

Izumi (thought she) was in trouble!!!

In the next morning, it was confirmed that the camera really belonged to Miki. Risa asked whether Izumi had filmed anything weird on her own, and Izumi yelled that she didn’t. She was actually beginning to worry whether she had already erased the recordings last night…

Miki turned on the camera and she found that… Hey! The camera had been formatted!

Miki and Izumi both thought that the camera could have broken down, but the narrator told us that it was not the case. Rather, somebody formatted the camera on purpose! What’s more, the narrator told us that, if we have read the chapter carefully, we could have deduced the “offender”, and the reason!

Nagi got her PSP back.

On the facts, this case is easy to solve. As suggested above, Nagi left her PSP in the school, but in the last panel she was playing that PSP again. Of course it means that she got her PSP back over the night. Nagi suggested that even if she had left anything behind, Hayate would be there to get her things back, so it was highly probable that Hayate was the one to get the PSP back. If Hayate was in the classroom to get the PSP, he would of course have noticed the camera. So the problem is solved: Hayate was the one who formatted the camera!

It would be more difficult to figure out the reason for him to format the camera, though. Indeed, why did he bother? Izumi was at perfect liberty to film whatever she liked, and I don’t think it was Hayate’s character to destroy someone’s work just because the content was… inappropriate.

Hayate: "Somebody called me?"

The name “-ta-kun” might be a cause, for Hayate would know that “-ta-kun” referred to him (He knew she called him “Hayata-kun“, after all.), and if anyone else saw the recording, he would be thought to be involved in some inappropriate affairs, and that would be a disgrace to his reputation as the butler of the Sanzen’in Household. Indeed he destroyed the SD Card of Yukiji’s camera because of this, so it would be understandable that he did this again. If this was the case, then it followed that Hayate had watched most if not all of the content in the video camera before erasing it. What happened in the previous night would be a secret between Hayate and Izumi… and of course Shiranui.

Even if he did not get the “-ta-kun” reference, he could still have one reason to delete the recording. As he retrived the PSP after Izumi left the school, he probably arrived at the school at night. He was, therefore, an intruder. If he noticed the presence of the camera, he would have realized that his actions had been recorded. It would, therefore, be natural for him to erase all possible evidence to his intrusion. In other words, Hayate might not be covering Izumi, but simply himself.


“Hayate was the offender” is the most straight-forward conclusion, but somehow I feel a bit uneasy. All the above looked too simple, and I have a gut feeling that the whole set-up was a trap.  Still, based on the clues we have in hand, and without any wild imagination, I can’t think of an alternative but logical explanation, so my “gut feeling” could be no more than the strange feeling when you were asked the answer to 1 + 1 in Who Wants to be a Millionnaire.

No matter what, Hayate proved yet again he was a very unlucky person: He became the prime suspect of this case, even he only appeared for one single panel!

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