Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 268

I think this new character looks a bit weird, instead of familiar...

The Athena saga came to an end (or a break), the Extra Chapter ended, and a new arc began. As expected of any beginning of an arc, this chapter served as an introduction or a warm-up, so honestly there was little to talk about. Instead, much attention had been focused on the new character.

A new character appeared back in Ch. 266, and in this chapter we had a coloured portrait of a new character, and through Nagi’s mind we were introduced to a new name “Luca”. If it was a simple 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, then we could come to the conclusion that the blue-haired new character was named Luca, and she was the one Chiharu met in Ch. 266. For the time being, let me assume that this speculation was correct.

People had suggested that Luca had the characteristics of several people. She had Hayate’s hair colour, Fumi’s hairstyle and the face of Athena. Some even came to the conclusion that Luca was the daughter of Hayate and Athena in the future, and she time-travelled back to 2005 in order to help/trouble Nagi. Well, I don’t enjoy time-travelling theory, even though Hayate had actually did once, so I wouldn’t accept this theory until I am proven wrong.

Speaking of the similarities in appearance, actually we had a few number of cases already. Nagi, when putting her hair down, looked like Hinagiku, and Hata even said once that “Hinagiku is the grown-up Nagi”. Ayumu, also when putting her hair down, looked like Izumi. Kotetsu, Kaoru Sensei and Kaga were somewhat similar too. So, we might come to realize that perhaps Hata was simply poor at character design, or that he has run out of twist…

Anyway, the above were all speculations, and we have to wait for further chapters to see if any of the above was correct. Let’s come back to Ch. 268.

In the Athena saga, Hata has at least thrown three ionic bombs on three characters. Athena, the main heroine of this saga, got possessed, almost got killed, and in the end realized that she was no longer the most important person to Hayate. Hinagiku, who honestly has nothing to do with the main plot (yet), heard and witnessed the love of Hayate to Athena, and was saddened for almost half a year. Nagi, the main heroine of the story, destroyed the King’s Stone and lost her inheritance, but by that move she gained Hayate (Shrewd move, huh?).

Now, the damages of these bombs had to be undone. Athena redeemed herself in Ch. 266 by declaring war on Nagi with a cheerful and confident smile. Hina believed in Hayate’s words that Athena dumped him, and was given an Extra Chapter to show that she was now fine and seems to get along well with Hayate. Now it came to Nagi, and it seemed she would need a whole arc to settle down, as, from a certain point of view, she was in the biggest trouble.

She would still be in trouble one month later.

The coloured first page showed us what would happen on 12 June, which was about a month later. Nagi was clearly pissed off, and she ran to the top of the building and screamed. Something must have happened between her and Luca, but what exactly was that? No matter what, at least she and Hayate would still be alive on 12 June.

A big head and a big throat.

When we were back in the Sanzen’in mansion, we also came back to early May. The characters had just come back to Japan after the Golden Week, so when Nagi announced to Klaus that she was leaving the mansion, the date should be between 7 May and 12 May. That is to say, it was 3 to 8 days before Ayumu’s birthday (15 May). So if Hata planned to have Hayate and co. attending Ayumu’s birthday party, the trio should find a new home within 3 to 8 days.

Speaking of Nagi’s inheritance, we should now know that she lost not only her “inheritance”. I mean, even if you lose your inheritance you would not be expelled from your house immediately. What Nagi had lost, in fact, was a family trust. If we, for the argument’s sake, forget the fact that Mikado has a legal burden to raise Nagi, then what he did about the family trust was perhaps legal.

A theory without practice is no different from crap talk.

A long, long time ago it was suggested that Nagi knew enough Economics to live even without THAT wealth, and finally in this chapter we saw that she tried to put her knowledge into use. However, as Maria pointed out, what Nagi has was the theory, and one which was impractical… So they were now in real trouble. Two girls with no common sense, a tiger with a huge appetite, and a butler who was super unlucky have to find a new home and new income. Now the burden was all on Hayate…

Hey Maria, didn't you think that you were also in trouble?

I don’t know what you think, but I do not like the way Nagi and Maria faced the problem. I thought Nagi knew the consequences of destroying the King’s Stone, but given now she thought that she could live like previously, it seemed that she underestimated the situation. What’s more, she put all the burden on Hayate to find a new home, instead of thinking with him together. I know that was the deal between them (“From now on, you protect me.” – Nagi), but honestly, what kind of determination did you have when you destroyed that stone…? Maria, on the other hand, was the usual Maria, staying out of trouble looking completely not troubled. Can you, for once, be a little bit more serious? I mean, if you three don’t sort this thing out together, you would all be dead!

You know, this was a “family” with a big problem. They just didn’t come and face the problem together. Perhaps this arc really was a trial for this family. Nagi has to learn to live like a normal person, and Maria simply has to put her feet on planet Earth…

So, let’s see what Hayate could do with the 20 million yen!