Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 307

It really is hot, right?

It is getting warmer, both in real life (Spring is coming in Japan.) and in the story (It’s nearly June, so it’s summer.). Saki therefore looked for a summer maid dress, as the dress she was wearing was perhaps too long, too thick or too dark.

This is bad...

A long time ago Hayate complained just how expensive clothes for girls were, for he could not afford to buy a dress which cost 32,000 yen. Saki, therefore, could count herself a little lucky, for she found a cute dress which only cost 1,000 yen. Well, girls know better about where to shop than boys, don’t they?

Still, her purse was almost empty. She had no choice but to put down the dress. Forget it, Saki, it did not look like a maid uniform.

This is also bad...

In the video store, Wataru mumbled about the recent deficit. It must be really serious, for Wataru was not only worried that he might not be able to pay Saki her salary, he was actually thinking of closing down the store…

To his horror, Saki heard him. She asked about the situation of the store, but he was quite reluctant to tell her the truth. When she told him she heard him mumbling, Wataru replied that he would pay her salary even if he had to sell the store. Well, that’s not very reassuring…

For some reason, Saki dropped the subject.

She looked quite matured, to be honest.

We then came to Hayate, who had been shopping with Sakuya. The interesting thing was that even Sakuya said that he was shopping along her, Hayate bought things but she did not. No, I don’t believe anything Hayate was holding belonged to Sakuya.

They met Saki on the street, who was dressing like an OL. She looked just like she was looking for a new job, and Hayate and Sakuya rightly suspected so. At first they denied such an idea, for it was not quite possible for Saki to leave Wataru for another job. But then they remembered that the world economy was being bad, and Wataru’s shop was doing extra bad…

They were a bit too shocked, weren't they?

They wanted the truth, so they approached Saki. The first question Sakuya asked was “Why you are dressing like this?”, while Hayate’s was “Where is your maid dress?”. They were asking the same thing, but Hayate was paying too much attention to the maid dress, wasn’t he?

After a brief exchange of words, Saki told Hayate and Sakuya that she was looking for a new job. It seems that she really was leaving Wataru…

The mouse wire is blocking the keyboard and there is little room for the right hand to move... I don't like this set-up.

Saki went into a NetCafe and began her research on job vacancies. However, it turned out not to be easy.

Basically, as you search for vacancies on the Internet, you would soon lose your focus. Perhaps you started by looking for a certain kind of job in a certain business field, but then you would find there are not so many jobs which suit you. You begin to look for other fields, but soon you would find that you don’t have the qualifications for those jobs. You begin to curse yourself for not working hard enough in high school, not getting into a good university or not reading a good degree…


Oh well, not exactly so for Saki. She also lost her focus, but it was that she was attracted by other headlines on the Internet. She kept reading through interesting articles on the Internet, and she failed to do her research for 2 whole hours…

Finding a job isn’t easy. That’s correct.

You are not fooling Sakuya, Wataru.

Meanwhile, Sakuya went to Wataru, and told him about Saki. Naturally, his response was to pretend that he didn’t care at all, and suggested that Saki was at perfect liberty to choose her job.

Sakuya sent him a warning. If the financial status of the video store could not improve, Saki might actually be leaving him. For her own sake, this might be a good idea…

I am not going to ask why he was holding his shopping bag after all those hours.

It was nearly evening, and Saki sat in the park, wondering. She needed some advices on finding a job, and as if Eternity called for him, Hayate appeared.

Disappointingly, Hayate was not really helpful. Saki asked him how to find a good job, but all those part-time jobs Hayate had done before could hardly be regarded as “good”. His current butler job came from… you got it, attempted kidnapping. So he wasn’t well-equippted with career advice, and what he suggested was childish, but normal.

What he could offer her was his own opinion about her: What suited Saki best was her maid dress. To him, it would always be better if she remained Wataru’s maid.

Listen, Hayate! That's more like a proposal.

Wataru interrupted their conversation. He asked Saki to give up finding a new job. He had just impawned his store to Sakuya for 100 million yen. He would use that money as capital to start new business, and he aimed to be the Mark Zuckerburg in Japan. With such a promise, he asked her not to leave him.

Saki explained that she never intended to leave him. She was trying to look for extra jobs to help Wataru out with the store.

There is a woman behind every successful man.

So Wataru impawned his store for, practically, nothing. Now he owed Sakuya the 100 million yen, and if he failed in the end to repay Sakuya, legal agreements dictate that Wataru would have to give up his store. If that happened, he would have lost everything. As such, he indeed entered an agreement with no point to serve at all, and if he was to be angry, he has every reason to be.

But no. Seeing that Saki cared about him and his store that much, and seeing her full support in him, Wataru decided that he had to be successful. He must achieve something so that he could repay Saki his gratitude. Repeat: he aimed to be the Mark Zuckerberg in Japan.

Oh, come on...

Just who is Zuckerberg? The creator of Facebook, and someone Hayate did not know.

So this chapter focused on Wataru, someone who had his own story to tell in this series, but had been sidelined for a long while. Now that Wataru swore to success, could we see more of him? He had one of the King’s Jewels with him, so what would be his role in the future plot? What would Sakuya do when Wataru was in trouble again, now that he had already impawned his shop to her? How would Wataru interact with Nagi, Isumi, Sakuya, Saki and Sonia? Man, this young boy has so much to be told which had hardly been told!

What’s next? According to Hata’s Twitter, most probably it would be Izumi’s chapter. Let’s look forward to that too!