Doughnut Quest: How Should This Blog Improve in 2011?


It has been 8 months since I first blogged on Hayate no Gotoku!

On the whole I think I have done a fairly good job. It is evident that people come to my blog not only for Spoilers, but also my Chapter Reviews. My Featured Articles – so far concentrated on Katsura Hinagiku and the Third Character Poll – also attracted readers from time to time.

I must concede that my blog isn’t the best. My comments are not the most inspirational, my speculations always go wrong, my English is not exactly standard, my love to Hina is not the deepest when compared to other fans, and my spoilers – as I found myself a proper office job – possibly would cease to be the fastest. This might mean that this is only a very average blog, so I must be grateful that people are still visiting.

Eight months had passed, so I have already standardized a lot of things in this blog, including my methodology. I don’t know if you like the ways I handle my blog, so I am going to give you a briefing on my methodology, and you are all welcomed to give me suggestions to improve. This is going to be a bit boring, I know…

For better comprehension I bold-texted the real question I am asking you, so if you don’t want to read my methodology, you could simply go to the bolded text for the question. If you want to answer it, or if you have any other opinions, just make a comment, thank you!


Basically I check for new spoilers every day, and most likely they come out on Fridays. I prefer spoiler pictures to spoiler texts, because it is very easy to write a block of fake text. Indeed I have seen way too many fake spoiler texts to trust any of them any more. There is a way to check the validity of a spoiler text, but the process is slow. Sometimes you could only know if a text is true on Mondays or Tuesdays, but then the Japanese raws are released on Wednesdays, and I don’t see a point to make Spoiler posts anymore when it would only be one or two days of waiting for the raws.

Well, I am not sure if I explained the dilemma clearly enough. Could you see what I mean?

Now, if you want me to give you any spoiler texts it is fine, but there is a risk that the whole thing is false. If you want to be assured that the spoiler texts are correct, I would need more time to check, and the speed may render the whole meaning of a Spoiler post lost. Speed or reliability, which one would you prefer?

Chapter Reviews

Usually I release my Chapter Reviews on Thursdays. This is just a habit without particular reason, because the first Chapter Review I have made (Ch. 267, to be exact) was released on a Thursday. I am happy with such a schedule, and it is unlikely that I would change it at all, unless the raws or translations or whatsoever do not come out on Wednesdays.

I read a bit of Chinese and Japanese, so when I am writing my Reviews in English, I am actually doing the first bit of translation. Of course, there is always some difference between mine and that by js06, so you could see me editing my posts on a later time, so that my version of the lines would follow that of the English release.

In my Review posts I would give a brief description of the chapter flow, followed by my comments (if any), and a bit of speculations – which have always gone wrong. I capture pictures which I think could summarize the following paragraph, or which I want to comment on. In the “first version” of my Review post the pictures usually come from the Japanese raws, and I would change them into the English ones when they become available. This is doubled efforts, but I know that a pure text Chapter Review would not look nice, so…

If I have made a Spoiler post to the chapter, I would “update” the Spoiler post into the Chapter Review. This is for one reason: to preserve the comments by readers. I don’t keep Spoiler posts, and if I simply delete them, the reader comments would also be gone. By “updating” the post, on the other hand, could preserve any previous discussion, and I consider this more favourable. A main disadvantage, though, is that the URL to my posts would change when I do the “updating”. Google searches would lead you to the old, no-more-existing URL, so readers sometimes have troubles finding my posts. Well, always go to the main page, then.

And no, I don’t post the raws on my blog (any more). This is not my job.

Do you like the ways I do my Chapter Reviews? Should I do more on my comments, or make less speculations? Should I include even more pictures? Do you like the format of my posts, anyway?

Featured Articles

The Top 5 Hinagiku Moments series, the Third Character Poll series, the Hinagiku Inquisition, the Crazy Speculations on the TV Drama, and so on. Pretty much everything that are not chapter-related are Featured Articles. Yes, including this one.

Obviously I wrote some of them because of the event. I wrote some others simply because I had an idea I wanted to put down. No matter what, these are all very random, and nobody, including myself, have any idea on when or what I would write next.

