Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 297

The "Luca is a boy" theory is officially dead.

“You and Me”. Those who follow Hata’s BS would know that he has been using this as the BS title for the last 10 entries. It means that Hata has been emphasizing over and over again how important this chapter is supposed to be. By “You and Me” I think Hata means “Luca and Nagi”, so the logical conclusion is that the meeting of Luca and Nagi would be extremely important, in a way – so far – only God (Hata) knows. After all, Hayate no Gotoku! is Hata’s world, and it is The World Only God Knows.

I apologize for the extremely bad pun.

One thing we know in this chapter is Luca’s full name: Suirenji Luca(水蓮寺ルカ). The words “水蓮寺” literally mean “Lotus Temple”, and it is clear that it is some sort of reference to buildings. Now, who else has his or her name with a reference to buildings? Yes, you got it – “三千院” in “三千院ナギ”, which literally means “Three Thousand Houses”. Even if it is only the names, it shows that Luca and Nagi were parallel people. This, of course, is not a hint of Yuri pairing, although I honestly wouldn’t mind…

I thought the injury was done to your head instead of your leg.

Again, as the whole point of the chapter is the “meeting of fate” of Luca and Nagi, the chapter itself has little to talk about – that is, if you count out Hata’s efforts on (overly) emphasizing just how cute Luca and Nagi were. The flow, therefore, is simple: Luca received some treatment from Hayate, and she went to a concert to perform. Nagi and Chiharu finished their job at the Convention, and, along with several pages of discussion on Luca, they also went to the concert in order to meet Luca. The chapter ends with the Voice of God declaring that this would be their “meeting of fate”, and it would be something Nagi never forgets, in a way – so far – only God (Hata) knows. After all, Hayate no Gotoku! is Hata’s world, and it is The World Only God Knows.

I apologize again for the extremely bad pun.

When the spoilers came out, quite a few readers wrote on my blog that they were losing tracks on what was happening, and we are none the better now than before, even though we might have some more ideas on Luca herself.

This is NOT a gag...

First of all, maybe it would be wise if we take a closer look at the introduction to her Doujinshi. According to the Word of God (Hata), this was her first Doujinshi. I think the importance that lies behind these words is that Luca would have drawn about her own life in this Doujinshi. Rookie authors, with all due respect, tend to draw or write something about their own lives or experience, because usually they couldn’t find an idea from thin air. To a certain extent it made sense with Luca’s Doujinshi, because the main character was a dolphin (iruka), so it might well be true that Luca has her name hidden in the main character, and that the Doujinshi was a reflection of her own life.

We might then have a guess on Luca’s past. Chiharu said that she had been through a lot of things, and if the Doujinshi was really a reflection of her life, then Luca must have had a miserable life: She had her own dreams, but she lacked the skills to achieve them. She was doing jobs (Guards, perhaps?) without an idea why she got those jobs in the first place. She had to protect something precious, but she was betrayed and had been given a huge debt… While we had absolutely no idea on the details, we must admit that the life she described was extremely miserable, and she must have been very tough to survive such a life.

If she sang "Someone Else" I would freak out.

Another thing to note is that Luca looked like a very popular singer. Without specific reason, I tend to believe that singing was one of her jobs from which she earned a living and repaid her debt. As we all know, singers have very tight schedules, so she must have a very hard life to devote some time on her Doujinshis. With that you would also understand her shock when she discovered that she had no talents in drawing: I live in Hell and only want to have a go with my dreams, and you show to me that I am nothing more than rubbish, Ashibashi-sensei?

Well, when you were seriously lacking money, and have no butler or maid to take care of almost everything in your life, it would be hugely remarkable that you succeeded in drawing a 32-page Doujinshi. It means, I see Luca would be teaching Nagi a lesson. No matter how unfortunate you would say Nagi was, she still had Hayate and Maria, and now Chiharu, to take care of her. She had never experienced hardship in her life, and so when Hata drew her miserable face when she had her dreams broken, my instant reply in my head was: “Well, big deal.” Now with Luca being her friend or rival, Nagi might have a lesson to learn for her life, about her life. Hopefully this would take away the “Big deal” comment in my head, because otherwise I simply can’t see why Hata suggested that this arc would include “Nagi’s biggest trial in her life”.

With that, I still can’t help to ask: Now it seems that we are only halfway through the whole story and “Nagi’s biggest trial in her life” is here, so what’s left for her in the remaining of the story…?

Luca the crosspager.

The final point for me to note in this chapter is that, I am still of the opinion that Hata is doing his best to make Luca as eye-catching as he could. She is one of the very few, if not the only one, to have a crosspage all about her. No wonder some people already suggested that Luca was perhaps the so-called “true heroine”. The truthfulness of such a claim remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: In an arc supposed to be “Nagi’s biggest trial in her life”, suddenly most of the attention is drawn to Luca rather than Nagi. It just seems that there is someone who is able to overshadow Nagi in every arc, isn’t it? Well, whatever. We know who is blessed by God (Hata). After all, Hayate no Gotoku! is Hata’s world, and it is The World Only God Knows.

