Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 269

As long as there is someone who protects you at all cost, you can smile like this.

The title of Ch. 269 referred to “Living Game”. Simply put, Hayate now has a role similar to Raizo, finding a new home for himself and a young girl, and during the course took care of her. While in Living Game Raizo developed a romantic relationship with Izumi, I am reluctant to draw such an inference on Hayate and Nagi, since, if my information was correct, the “secret of Izumi” was that she was not a virgin, so drawing too much inference was not a good thing to do…

The words “Protecting his lady’s smile is a butler’s duty.” must be spot on. I think, thanks to the Athena saga, we were quite forgetting that this manga was basically a story about an Ojou and her butler. Hayate has his duty as a butler to perform, no matter what happened. So, after a touching but somewhat messy Athena saga, we should be glad that Hayate was again doing something the butler of the Sanzen’in family should do. Whether this has anything to do with his romantic love life was another question.

Klaus cared.

It was quite funny to know that the only thing Nagi didn’t have to worry about was her school fee, given that she didn’t like school (“Didn’t like” was an understatement, eh?). It was also quite interesting that in this week’s BS, Maria actually reminded Nagi that she still had to go to school. Well, she was not enthusiastic going to school when she was rich, so what would motivate her going to school now when she was poor?

Sakuya seemed to be a tsundere too.

Isumi and Sakuya, the dearest friends of Nagi, both made an appearance in this chapter. They were worried and were willing to help, but Isumi thought that Nagi would not want their help. This scene provided the very reason why Nagi’s closest friend and relative, while more than capable of helping Nagi, would simply do nothing. After all, the pride of Nagi (not in a negative sense) would not allow such things to happen.

Even he looked a bit like Wataru...

The “very nice” person (Just what was his name…?) was indeed very nice in this chapter. As Harry Potter once said that “If the Death Eaters are not trying to do me in, we can be best pals.”, perhaps it would be the same for Hayate and this man. It was always better to have an ally than an enemy. Always.

It's stupid, but it worked.

The “‘Ahhn, papa is letting me buy an apartment.’ strategy” sounded absolutely stupid, but we cannot expect too much from a manga. Life is already very hard and cruel, we don’t need to be lectured about the harshness of buying property in a manga. As long as this “housing issue” can be settled quickly, I really don’t mind even if it was stupid. Just move on with the rest of the arc, please.

Hayate bumping into Klaus looked like the worst luck possible, but perhaps in a sense it was good luck. Klaus seemed to be the ideal person to help Hayate with buying the mansion. Considering the fact that Hayate has not yet lost any of his money so far, perhaps after destroying the King’s Stone, he was slowing getting his luck back?

Finally, let’s see this poster drawn by Hata some time ago. For further information, the other side of the poster was Hinagiku in swimming suit.

It turned out that Hata did not draw this simply for fun...

Let’s wait and see what will happen in the next chapter!

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