Though, event-oriented posts aside, you could see me writing only on Hinagiku, and this is not entirely surprising: I am a Hinagiku fan after all, and I seem to have a lot of ideas about Hina, and I want to share my ideas on Hina with every reader, especially to my fellow Hina fans. You might complain that I write nothing on other characters, but are you sure you would trust me writing about Nagi, or Maria, or Athena? No, I don’t think you would.

This is not exactly a question, but what do you want me to write for a Featured Article? Give me any idea at any time, because I only have one brain so I don’t always know what I can write on, even about Hina.


One of the greatest fun of blogging here is the interaction with the readers through the function of comment. Indeed, half of the comments have been my responses to readers, so although it reads 82 comments for Ch. 300, actually only 40 or so were from the readers, and the rest were all mine. In any case, sometimes the comment section looks like a mini-forum, and I have seen readers making very good comments. I apprectiate that.

With the help of Windows Live Messenger I am able to receive notifications that you have made a comment almost immediately, and I am quite eager to make responses. I take the “thank-you notes” to my hearts without always replying by “welcome”, though. I hope you would not mind.

Do you enjoy the manner I respond to your comments? Should I show more enthusiasm in chapter discussions? Have I been handling criticisms well enough?


… be damned. When everyone could tell that I am a Hinagiku fan, how could I say that I am impartial?

But then, I think that although I have been known as a Hinagiku-lover, I have not yet been labelled as a hater of a certain character – though I have close calls on being a Hayate-hater and a Hata-hater. With regard to the girls, I think I showed a certain degree of respect to many, if not all, of them. At the very least, I have never ever said that Nagi or Maria was not the main heroine.

Still, no hater would say that he or she is a hater. In fact, the most common line among haters is “I don’t hate any of the girls”, and that obviously would apply to me too. So, if you have the feeling that I hate a certain character, I do apologize, and I hope that I could be kinder to him or her in the future. I always believe that when you love somebody, it doesn’t mean that you have to hate the others.

In any case, I do hope you appreciate that this is a blog of a Hina fan, after all, so you should be wiser than to express hatred towards Hina on this blog. I have never used the power to delete a comment, but I would not be afraid to use it if absolutely necessary.

Well, do you think I have expressed too much love to Hina, to the point that it becomes annoying?


I am quite a lazy person, so I don’t share my blogs around the Internet very often. The only forum on which I had ever shared my blog was MangaFox, but I became less and less active over there.

I have my own Twitter account, and I can inform the world that I have made new articles by a click on the Twitter share button at the end of my articles. Still, seeing that so far only 5 people are following me on Twitter, I am afraid that it doesn’t work that well.

I know that some readers helped to make my blog more known to the world, and I thank them for that. If only they could attract more people to make comments on my blog, hehehe…

Do you think I should do more to promote my blog, by joining other forums, or by having a Facebook account in the name of Doughnut Gunso? Or could I count on you guys for the sharings in the future?


This might actually be the most colourless blog on WordPress. White background, black text, blue hyperlinks, that’s all.

It is not that I never tried to find another theme for this blog. But then, many of the themes don’t look good to me. I really have a difficult time finding a more satisfactory theme, and… well, seeing that I have not changed the theme at all, you would know that I am still on the search.

Of course, it is the content of my blog that matters. But when even the owner could not stand the lack of colours in this blog, what would other readers think…?

Do you want me to change the theme of this blog? What themes would you suggest? Do you want me to include more pictures, more colours, in my articles?


It has been great fun to blog on a series I am interested in. Of course at times you could see that I am not being kind to Hata or the chapters, but I remain a reader. More importantly, I love this blog, so even when I became too tired because of work or other activities, I would still push myself to do my work if it is “blogging day”. The quality of my articles varies, though.

Still, I would continue blogging on this series in the foreseeable future. I would also want you to support this blog, by visiting and making comments, in the future. It is 10000 times more interesting to blog while you know somebody is reading.

See you all in Year 2011. An early “Happy New Year!” from Doughnut Gunso!