Top 5 Hinagiku Moments No. 1

Here I pick my personal Top 5 Hinagiku Moments up to and including the Athena saga. As this post would be quite long if I make all five rankings into one post, I would just split the post into five. Please visit the other posts for other rankings!

Rankings have been released according to the following schedule:

No. 5 – 18 April 2010
No. 4 – 25 April 2010
No. 3 – 2 May 2010
No. 2 – 9 May 2010
No. 1 – 16 May 2010

So here we go with this week’s ranking!

No. 1 – Silky Heart

The moment the world stood still...

So close. So close, and still so far…” – even I want to cry when I match the above picture with the chorus of this song.

I don’t know if you expected this to come (Answer: Oh, come on man, we know it is this one! We just know!), but at Top 5 Hinagiku Moments No. 1 I give you this scene. No! Please don’t kill me because I pick this one! It is just that not every classic moment is happy. On the contrary, once again it is the sad moment which makes the top classic. If “The Heady Feeling of Freedom” has the power to warm the hearts of Hina fans, then “Silky Heart” has the power to silence the whole world. That makes the difference.

If “Silky Heart” sounds a bit unfamiliar, then use “Ch. 239″ instead. The number itself is already unforgettable, although I think a lot of Hina fans, if given a choice, would prefer not to remember this chapter, or rather this chapter never existed in the first place. However, if you ask me what is the most classic Hinagiku moment so far, the honest answer could only be Ch. 239. This chapter led Hina into her “Dark Age”, and by the date this article was published, dawn has not yet come.

It was all wrong. The timing was wrong, the feeling was wrong, the decision was wrong, the answer was wrong. It was an anti-climax in the most cruel manner. It was ironic, you might say, that while Hina was always cautious about her feelings to Hayate, she ended up attempting to confess at the worst moment. It was also ironic, you might say, that while Hayate never wanted (Or rather, he never dared.) to upset Hina, he ended up unintentionally upsetting her most deeply this night.

This scene was almost inevitable. Given that Hayate’s past with Athena has been revealed, his guilt and feelings for Athena were all so deep, and he had just met her in the previous night, the dinner and confession were almost deemed to fail miserably. Yes, “miserably” is the only word I could think of to describe this scene. Oddly, when I read that Hata once intended this scene to be somewhat “funny”, I thought it was fortunate that he finally decided to make the scene miserable. This at least gave Hina the proper respect. Serious matter should be dealt with seriously, after all.

If you ask “Why her?”, the answer from me is “It could only be her.” Consider this. Someone had to get really hurt by Hayate’s words, or it would not be dramatic enough. Someone also had to give Hayate the correct advice, so that the story could go on. If these had to be done by one single person, then Hina was the only choice. She was the only one who could be badly shocked but still being able to maintain composure and give the correct suggestion. No, Hata did not pick her because of her popularity, nor did he think that Hina deserved some punishment, but because she was the girl most suitable for this scene. Just imagine giving every female character a Ch. 239 treatment, and, with all the respect to them, no one could do a better job than Hina. “So, go and get the job done.”, I could almost hear Hata saying this to Hina.

By “It was almost inevitable.” and “It could only be her.” I know I am suggesting that Hata deliberately set the blow for Hina. Well, yes I am, and to a certain extent I thank him for this “special” treatment to Hina, since, although not in a pleasant way, he did value Hina. He might hate her (For reasons unknown, there are rumours here and there that Hata doesn’t like Hina.), but he still assigned an important role to her.

Well, this piece of writing is extremely dark so far, so now let’s look at the only bright side of this scene: Even though she was badly shocked, Hina did nothing stupid to destroy Hayate’s impression of her. She did not cry in front of Hayate, she did not brawl with Hayate, she did not slap Hayate. Instead, she listened to his story, gave him constructive suggestions and encouragement, which led to Hayate taking actions. She remained the reliable and kind person whom Hayate always admired and appreciated, although that came at the expense that Hayate never knew that he hurt her. What Hina had lost, objectively, was quite limited.

Evidence can be found in Ch. 266, in which Hayate walked with Hina by the beach, and chatted freely and cheerfully with her. This is only possible between close friends. Hayate did not know there had been any problem with Hina, not only because he was just so dumb, but also because the friendship between them has not been harmed by a single bit. We may also look at Ch. 267, in which Hayate and Hina were shown to be having a comfortable and happy friendship (The Shirosakura attack doesn’t… doesn’t count.). Although it was supposed to be an “Extra Chapter”, I think it was the “official” elaboration of the relationship between Hayate and Hina after the Golden Week, in the near future, when they are back at school.

So, assuming that my above analysis is correct, how exactly is this “bright side” going to benefit Hina? Put it simply, Hayate and Hina won’t have to waste time on repairing their friendship, and, to be honest, it saves a lot of troubles. If Hina wants to remain in the “fight” for Hayate, ”the reliable friend” is a much better starting point than “the lost friend”. Even if she decides to give up, she can still enjoy a happy friendship with Hayate. When she makes her appearance again, therefore, I am sure we can finally see a smiling Hina.

Yes, we certainly are missing Hina’s smile, so let me share with you the following picture, which was drawn by Hata himself recently. Let’s look forward to Hina’s smiling face in canon!

With this I conclude my “Top 5 Hinagiku Moments” series. What do you think about it? Do you like my picks, or are there any other scenes you think I have missed? Would you like me to do another Top 5 ranking for another character, and who would be the one you like? Please feel free to have your say!

7 comments on “Top 5 Hinagiku Moments No. 1

  1. I actually thought that was a great way to end the top 5(even if i was kind of expecting it from number 3 onwards)
    Oh yeah if you do end up doing another top 5 ranking then(and i get the feeling that i’m gonna get suckerpunched and have all of my internetz i’ve saved up over my lifetime stolen from me for saying this but) could you please do one for Athena or if not then Segawa(Izumi not kotetsu although that could be funny i guess) because she’s underappreciated…

    • Not to worry, you are not gonna receive such bad treatment, for the two girls you suggested were both admirably popular.

      I thought of doing it on Athena, but as she only appeared for about 60 chapters, it would look more like a review over the Athena saga rather than a Top 5 series, so… I dunno, I may not be doing it.

      Izumi… I might give a thought about it. 😉

      Thanks for your suggestions!

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