Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 293

Step 1: Remind yourself that you deserve better than this guy.

So, the Doujinshi Convention began. Nagi and Chiharu were sharing the same table with Kaoru. Hayate wanted to check if Nagi would be alright, and therefore accepted Kotetsu’s invitation to help him with the sale. The only thing was that Hayate would have to be dressed as a maid.

H! E! R! M! Hermione! Hai Hai!

We can’t see if Kotetsu had other helpers, so we wouldn’t know if he would really ask every helper to wear a maid dress, or if that was a “special treatment” for Hayate alone. After all, Kotetsu still had a big crush on the female Hayate, a.k.a. Ayasaki Hermione.

In reality, it might be Hayate’s move to draw votes to him in the Character Poll. Hermione was quite popular among male readers, after all. Still, if Hayate himself was not good enough, he could still suffer from a low ranking no matter how many times he cross-dressed. “It is inevitable.” – Agent Smith.

For a reason only known to himself, he carried the “28th” photo with him. That drew the attention of Yozora’s dog…

Speaking of yourself, huh?

Nagi was reading the new work of Fly Dolphin, the very item they were selling that day. While discussing whether the Otakus would buy a doujinshi simply because it was interesting, Chiharu suggested firmly that they would. “An Otaku would buy it if it is interesting. This is what they are proud of themselves. It is their pride.”

No... Nodame...?

If there was one person who was quite uncertain with this “pride of Otaku”, it would be Luca (Although it has never been properly suggested, I think it was already sufficiently hinted that Luca was Fly Dolphin.). She was dressed in a mascot wear, and was clearly looking from a distance whether her doujinshi would make a good sale. You might ask why she would take so much trouble, and I would say that she was simply being afraid. Maybe she just didn’t want to face the possible scenario that not a single copy of her doujinshi would be sold, but at the same time she still cared. By watching the sale in a mascot wear, she could escape the scene if things turn out bad enough for her.

If the above was true, then Luca would be a person severely lacking in self-confidence and courage. On the other hand, she showed a bit of liveliness in her actions and words in this chapter. Perhaps there was something more under the very serious face of hers…


While Nagi and Chiharu didn’t look good with their sale, Kaoru was doing very well. By noon he had already sold 43 copies of his doujinshi (with the figure of Yukiji). As his doujinshi cost 3000 yen each, he already earned over 120K yen! That was quite amazing.

Of course, the Yukiji figure was indeed excellent, to the point that I think some people bought his doujinshi only because of the figure. But then, to me it was quite scary for him to pour his love of Yukiji into making all these figures. I wonder how Yukiji would respond if she ever saw one…

He really could think fast.

Well, Kaoru has shown his “power of love” and made a good profit. Nagi, on the other hand, would also need some “power of love” to make her first sale. The source of the said power was, not really surprisingly, Kazuki.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for this boy for having a crush on the wrong person. To a certain extent the Nishizawa siblings were just so similar: They had a crush on the main character or the main heroine, and both were too tough to give up completely. Well, stepping into the “official couple” was probably, and somehow proven to be, a sin against God and so they were deemed to suffer. Now I understand why there are so many atheists.

Just look at how your dear sister and her friend had suffered from their “it-is-not-likely-to-happen-in-the-first-place” (This is just a quote, not my own opinion.) love, Kazuki, and think whether it would be wiser to leave yourself alone. Those two girls had contributed too much to the story so there is almost no turning back for them, but you still have a choice.

Anyway, thanks to Kazuki, Nagi and Chiharu made their first sale. Nagi must have felt complicated about successfully selling the doujinshi, as this was, after all, not her own doujinshi. “How good would it be if it was my own doujinshi I have just sold?”

I said that I hoped this guy would be a better man than Hayate. Now I am ready to take it back.

In some time they managed to sell 7 copies, and Nagi was so happy that she targeted to have all 50 copies sold. Then there came a boy, presumably named Maizumi, who tried to play down her words by saying that the doujinshi was not good enough.

What was meant by “not good enough”? In this Maizumi guy’s words, it was that the doujinshi did not get hold of the “elements of popularity”. Such elements might be moe, loli, boys’ love, girls’ love, maid… etc etc. Whatever these elements were, if the doujinshi was focused on dolphin I really don’t see a single “element of popularity” in it. You wouldn’t say a dolphin is moe, would you?

This guy’s harsh words, combined with his absolutely disgusting facial expression, made Nagi mad. She came into the defence of Fly Dolphin by saying that the doujinshi was full of passion. If Maizumi had actually studied Japanese manga culture scientifically he would of course look down on “passion” alone, but Nagi’s words might have been a great support to Luca. If Luca and Nagi would work together in the near future, perhaps this was the reason.

Well, so what’s with this Maizumi guy? Judging by this chapter alone, he was simply a jerk, and I don’t really understand why Hata suggested on his BS that he was confident that we would come to love him. We would have to see more of Maizumi to make a better judgment.

One thing became a bit clearer though. Now that the Maizumi guy made a challenge to Nagi, her imminent goal might become “to defeat this guy”. This might also become the first task for the Nagi-Luca team.


On the other hand, Hayate, seeing that Nagi was doing fine, decided to leave the Convention before Nagi found out he was there. With the luck of him, of course he would give himself into another trouble. This time, he was discovered by Saki, and she was convinced that Hayate was joining the cosplay competition. Hayate, therefore, was brought to the cosplay area. It seemed that the Otakus were more than happy to take his pictures…

And then Yozora appeared, and she was apparently ready to “take care of” Hayate. With a flash of a light, she managed to summon a mysterious object behind her. What could that thing do, and how on earth would Hayate help himself, Saki, and all the cosplayers out of this mess? In any case, would he still be in his maid dress…?

Let’s look forward to the next chapter!