Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 272

Oh really?

Even before the Chinese release, we were given the information that Ch. 272 would be full of bathing scenes and fan-service of Maria, and, shockingly, the chapter title would have the words “love comedy” and “bath”. So, if we put such information into a “1 + 1 = 2″ formula, we would come to the conclusion that this chapter would be a love comedy between Hayate and Maria!

Fan-service, and ONLY fan-service...

So, what would you expect of the things that would happen in the bath in a love comedy? The boy peeking the girl? Or maybe there are insects in the bath, so the girl screams, and either she runs out of the bath naked, or the boy breaks into the bath coming to her rescue? Indeed, if you want to imagine, there are a lot of things that might happen.

Well, in the end, almost none of the above happened. There was no short of fan-service, but if you expect anything exciting to happen, you would be disappointed. Of course Maria forgot her pants and towel, but then she suggested Hayate to bring along the dresser, instead of bringing only the clothes. Hayate was as dumb as ever, and although Maria topped his list of “the others”, he showed no affection to her. He seemed to become a bit smarter now, deducing that Maria had troubles with her pants from her ambiguous words, but the way he responded to her was absolutely nonsense… A romantic love comedy? Far from it. Lots of steam, as suggested on the cover page of this chapter? Absolutely, as my mind is filled with fogs now!

Hmm... There was nothing to see here.

What else were there in this chapter? Nagi, Sakuya and Isumi. That’s all. Hata didn’t hint anything in this chapter, nor did he push Hayate to Maria, nor did any other character come into the scene. With all due respect, I would call this chapter a complete filler. This chapter was enjoyable, but to be honest, there were not a lot to talk about, although Hayate made the Golden Quote of the year.

So yeah.

Well, anyway, with Maria going into the bath when she was all alone, it was pretty sure that the “killing intent” from last chapter has already been forgotten, or, more positively, settled. I can’t really think of any other reasons for Hayate and Maria to stay in the new home overnight – they could come back again to work on the house next morning – and if that was true, there should be no more matters with the house other than cleaning. So, would it be good if the story just skip one week, so in the next chapter we can finally see the trio moving into their new home?

After all, this… Doujinshi arc or Poverty arc, whatever you call it, was not only about finding a new home. Luca was still waiting for her debut, Chiharu wanted to make an appearance, and 12 June was yet to come. So, please, move on!