I apologize for the third time for the extremely bad pun.

22 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 297

  1. 5 hours ago I was making up various theories and now… BAM!

    They’re all gone…

    Hata, you crazy, unpredictable bastard…

    I have this feeling that she has a dual personality, or something. At times she looks completely different. Maybe she’s just real good at switching roles, depending on the situation?

    Like, on stage she’s the one who her fans all know and love (I’m guessing that she’s popular to that extent), and casually she’s like she was around with Hayate?


    *ish confused*

    • Maybe that’s not dual personality, but pure acting skills. The thing is, we do not know yet whether her face on the stage or the face in front of Hayate was her true self. Or maybe, neither of them were.

      Perhaps I was right about one thing, after all: Luca was a damn good actress. We’ll see…

  2. It’s the same thing in the end, really. Except that unlike with a dual personality you do remember what you’re doing. But then again, if you’re really good at “acting” and making up who you are, you can lose your true self in the process. Then what’s left?

    And I was so hyped, too. Thinking where she could have possibly taken Hayate to…


    She’s a singer now…? That’s just too random, man. Too out of the blue, and everything.

    Ah, but I guess that we’ll see what Hata does.

    She’s a singer, she has a ton of part time jobs (assumed), she’s a mangaka who’ll compete(we’re assuming) with Nagi in the future, and…..


  3. Hata kenjiro-sensei really is trying hard to make us like luca lol =_=” 1st tries to make her cute now tries to make her pretty in a dress…man this is really…but well guess we’ll have to wait and see more,guess the story’s gonna drag a long way

  4. *shocked*

    W-What is this development? What is Hata-sensei trying to pull here? I just can’t keep up with his thinking anymore!>_<

    Anyway, the next thing came to my mind: TWGOK's Kanon, Hayate version, and yes, I mean Luca.

    And what was a singer doing with only 12 yen in her pocket?

    What is all of this?@_@

  5. Yeah, I was completely baffled when I first saw the spoilers as well. I don’t understand what’s going on anymore. I guess that she’s a sort of jack of all trades, master of none? You know, she has this crazy debt, and I bet that everything she does goes into paying it.

    But how the hell did she get this debt in the first place? Was it her parents like in Hayate’s case? And what’s with the 12 yen? Truly, isn’t that the same amount that Hayate had in chapter 1? I hope it’s just a joke, and that “Santa” has nothing to do with it…

    Although it may not be a bag thing if he does. They would have much more in common if he did.

    If everything she gains goes towards repaying her debt, then I wonder how does she even live.

    Does she go to school, or does she work all day long?

    I just hope that she didn’t fake how she acted with Hayate. If that’s her true self, then I can accept that she’s some singer, idol, or whatnot…


    • Eh? She has 12 yen as hayate had in ch1? Both of their profiles are the same?

      thanks, Doughnut for translating the meaning of Ruka’s surname. If I didn’t find this article, I wouldn’t find out about this.

      ps. : I want to know the meaning of Hayate’s surname too, if you don’t mind…

  6. *shrug*

    Hayate no Gotoku needs another female lead about as much as a bathtub needs front spoilers.

    I wonder if this is why the Luca arc leaves me completely uninvolved so far.

    • Well, unfortunately (?) Hata decided that he would want more front spoilers for his bathtub.

      He is at absolute liberty to do whatever he likes, but certain consequences might come with his efforts. If that turns out to be the case then I must say I would quite enjoy seeing him struggle.

  7. Well… after reading it I still can’t help but think that Luca is headed to become Nagi’s “match”. Maybe it’s simply because I _hope_ that she’ll find one, and I’m too biased to easily let go 😉

    But the way Luca is built up, and Nagi’s extreme reaction (cursing Luca running away in tears) in the Flash-Forward at the beginning of this arc seems to indicate that something special is going to happen between them.

    • Actually, I am uncertain whether the Nagi-Luca partnership would survive after the Flashforward inicident. Though if it were to survive, it certainly would mean something more than friendship or rivalry.

  8. I would freak out like crazy if luka/luca sang honjitsu mankai watashi iro lol 😛 oh and at the last pic she looks like a vocaloid lol

  9. Where’s Yoroza anyway? Didn’t she catch up to Hayate last chap?
    And how come Hayate is still in that maid outfit? (not that I hate it though ^_^)

    • Ah well, Yozora was indeed following Hayate in the last chapter, and according to (unproven) text spoilers she would be doing something in the next chapter.

      Hayate was busy giving Luca first-aid, so I think he didn’t have time to change his (or her?) clothes.

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