Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 271

Did anybody think the titles were getting longer and longer...?

The Golden Week ended, Hayate no Gotoku! returned, and the adventure began!

Was it a bit surprising that Maria offered to go with Hayate? Well, yes, maybe. After all, she seemed disinterested in the last chapter, and she has to look after Nagi, who was afraid of darkness, at night. I did not like her “disinterested” attitude, but I understood that she cannot help. Thanks to Isumi who would stay with Nagi this night, though, Maria now could offer her help, so that the burden of finding a new home now did not lie on Hayate alone. This could only be a good thing.

A long time ago somebody did a Golgo too...

It was also a suitable time for Maria to shine. She has almost done nothing important in the whole Athena saga, so she didn’t have her own moment for about a year. This might be okay for a supporting character, but the problem was that Maria was set to be one of the main heroines. Surely, the other main heroine, Nagi, was outshone by Athena and Hina for a large part of the saga, but at least she had her crowning moments, and now people can say with confidence that she was the main heroine. What about Maria? Admit it, she had nothing.

Honestly, her biggest moment has not come yet. Her true identity and her connections with Athena are yet to be revealed, and it is well accepted that she will shine then. However, that would be a long time to wait, and if she doesn’t have some moments now, she would be out-favoured by fans even before the so-called “Maria saga” begins, and that would be a problem. So, it is important that she steps up a bit, even only for a while. As the motto of a TV commercial goes, “Just to say Hi!”

Listen to the 37-year-old!

Who was Maria, with many of her secrets unknown? Well, obviously, she was a maid, and as a maid, she was extraordinary competent, and has the ability to do the jobs nicely with apparent ease. Just look at Ch. 271. While Hayate was nervous and clumsy, Maria just handled the situation like she was eating a piece of cake. “When it comes to housework, trust the maid.”, indeed it was true for Maria.

This was really a chapter in which Maria shone, and, given that the adventure would go on in the next chapter, something more was expected to come.

From what I have heard and read, people have mixed feelings about this chapter. Some Maria fans became truly hyper, suggesting that this was the moment for Maria’s victory over Hayate’s heart, and even asking people to “Bow down to Maria!”. Others seemed not satisfied with this chapter, mainly because it was a bit plain, and that the killing intent turned out to come from the cats, rather than anything more exciting. The fact that this chapter came out two weeks after the previous one may contribute to the emotions. “It has been a long wait, and Hata can’t even do better than cats?”

... But they were just so F**KING scary!!!

I think it would be better if we reserve our judgment until the whole adventure ends. Obviously there must be more to come in the next chapter, as the house could simply not be so clean if only cats lived here, so who was keeping cats here? Also, remember that this manga is also a love comedy, and Maria topped the list of “the others” in Hayate’s mind. The night falls, the two alone, so what would happen? Though, be frank, I believe the “double barriers” of Nagi and Athena still existed, so I don’t believe that Hayate and Maria would make too much progress during this adventure…

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