Top 5 Hinagiku Moments No. 5

Here I pick my personal Top 5 Hinagiku Moments up to and including the Athena saga. As this post would be quite long if I make all five rankings into one post, I would just split the post into five. Please visit the other posts for other rankings!

Rankings are to be released according to the following schedule:

No. 5 – 18 April 2010
No. 4 – 25 April 2010
No. 3 – 2 May 2010
No. 2 – 9 May 2010
No. 1 – 16 May 2010

So here we go with this week’s ranking!

No. 5 – “I… Like Hayate-kun.”

The Hayate-Hina-Ayumu triangle began with a striking similarity to the plot of School Days: A girl (Hina/Sekai) promised to support the love of another girl (Ayumu/Kotonoha) to a boy (Hayate/Makoto), but soon fell in love with the same boy, hereby breaking the promise and betraying her friend. By the way, Hayate looks a bit like Makoto (No, no, no, this is just crap talk…). Well, School Days had its infamous ending of “bloody conclusion”, but luckily, Hina assured the world quickly that she was not Sekai.

In fact, although their positions are somewhat similar, there are some differences between Hina and Sekai. First, Hina did not realize that she was also in love with Hayate when she promised to support Ayumu. Second, when Hina openly did things to support Ayumu’s love, she did not do so to attract Hayate’s attention. Third, when Hina realized her feelings, she knew that she was betraying Ayumu, and was determined to be honest and apologize to her.

So, it was 3 April, exactly one month after Hina discovered her feelings. She was sitting in the Ferris Wheel, barely calmed down from her fear of heights, and when Ayumu asked what was the “important thing” Hina was going to tell her, Hina replied:

Perhaps this was the most straightforward confession from Hina. Perhaps she knew that if she could not even be completely honest to Ayumu, she could never go forward. Perhaps she could not forgive herself for being a disgraceful traitor, and she could not bear with that any more. Or perhaps she thought that if she had to rival against Ayumu, at least she wanted to do it fairly and openly. In any case, considering Hina’s shyness and her thinking that “confession means losing”, this was a very bold move from her.

Surprisingly, Ayumu made no outburst of anger, and she even suggested Hina to confess to Hayate too. From then on, the two became friendly rivals, and it turned out that Ayumu was a lot more supportive than the other way round. This, perhaps, was the best luck Hina ever had.

This is the story of Hayate no Gotoku!, and certainly not School Days.

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