Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 294

Do you have the courage to reject it?

By the time this post is published the third Official Character Poll should already come to an end. No matter whether you voted or not, or whoever you voted, we now have a short break with this one. Hopefully they would release the results on schedule, and that would be… a bit more than a month from now, I think. Would it be Ch. 300?

Well, I am now having a bit of a dilemma, because if the results would be released in a coming chapter, and if there would be spoilers for that chapter, it would be inevitable for you to know the results several days before the official announcement. I am not entirely sure if it would be a good thing at all. Have your say if you want, but a part of me is actually praying that we won’t have spoilers for that chapter…

Okay, enough of this. Let’s go back to Ch. 294.

They were not very tall...

So the “things” summoned by Yozora were… robots. They looked like Getter Robo, didn’t they?

Given the assumption that what Yozora had been doing was magic, it was quite strange that she ended up summoning something advanced in technology – at least by the looks of them…

Anyway, we’ll come back to you later.

Got on board very quickly...

Nagi was still arguing with the Maizumi guy, and the latter challenged her into a competition: Both parties would be making 100 doujinshis, and see whose would make a better sale in the next Doujinshi Covention, on 12 June. You should have noticed that we already have a “Flashforward” about 12 June, and that was Nagi screaming on top on Sunshine 60, seemingly also cursing Luca.

Well, in any case 12 June would not be a good day for Nagi…

Just a small reminder for everyone: The fact that you love something doesn't mean that other people have the obligation to love that thing.

The first thing after the match being settled was Nagi asking Chiharu “What should I do?”, and that somehow showed that Nagi did not accept the challenge after serious thought, but more like she was provoked by the Maizumi guy into joining the competition. Well, we all know that she was a person who hated losing, and honestly it was not the first time she was trapped by the opponent’s words. But what was done was done, and Nagi would have no choice but starting to draw her own doujinshi. The question is, has Nagi got her spirits back?

Nagi reflected on the past few days, and realized that she still had enough love for manga to fire up her passion – the passion to give her life for manga. Luca made her doujinshi with passion, and Nagi found the doujinshi interesting because she could feel the passion. “If I could do this, I could draw a manga which would make the readers think it is funny!” was her final conclusion.

In reality this doesn’t work. I write my Hayate reports with passion too, so what? However, Chiharu acknowledged that it was a good first step. Indeed, as an amateur, if Nagi couldn’t even have passion, then she was absolutely nothing.

She might become a good actress.

Luca watched the whole conversation, and she recognized that Nagi was the second person after Chiharu who praised her doujinshi. Indeed she was the one before Nagi who visited Ashibashi-sensei, and she also had her confidence crushed by his masterpiece. Thanks to Chiharu, Luca felt she had been rescued.

On a second note, Luca was in a different disguise when she first saw Chiharu. I don’t know if she really cared that much about her true face being exposed. Perhaps she really did not want people to remember her face as a hopeless doujinshi maker?

In any case, Luca would have a good impression of Nagi. With Chiharu, the person who saved them both their confidence, acting as the middle-person, perhaps it is time for Nagi and Luca to meet?

Now let’s go back to Yozora, the Getter Robos, and Hayate.

GETTER PUNCH!!! Or was it...?

Yozora was kind enough to state her purpose clearly to the readers: To protect the secrets of the land, and “take care of” the 28th photo. So it became more likely than not that Yozora and co. had some secrets hidden in the Violet Mansion, and that she was doing all these nonsense to protect those secrets. Of course, there came yet another question: What were those secrets?

Hayate still failed to escape from his presumably embarrassing costume. Somehow I have the feelings that, with his decreasing reluctance to put on a maid dress, perhaps he really had discovered a new interest. Not to worry, there would be at least 4 or even 5 people who loved your outfit.

So the Getter Robos began their attacks on Hayate, and although Kotetsu wanted to stop them, he was knocked out immediately. This might not be that Kotetsu was weak, but understandably he would think that these “cosplayers” were no real harm, and therefore he was caught completely off-guard. In any case, if Hayate wanted an able ally to fight with him, he already had one choice less.

Sailor Hayate! But for that we would need to name a planet in the Solar System as "Hayate".

Of course, Japan is a country which does not tolerate violent actions on the streets. If Hayate and the Getter Robos were ever caught, the Doujinshi Convention would be cancelled, and Nagi would lose the event which gave her confidence back. Hayate, who vowed again and again that he would protect Nagi, would therefore protect the Convention. His course of action was to pretend that it was a magic maid show…

He once said that he would turn into a demon for Ojou-sama’s sake (and had a price to pay for almost a month), but now he decided that he could fall as low as pretending he was a maid. I appreciate your loyalty, but… I just can’t bring myself to look better of your outfit.

I don’t know, but now it became a “cosplay fight”, and if Hayate really needed some help in this fight, there was indeed another powerful “cosplay fighter” who could offer him help. Of course there was no reason for her to be there, but since when she needed a reason to enter a scene?

Well, I could hear some people saying “No, thank you.” already. Okay, good luck then, Hayate…